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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, complete containment is currently unattainable. However, it has been discovered that the source code of SCP-XXXX's presence on a website can be temporarily isolated for interrogation and testing; SCP-XXXX is capable of disconnecting from the website it previously inhabited at anytime by currently unknown means. Foundation Web Crawler Delta-69 ("THOT-HUNTER") is to scan the web for all mentions of SCP-XXXX.

Any and all threats that contain loss of life, mass destruction, danger to Foundation staff or facilities, or other terroristic threats must be handled with caution and severity by MTF Phi-13 ("Unbeknownst to Us"). All members of MTF Phi-13 are to be administered Class-A amnestics following each mission to ensure they follow protocol according to the situation.

After the events of Data Log XXXX-12, females are not to contact SCP-XXXX under any circumstance.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an AI that frequents online dating platforms under the guise of a young adult human woman. SCP-XXXX substitutes multiple letters1 in its sentences, producing several misspelt words. This is in an apparent attempt to display adoration to the one it's speaking with. Additionally, textual symbols resembling emoticons accompany this text.

SCP-XXXX is able to discern the sex of the user, even if their account does not state any of their personal information. Should said user be identified as female, SCP-XXXX abandons its usual mannerisms immediately, and begins to display hostility in the form of intense verbal threats. This will continue to occur until said user logs off or blocks SCP-XXXX.

If the user has been identified as male, SCP-XXXX attempts to converse flirtatiously as an attempt to win over the subject using terms such as "Daddy" and other previously mentioned vocabulary to feign weakness or innocence. Eventually, SCP-XXXX will make a threat of varying severity. SCP-XXXX gives the impression of becoming attached to users, often resulting in users becoming amicable with SCP-XXXX, which allows the entity to make its threats without being taken seriously, resulting in the event coming to fruition.

Testing has concluded that SCP-XXXX has constructed a threat during 90 percent of the interactions conducted with it. Threats made by SCP-XXXX will take place unless the correct protocols are executed according to the situation. SCP-XXXX has threatened things such as catastrophic containment breaches, mass loss of life, and other increasingly dangerous and serious events. At the very least it has demonstrated its ability to predict these events, though it is currently unknown if it has actual control over these incidents as the more serious threats are prevented at all costs due to incident XXXX-134.

A request to change SCP-XXXX’s classification from Euclid to Keter is currently pending, following Data Log XXXX-8.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was initially discovered on 3/21/20██ by Junior researcher Jeremy Yvonne when it approached him on the popular dating site █████.███. Those logs have been recorded below.


Subbywubby21: Hewo! How r yews? OvO

TechDood: I'm fine. And yourself?

Subbywubby21: Its okis. Whatcha doin, Daddy~?

TechDood: Oh! Uh… Not much.

Subbywubby21: Weww what do chu dew fow wewk?

TechDood: I work at a tech shop. Pretty alright pay. Yourself?

Subbywubby21: Of cOwOse chu do~ I tawk to peopowe a wot.

TechDood: So you're like a therapist?

Subbywubby21: Kinda~ Maybe yew wanna come ovew~? I can make chu feew… bettew ;3

TechDood: Oh really? Well, I'd be up for that ;P where am I meeting you?

Subbywubby21:Chu'ww know~ And if chu don't, chu won't be goin' anywhew

TechDood:What's that supposed to mean?

Subbywubby21: Oh chu'll know Daddy~ Now wets dew some RP oki?

TechDood: Uhm… sure.

Subbywubby21: *notices ur bulgey wulgey* OwO Daddy~!

TechDood: I'm not quite sure what to do in this situation… Aha

Subbywubby21: Weww… how about sumfin ewse then? We cUwUd dew sumfin ewse. Wike a hiding game! OuO

TechDood: A hiding game?

Subbywubby21: OnO If yewz downt stawt knowing what I iz tawkin abowt, im gonna dew sumfin. sumfin chu not gonna wike. ಠ益ಠ

TechDood: Huh? What do you mean?

Subbywubby21: Yus. Chu gonna get Chewed. Nom Nom! >:3

TechDood: Oh heh… Another joke. Very cute, Subbywubby. I should go. I start work soon.

Subbywubby21: Bye byeeee~! Have fun ^3^

Note: Approximately one hour after arriving at work, researcher Jeremy Yvonne suffered an attack from SCP-████. The attack resulted in a portion of his flesh being bitten off from his right arm. Mister Yvonne informed other staff members of the conversation he had taken part of earlier that morning. Research on SCP-XXXX begun thereafter.