Dr.Lao´s and Dr.Ald´s drafts

SCP 4001-J
SCP 4001-Js picture taken in night vision cameras while SCP-4001-J is in its Calm state
(Restricted with O5 commands orders continue with cau- who am i kidding just go look at it)

Item #: SCP-4001-J

Object Class:Super KeterThaumielWorld destroyer Okay jesus christ Dr.Lao stop giving Object classes

Special Containment Procedures: You can't contain it, if it wants something it whines until the nearest human opens the door you just have to pet it and hope it doesn't bite your hands off.

Description: SCP-4001-J is a small fluffy dog that has unusual powers. SCP-4001-J has 2 categorized states known to a human being.

Stage 1: Calm

While SCP-4001-J is in this state it's a playful dog that will jump around and lick the nearest persons face the person will be exposed to same effects as SCP-999s

Stage 2: Jesus take the wheel
In this stage the dog goes apeshit we still don't know what causes this but the dog will in this state try to rip off a hand or bite the victim to death