DrDromeus And pinecones

Welcome to the Tooth Zone!

Dr Dromeus and pinecones bring you a spectacular nightmare!

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No fewer than two armed guards are to be stationed outside Dr. Peterson's office at all times. Every 24 hours, the door to Dr. Peterson's office is to be opened, three human teeth are to be placed inside, and the door is to be closed. If, at any point during this process, personnel report seeing a gray humanoid within SCP-XXXX, the door to Dr. Peterson's office is to be closed and is not to be re-opened for at least 72 hours.

In the event that SCP-XXXX is reported to no longer be affecting Dr. Peterson's office, MTF Iota-47 “Pulling Teeth” is to be dispatched to locate SCP-XXXX and re-establish containment. Standard protocol for containment necessitates that MTF Iota-47 have a constant supply of human teeth on their persons at all times. Failing this, removal and usage of personnel teeth are permitted in order to contain SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous phenomenon affecting doors and other similar portals. SCP-XXXX will locate itself in any unoccupied space with a doorway, manifesting behind the door frame. Portals in rooms affected by SCP-XXXX, upon opening, will no longer lead towards the space behind them according to standard space-time laws but rather an extra dimensional space resembling that of a large, fleshy maw containing large amounts of teeth. Doors return to a normal state after SCP-XXXX has passed to another location. The depth and length of the space SCP-XXXX leads to is unknown, as is what occurs to rooms behind doors affected by SCP-XXXX.

Due to only occurring at a single point during any given moment, SCP-XXXX is believed to be a singular entity. SCP-XXXX will travel towards locations in which the largest amount of teeth are available. While the speed and method of travel of SCP-XXXX is unknown, SCP-XXXX has shown a tendency towards proximate rooms.

It is unknown if SCP-XXXX is a biological organism or not, or if its arrangement of tunnels leads to any significant location. Autonomous biological organisms have been reported inside of SCP-XXXX, though physical accounts have been inconsistent.

Addendum XXXX-1: Initial Discovery.

SCP-XXXX was discovered following the disappearance of several patients and dentists at the ██████ Dental Center in ███████, Michigan. Members of local law enforcement sent to investigate the disappearances also disappeared, and Foundation agents took over the investigation when one of the patients reported missing reappeared in the ██████ Dental Center in a catatonic state with their teeth missing. Foundation investigation led to the discovery, exploration, and containment of SCP-XXXX.

Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: ██/██/██

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Z-9 "Mole Rats"

Subject: SCP-XXXX

Team Lead: Z9-Cap

Team Members: Z9-1/Z9-2/Z9-3/Z9-4/Z9-5


Z9-Cap: Command, you hearing us?

Site Command: Loud and clear, Captain.

Z9-Cap: Alright, two in the front, two in the middle, and two in the back. Let's go.

Z9-Cap and Z9-1 take the front, Z9-2 and Z9-3 take the middle, and Z9-4 and Z9-5 take the back. They proceed into SCP-XXXX.

Z9-Cap: Pretty dark in here. Turn your lights on.

The team activates their head-mounted lights, and continues into SCP-XXXX in silence for approximately 14 minutes.

Z9-2: Guys, come look at this.

Z9-5: What is it?

Z9-2: There's a bunch of teeth scattered around the floor here.

Z9-1: Some of these are definitely not human.

Z9-3: Looks like a bunch of them are rotting, too.

Z9-4: Why just teeth? Where's the rest of the bodies?

Z9-5: Personally, I'm more concerned that there's something in here that can rip out teeth like this.

Site Command: We share Z9-5's concerns. Proceed with caution.

Team continues into SCP-XXXX for another two minutes.

Z9-3: What's that over there?

Z9-4: Looks like a person.

Z9-5: Just a statue. Looks like it's made out of teeth.

Z9-4: Whoever made this did a shitty job. The proportions are terrible.

Z9-1: Any idea how the teeth are stuck together?

Z9-2: There's definitely some sort of adhesive, but I'm not sure what it is.

Site Command: Please proceed, and be on the look out for sentient entities.

Team continues further into SCP-XXXX. Similar statues appear at random intervals. After twelve minutes, team arrives in a chamber area that splits into three separate tunnels. There are numerous statues in this chamber.

Z9-Cap: Alright, we need to cover as much ground as we can. One and I will take the first path, Two and Five take the second, and Three and Four take the third.

Team splits up. Statues begin appearing more frequently in each tunnel as teams progress deeper into the three pathways.

Z9-5 approaches one of the statues and inspects it.

Z9-5: The hell is this thing's deal, anyway?

Z9-5 attempts to lift the statue. A scream is heard from behind Z9-2. Z9-2 and Z9-5's cameras are destroyed, and they lose connection to Site Command.

Site Command: Z9-2 and Z9-5? Z9-2 and Z9-5, do you copy?

Site Command receives no response.

Site Command: Captain, connection to Z9-2 and Z9-5 has been lost. Return to the central chamber immediately, and be on the look out for hostile entities.

Z9-Cap: You heard him, turn around and get moving!

Team retraces their steps in silence.

Z9-4: Where the hell did the statues go?

Z9-Cap: Can I get a confirmation that the room is smaller?

Z9-3: Confirmed. It was definitely larger last time.

Z9-4: Five, is that you?

Z9-4's visual feed confirms presence of unknown entity further down initial entry passage, its back to the team.

Z9-Cap: Quiet! That's not him.

Other visual feeds show entity to be inhuman in nature. Team closes in on entity until entity turns around. Entity is a large gray humanoid lacking skin. Entity in the feed appears to have a featureless face with a large cavity in its abdominal area. There are several teeth of various shapes in the cavity.

Z9-Cap: No sudden movements. We don't know what it is or what it can do. Permission to fire upon the entity if necessary, Command?

Site Command: Permission granted.

Entity slowly approaches Z9-3. At one meter distance, entity makes a sudden movement towards Z9-3, extending hands which reveal long, sharp fingers, presumably made of bone.

Z9-3 fires at entity. Entity continues moving towards Z9-3.

Z9-Cap: Light it up!

Team proceeds to shoot at entity, except for Z9-4.

Z9-4: Gun malfunction! Moving back!

The walls of SCP-XXXX begin to rumble violently. A roar of indeterminate origin echoes inside SCP-XXXX. While bullet holes appear on hostile entity, no form of blood or other liquid emerges, and its movements are not slowed. The fingers of the hostile entity latch on to Z9-3’s shoulders and proceed to incapacitate her.

Z9-3: [Screaming]

Site Command: Leave the area immediately! This expedition is over - return to base as soon as possible!

Z9-Cap: Fall back!

Z9-1: It’s still got three!

Z9-Cap: We need to retreat now! Move!

Team falls back to the initial entry tunnel. Z9-3 is incapacitated by the entity, but her body cam remains active despite the attack.

Entity dislodges from Z9-3 and proceeds to insert fingers, which can now be visibly seen as morphing to a bone-like substance at the palm, into Z9-3’s skin at multiple points. While the fingers do not move when inside Z9-3, there are multiple audible cracking sounds. At this point the camera is disrupted and the video feed ends.

The rest of the team continues to retreat, eventually arriving in a chamber identical to the previous one.

Z9-1: This was definitely not here before.

Z9-4: Look! This is the exact same room as the one we were just in. The only things missing are the branching paths!

Z9-Cap: So the rooms are moving around now. Keep up your guard! We still don’t know if there are more entities!

Z9-1: Captain…

Z9-Cap: Z9-1, report.

Z9-1: I think that statue just moved.

Video reports show that a statue had changed its stance while out of vision.

Z9-Cap: Keep your guns re-

Z9-Cap is restrained by multiple statues, now mobile. Z9-Cap and Z9-1 proceed to fire into crowd.

Z9-4: My gun is still malfunctioning! Retreating!

Z9-4 successfully exits crowd of statues. Of note, none of these statues attempted to restrain Z9-4.

Z9-4: Come on! Get out of there!

Z9-Cap and Z9-1 are ripped apart by multiple statues.

Z9-4: Oh fuck.

Z9-4 retreats down the next tunnel. As he is retreating, he is grabbed from behind and slammed into the ground. His camera is too damaged to transmit video, however it is still transmitting audio. Sounds of crying and choking can be heard for five minutes, followed by footsteps moving away from Z9-4.

Approximately ten minutes later, Z9-4 can be heard standing up.

Site Command: Z9-4, do you copy?

Z9-4 attempts to speak, but is unintelligible.

Site Command: We can't understand a word you're saying. Get out of there and then you can tell us what happened.

Z9-4 begins to walk in silence. Approximately 30 minutes later, his camera runs out of power and stops transmitting.


Z9-4 was found unconscious in the ██████ Dental Center with his teeth missing approximately two hours after his camera ran out of power. He was returned to Site-25, and SCP-XXXX began affecting Dr. Peterson's office the following day.

Addendum XXXX-2: After continued investigation, it has been concluded that SCP-XXXX has a malleable structure, which changes shape frequently. This makes the process of creating an internal map impossible due to the inconsistent layout. Additionally, further research on flesh samples have been inconclusive as to the origin of SCP-XXXX, as no genetic link has been found to any living animals on record. Further exploration not recommended.