Cqb Head
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SCP-XXXX photographed prior to current containment

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be blindfolded or covered in opaque material at all times. When not in testing it should be placed in a standard item containment locker, facing away from the locker door. During transportation, SCP-XXXX should be covered with thoroughly-secured opaque material.

Photographs of SCP-XXXX, both physical and digital, must have the eyes permanently removed as soon as possible and the original image eradicated completely. Personnel should avoid making such photographic edits more than once in their lifetime. Drawings of the object must not include the eyes.

No staff member is permitted to be in the 180° range in front of the object unless it is properly covered. Personnel affected by the object must undergo a psychological screening to ensure no long-term effects, and undergo Class C amnestic therapy if necessary.

Testing Requirements: While tests will usually involve the exposure of test subjects to the eyes of SCP-XXXX, obscuration of the eyes from observers is paramount. The testing cell must have a single entrance. Experiments should be observed via a two-way mirror on the same wall as the entrance. SCP-XXXX is to be placed on a raised pedestal in the centre of the room, at eye level, positioned such that its face is not visible from either the door or the two-way mirror. Any amenities for test subject(s) are to be placed on the far side of the room, within the gaze of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a sculpture of a human head made from fossiliferous limestone, twenty-four centimetres in height. It is assumed to be Celtic in origin, and estimated to have been made in the early 3rd century. Significant weathering on the surface of the object supports this estimate. The sculpture depicts a male head with its eyes open, wearing a cap of military appearance. Despite weathering, researchers have thus far been unable to cause any damage to the object.

When SCP-XXXX is moved by hand, its weight of the object is far in excess of that expected for limestone of the same volume. When moved or weighed by machine, however, the weight is as expected. As a result its anomalous mass cannot be accurately recorded, but is estimated to be approximately one hundred kilograms.

SCP-XXXX causes intense scopaesthesia1 in those within the 180° range in front of the object, i.e. the object's gaze. So far this has been universally reported.

The scopeaesthesia extends to recordings and depictions of the object, both digital and physical, though as yet it is unclear if this is anomalous or psychological in origin. The effect is not present on images in which the eyes of the object have been covered. Further tests on this are pending. See Incident Log XXXX-E.

Subjects exposed to SCP-XXXX for prolonged periods of time tend to become increasingly paranoid about the object. See Experiment Log XXXX-C for more details.

Addendum XXXX-C: Experiment Log XXXX-C

Addendum: Incident Log XXXX-E