A Blueberry Bush in Quantum Flux

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Item #: SCP-XXXX Level 3/XXXX
Object Class: Safe Classified

Special Containment Procedures: All information related to SCP-XXXX is to be secured within a Class-4 Security Terminal within Site-96. Access is restricted to Level 5 personnel and Mobile Task Force Omicron Rho ("The Dream Team"). In the event that SCP-XXXX in its entirety is discovered, it is to be contained immediately by MTF Omicron Rho. No attempts are to be made to rebuild SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX-1 is contained within a standard anomalous item storage unit, and access is only granted to Level 5 personnel and MTF Omicron Rho.

SCP-XXXX-TROI is currently contained on-site. Provisional Site-7J has been constructed around the chamber that contains SCP-XXXX-TROI. No further procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a hypothetical machine created by Quentin Bernardo (PoI-7124), a known member of the Fifthist Church, to allow an individual to remain fully conscious while dreaming. SCP-XXXX is memetic in nature, and uses variations of ultraviolet and visible light to achieve this affect. Currently, SCP-XXXX’s potential existence has been verified due to SCP-XXXX-1, SCP-XXXX-TROI and several files and videos located on PoI-7124’s laptop.

According to recovered blueprints, SCP-XXXX’s design resembles a collar, as well as three trapezoid shaped machines which supposedly contain magnets. In theory, these machines would use the magnets to orbit around the collar, allowing it to shine very specific patterns of ultraviolet and visible light into the subject’s eyes, which in turn allows the brain to enter a “half conscious/half unconscious” state. This state allows the subject to lucidly interact with the dream world, detached from their physical bodies. More information as to how this is accomplished is unknown.

Attempts at creating the machine have failed, as instructions to build the machine are either vague or do not accurately describe the materials needed. For example, among a list of metals and wiring consistent with most modern machinery, the collar also requires

  • 5 pinches of starsaw
  • 15 portwrought angleo, raw
  • 70 crystals1
  • 24 kilograms of decompressed distan
  • 9 boats of Earl
  • 1 bottle of light (Andromeda)
  • Some weight

SCP-XXXX-1 is the designation for a heavily damaged portion of one of the trapezoid shaped machines that orbit around the collar. Analysis of the collar suggests that no anomalous materials/techniques were used in its creation, inconsistent with the materials list provided.

Information about SCP-XXXX-TROI is level 4 classified. For personnel of the appropriate clearance level, please access Document XXXX-TROI for further study.

Addendum 01: Text/Image Files



World, blue
Tree, black
A box like a cabin, in the distance.
I can't see it directly
A blueberry bush in quantum flux
A tree, blue, and skinny
Steps leading to more steps, and a small shack with no interior
A door sign with unreadable text



More steps, to a bridge across land
Grass with holes to the sky
To the left,
a path I can't cross
To the right,
a house… wavy
Flowing wood,
waves and tides
The door is a portal to the interior



Male, or rather, masculine
Four to Six feet tall,
depending on the angle
Slight tuft of beard hair
Two eyes,
sometimes one
A nose, very blurry
A mouth.
Doesn’t open when speaking.
Blue body like a river

Addendum 02: Audio Recordings: The following audio file was recovered in a .zip folder titled "The Deal". It features unrecognizable ambiance, and has been known to cause light headaches. When listened to under the effects of mnestics, listeners reported strange, distorted voices having a conversation2. The audio file, as well as the transcript of the conversation heard under the effects of mnestics, may be accessed below.

Note: AudioRun2.mp3 shifts in volume throughout. A loud noise warning is issued to any researchers listening to the files with headphones.

PoI-7124: "You don’t need to hide from me. Come, let’s chat"

Unknown Voice: “What makes you say that, traveler?”


PoI-7124: "Never mind. I think I understand your motives."

Unknown Voice: "You’re later than I had hoped”

PoI-7124: "There is no late, not here anyways. But that isn’t important. What is important is what I need. By now, I’m sure you’ve ascertained?"

Unknown Voice: "If you’re going to make me guess, you’re wasting your time.“

PoI-7124: "I’m here for knowledge, sleeper. Knowledge I wasn’t born to find."

Unknown Voice: “If you’re talking about what I think you are, there’s no way-”

PoI-7124: "I’m not going to pretend I’m doing this for the best of reasons, but I have a… bargain."

Unknown Voice: “Explain.”

PoI-7124: "A concept. A summit. Something to wish for when all wishes have been answered and when that which cannot be lost has been henceforth attained."


Unknown Voice: “I doubt such a thing exists.”

PoI-7124: "That is where you’re wrong."

A strange noise is briefly audible.

Unknown Voice: “Hmm… I see the place you mean. “

PoI-7124: "Yes, and achievable with my methods"

Unknown Voice: “With knowledge such as this, what need have you for gods and spirits?”

PoI-7124: "I’m not in the business of perfection. I have my time, and I wish to spend it on an incline."

Unknown Voice: “There’s a time and a place for fun, but this is no laughing matter. What you’re proposing has dire implications.”

PoI-7124: "There’s a reason I summoned you, after all. You do possess the means to grant me my request, do you not?"

Unknown Voice: “Don’t be ridiculous, of course I do.”

PoI-7124: "Then let us proceed."

Unknown Voice: “No, not yet. Your mind puzzles me, still. I can’t find my way into your desires, your intentions.”

PoI-7124: "You doubt my motivations"

Unknown Voice: “Motivations? You know that isn’t what I mean.”

PoI-7124: "You remember what I seek."

Unknown Voice: “I remember word for word. You seek gods of flesh and mind, of serpents long like dragons coiled, demon mothers in their tombs beneath a field of dead emotion.”


PoI-7124: "Spot on, Dream Weaver. After all, what good is exploration if you can’t find the unfindable?"

Unknown Voice: “Even in my state, I can’t see a way around your logic.”

PoI-7124: "I tend to be right about these things. Now, shall I tend to our offers?”

Unknown Voice: “Educate me further about this Nirvana you’ve presented.”

PoI-7124: “Certainly”

A strange noise is audible

PoI-7124: “The universe is a chaotic place, you of all beings knows this. My knowledge presents a state of existence beyond that. Nirvana is simple. It is a state without violence, without conflict, without pain, suffering, or agency. The power to achieve true peace in a chaotic universe. This is the true Nirvana."

The strange noise ceases

Unknown Voice: “Impressive, to say the least. I haven’t heard that tongue in quite a while. How do you know so much?”

PoI-7124: "I have important decisions to make, and inquiring about higher intellect has been one of my pastimes"

Unknown Voice: “Your nonchalance unnerves me. Tell me, really, how you’re able to so accurately perceive the Oneiroi.“

PoI-7124: "To disconnect from the body, and rise above, that is a truly impossible task, and yet, one that I have found a way to do. Simple as that."

Unknown Voice: “I can see I won’t get an answer out of you. Let’s move back to the deal. What happens if it doesn’t work?”

PoI-7124: "I can assure you, everything will fall right into place. We can siphon from the universal embryo."

Unknown Voice: “Such an act would be irreversible.”

PoI-7124: "Not to a god."

Unknown Voice: “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Gods aren’t just in a higher state, they’re higher beings. Gods are things like what The Daughters serve, and what keeps the flesh of the universe at bay.”

PoI-7124: "Precisely."

A strange noise is briefly audible

PoI-7124: “Unfortunately, I must return."

Unknown Voice: “Despite everything, I desire for this plan.”

PoI-7124: “Let us meet again soon, though I doubt time matters for one such as yourself.”

Addendum 03: Mobile Task Force Omicron Rho, upon inspection of the immediate area around SCP-XXXX-TROI, discovers a piece of papyrus that appears to have originated from some form of journal. It has been determined that this belonged to the entity that PoI-7124 spoke to during AudioRun2.mp3.

seems suspicious enough. It's not like humans to be fully knowledgeable of dreamanic tounges and accents. Quentin, I believe his name was? Yes, Quentin. A strange fellow, that one. He has a mind of his own, so he's not Oneiroi. Feel sorry for him, but that does not matter. We made a deal, and that's that. I can't do this ritual alone, and he knows that, and he cannot gain the knowledge he is seeking without me, I know that. The deal is sealed, and the ritual shall begin soon.

Such a weird thing, recording my own thoughts into a journal. It feels rather too human-like. I miss the days of the Hivemind, when I was part of the Oneiroi, when I was but another vessel for ideas. Making choices, considering mortality, becoming my own master… a personal hell. There have been no recorded cases of an arm being chopped off, and someone stitching that arm back on with full functionality. I am that arm.

Writing this down to remind myself of tomorrow:

  • Five circles, each created out of bloodsugar.
  • A single petal from a Purple Rose.
  • One larger circle, created out of fat.
  • Three infant consciousnesses from the Hivemind, ripped in the same manner as I was.
  • One knife.

Create the five circles of bloodsugar evenly around the larger circle of fat. With the Purple Rose petal, split it into five, and place it in the middle of each circle. Take your consciousnesses, and place them in a triangular position around the five circles. Stand in the circle of Fat once this has all been completed, stab yourself in the lungs, and state the chant "Forlsah, Feuthsa, Funutsa Trrl Heyyksa." Only then will Nirvana be achieved.REVERT THE RITUAL DESTROY THE CIR

Addendum 04: A video file titled "live_gopro_footage_5316.mp4" was discovered on PoI-7124's laptop, but was password protected. After approximately three days of automatic brute-forcing, the file was successfully opened. The file is from the perspective of Quentin within their conscious dream state, theorized to have originated from a modified GoPro head-mounted Camera which was surgically attached to PoI-7124's cerebral cortex. This allows for a visual representation of PoI-7124's perspective to be automatically created in a video format. The following is a trawnscript of the video file.

The video opens up with PoI-7124 entering a building which viewers describe as a combination of several different places of worship from different religions, such as a church, a temple, a monastery, a mosque, a synagogue, etc. The building is entirely gray in color, commonly being compared to a combination of asphalt and concrete. An entity with a blue colored body and unidentifiable facial features is inside the building, writing in a journal.

Unknown Voice: "You're here rather early, aren't you?"

PoI-7124: "There is no early here, not here anyways."

Unknown Voice: "Indeed. That does not explain how your soul is… rather shaky, and unstable."

PoI-7124: "Do your people also not feel nervousness?"

Unknown Voice: "It's very hard to get accustomed to an emotion I only just started feeling."

PoI-7124: "You didn't prepare for it before I arrived?"

Unknown Voice: "I didn't have time."

PoI-7124: "There is no ti-"

Unknown Voice: "-time here, not here anyways, yes I get it. Let's get the ritual underway."

The entity and PoI-7124 go further into the building, revealing a cubic room, constructed from the same material as the building itself. The entity takes out a small bag of a powder that is both the color white and red, and creates five small circles with the powder. It takes out a purple petal, splits it into five similarly sized sections, and places one in each circle.

While pulling a large roll of a meat-like substance out of its pocket, the entity speaks to PoI-7124.

Unknown Voice: "Do me a favor and get the consciousnesses, won't you?"

PoI-7124 steps back slightly, and takes out a small knife, and rapidly slashes at the floor, revealing a large rift.

PoI-7124: "Now, let's see here…"

PoI-7124 pulls out three white masses. Upon closer inspection, each of the masses are outputting several thousand different high pitched tones every second, and is theorized to be the devices' attempt at recording Oneiroi crying. PoI-7124 walks around the entity and places the masses in a triangular formation around the circles.

PoI-7124 takes out the knife used for extracting the white masses, and tosses it to the entity, which grabs it by the blade. This does not injury the entity. The entity grabs the knife by the hilt, and aims it towards their torso.

Unknown Voice: "Thank you, Quentin. I shall uphold my part of the deal."

The entity raises its hand. PoI-7124's body begins to glow a deep blue.

Unknown Voice: "There, it is done. Let's finish this. Forlsah, Feuth-"

PoI-7124 takes out what is presumed to be a Glock 22 handgun which they use to shoot the entity in the shoulder, causing them to drop the knife and stagger backwards. PoI-7124 steps into the inner circle, and grabs the knife.

Unknown Voice: "Betrayal! H-how did you bring a weapon into this domain? Only things that dream are allowed here."

PoI-7124: "With great difficulty."

PoI-7124 takes the knife and stabs their chest.

PoI-7124: "Forlsah, Feuthsa, Funutsa Trrl Heyyksa."

A large amount of light emanates from PoI-7124's body. Before the light engulfs the camrea, the entity is seen taking a notebook out from their jacket, frantically write something in a page, then tear it out of the notebook before the footage becomes a completely white image. The film continues for 23 hours before ending.

Addendum 05: SCP-XXXX-TROI