Anderson Instruction Guide: Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton


Introduction and Features: Hello! Finn the Falcon here, Anderson Robotics' Feathery Friend! I'm here to teach you all about your new purchase, the Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton! With growing old still a problem in this day and age, you made the right decision to get out of your impermanent organic body to switch to one that'll keep you looking young, strong, and healthy! Our product features a wide-variety of features to make it feel like you're in a real human body, but in reality you're just piloting an nearly-idestructible suit!

  • Customizable Appearance: Thanks to collaboration efforts with Prometheus Labs, the material your body is made of will feel just like the real thing! And to cap it all off, certain parts of it can change at will! You won't have to worry about a haircut because you can simply will your hair to grow up to one and a half feet long and as short as completely bald! Other changes are included too, such as eye color, height, build, and even sex should you feel like taking a different gender for a spin!
  • Re-enforced Plating: Of course, making a body that could easily be destroyed or worn down would lose the point of being in a robotic body, so naturally the plating has been enhanced to be super resistant to the wear and tear of not only daily life, but even more extreme situations too! Ever felt like skydiving? Well, this exoskeleton can withstand a fall from 15,000 feet up, so you won't even need to worry about a parachute! It's even got temperature regulators so you can take a pleasant trip to the harsh volcanos in Hawai'i or the frigid landscapes of Antarctica! It'll enable you to do what you want to do without fear!
  • Realistic Sensations: Just walking around feeling numb isn't going to be the way you'd want to live the rest of your life, so we made sure to add in a way to truly feel human! All sensations work, and can be turned on and off on certain body parts at will! Sight can be magnified, smells and tastes can become more intense, sounds can become more precise and you can just forget about how sensitive you can make your sense of touch! And of course, there's the one thing that people have been hoping to get for ages: a sleep function! Should you choose, you can fall asleep for a set amount of time, or indeterminate! There will be an option to wake you up from an outsider's perspective, in case you need to get off your lazy circuits and do something with your life!
  • Adaptive Oxidizer: To top it all off, you won't even need to worry about breathing or eating or anything with this product! The exoskeleton can absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere around it to keep your brain healthy, preventing some of those nasty bits of memory loss that happen to people whose lungs rot away too much and can't get a proper intake of oxygen! Heck, it can even gather oxygen out of water, making it possible for you to take a pleasant stroll on the ocean floor! The possibilities are endless!

Installation: Fortunately, you don't have to worry about installation with this product! Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeletons are custom-made per customer, and operations are done in order to install their brains into the new system! However, you will need to go through a series of tests to ensure that there wasn't a mistake in the operation or a flaw in the construction of the product.

  • Sight Test: One of the first sensations you will feel after being installed in your Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton is sight. If you are conscious and cannot see, then please attempt to alert your doctor for there may have been a malfunction in the surgery or construction of the product.
  • Motion Test: If for any reason you are unable to move a body part after installation, stay still and attempt to focus on moving that particular body part. Certain body parts may require this process as the adaptation from organic to mechanical muscles may need a "jump start" if you will. Should the problem persist beyond this, please alert your doctor.
  • Speech Test: Attempt to make basic sounds with your new mouth before trying to form sentences. Work your way from vowel sounds to simple words to familiarize yourself with the process. If you cannot recognize the sounds coming out of your mouth as words, please alert your doctor as there has been a language recognition error during the surgery.
  • Sensory Test: Beyond sight, you will need to test if hearing, touch, smell and taste are also functional in your new Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton. Attempt to differentiate different sensations using your new body, and should any of them feel diluted or non-existent, it may be an issue of your sensations beginning on lower settings. Should the problem persist after increasing the sensitivity of the product, please alert your doctor.

Proper Usage: With basic tests out of the way, you'll need to know about the proper usage of your new body now that you're in it! This part is the most simple, though it still needs a little explaining. Put plainly, live your life! Be careful for the first few months that you're wearing your new body, don't go skydiving or water walking or rapidly changing your appearance the moment that you get that figured out, go into your new life carefully at first! You need to watch for certain bugs that might not have shown up in the initial tests, or in a worst case scenario, a part needing to be replaced! Be sure to contact your doctor to order a replacement part, because being without an arm or a leg could be an uncomfortable way to get around in a body that's supposed to be an improvement over your old life!

Once you're comfortable with your body, feel free to start getting more extreme! This is the point where you can start becoming a stunt man or a brave explorer, or just stay in the more calm life you were in before! What you do with your new life is up to you, and with the Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton, your life is the least of your worries from now on!

Warnings: The following list is a list of prohibitions once you are installed into your Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton. Please read and follow this list.

  • Do not leave Earth's Atmosphere. The Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton is unfit for space travel at the current time, as the product itself has been prone to disassembling in certain low-gravity scenarios.
  • Do not expose your exoskeleton to hazardous materials for prolonged periods of time without proper equipment. Certain corrosive or extreme temperature materials have been seen to irreparably destroy mechanical nerve endings with the Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton if in contact for too long. If necessary, handle said materials with extreme caution and proper supplies.
  • Do not remove your brain from your new exoskeleton. The surgical process to install a brain into a Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton renders the brain non-functional if removed, and cannot be re-installed into an exoskeleton or new body beyond removal.

Final Words: With that in mind, please enjoy your product, and your new life! And thanks from Anderson Robotics for your purchase! I've been Finn the Falcon, and I hope you have a better future, today!