Every GoI/Kaiju Attack


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Most of these are just general outlines. If you take a GoI, you're free to edit the concept of that GoI for your vision. For instance, having as many articles as we currently have planned focusing on the body selling would be boring. Some of those could be changed.

We really need to make this interesting, so if you have a good twist you'd like to use, please, use it! This is going to get boring if everything is just "GoIs react as you'd expect them to"

The main drive of this concept is taking one event, and looking at the repercussions of it, and how everyone reacts. Look at how this monster attacking and destroying a large part of a city has lasting implications, and can be felt even thirty years later.

This will probably wind up being posted as a canon page, if we can get them to let it be 5 articles rather than 5 tales. [Note: this has been proposed on 05 and it has a lot of support.]

Update: It's official. By unanimous vote, the site staff have relaxed Canon requirements to any five SCPs/Tales/GoI Formats by three authors.

There are some events that rock the anomalous world to their core. Some events of such great importance and magnitude that anybody who's anybody in an anomalous community will hear about them. In 1988, one of these events occurred when a kaiju attacked 3 Portlands.

The current date for the attack is June 13th, 1988. This is before the dissolution of the first GoI to dissolve (the GRU P), and allows all the other GoIs to exist. The only GoI to not exist during this period is GAW, so their perspective will have to be as a retrospective.

The Foundation has an island that routinely generates monsters. They're pretty good about keeping them contained, but one monster managed to escape and go undetected for months. The next time it is seen again, it's a kaiju. The GOC notices it and terminates it after it attacks a new Nexus, referred to as Hy-Brasil. After that, the entire anomalous world and community start taking it, and experimenting and using it. It's discovered that the parts of the kaiju can grant longevity, and Prometheus starts cloning it. MC&D starts selling it, and so forth.

Brief Description of the Monster:

A large radially symmetric reptilian/squidlike entity. It's got 5 arms and 5 tentacles/legs, which naturally lends itself to Fifthist connections. Crocodilian head.

Individual article ideas:

Main GoI Formats:2

  • SCP: The island that creates the monsters, a brief overview of what happens with the one escaping. Island is where a greater kaiju lived and died, the kaiju
  • Are We Cool Yet?: Probably art discussing the impact this had on Hy-Brasil, like a memorial for those who died? Maybe nonanomalous and drive by the fact that the only place it can be exhibited is with AWCY?
  • The Chaos Insurgency: the monster escaping is a result of CI interference, GoI is how they managed to get sneak it off the island
  • Church of the Broken God: Some priest is able to draw connections between a prophesized Sarkic monster and the kaiju, and they dislike it
  • The Factory: raw manufacturing, like the skeleton or scales, are very useful
  • The Fifth Church: monster has five arms or somesuch, Constellation starfish writes a song about that. Song tells about how the Fifth World is full of Crocosquid like things.
  • The Global Occult Coalition: How the GOC was able to kill the kaiju and the lead up to that (discovering the kaiju, tracking it, letting the UIU know it'll attack 3Port)
  • Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting: Whatever Chandra wants to do, Herman Fuller buys a part or something from the MC&D, Nope he fights the beast single-handedly and pulls out its heart (allegedly)!
  • Manna Charitable Foundation: the spinal fluid (or something else) can be used as a good, green, eco-friendly fuel source (or something similar to the current UIU plan, with anomalous FEMA helping 3Portlands recover)
  • Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.: Selling the body parts of the kaiju to different GoIs, bought the corpse of the UIU, who just wanted it gone. Each part has a different use, which is documented in further GoI formats (Prometheus, Factory, Herman, Manna)
  • "Nobody": Keeping tabs on everything that's happening (?)
  • Oneiroi Collective: The attack on 3Port disrupts some powerful dreamers, and nightmares of the beast disrupt the afterlife for a while
  • Prometheus Labs: Prometheus experimenting with how they can use the body parts for longevity or how they can clone the body parts to produce more kaiju (Stonefish: used by Prometheus for creating an important part of a Maxwellist network)
  • Unusual Incidents Unit, FBI: Focuses on the fallout that the kaiju had when it attacked Hy-Brasil, recovery, etc. Basically, FEMA as an SCP article3
  • Wondertainment: Makes toys based off the kaiju, which come to life (maybe it would be interesting if they just made normal action figures)4

International GoIs:5

  • GRU Division "P": notice the body part trade
  • Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts: Several Iranians were killed when the kaiju attacked, and they care.
  • IJAMEA: same as GRU P An IJAMEA remnant member grew interested in the kaiju's attack on the 3 Portlands, believing that it is the Akkorokamui (an Ainu octopus deity that is worshipped as a minor Japanese deity) and that his ex-colleague during WWII managed to secure aid from the sea deities (via the kaiju). He aims to retrace the kaiju to its home, seeking for said ex-colleague's whereabouts. In terms of the greater narrative, it's more of a sideshow.

Extradimensional GoIs:6

  • Alexylva University: the island that the Foundation is containing was originally in the Alexylva universe as a science project gone wrong, and they kicked it over rather than deal with the mess themselves.
  • The Black Queen: different versions of the monster, in different worlds.
  • The Serpent's Hand: Explanation of the mythology behind the beast, Serpent's Hand maybe decides to try and stop the MC&D from selling all the body parts.


  • Pangloss: He just says something idk lmao (Note from Westrin: That's basically what he does on a regular basis, so it wouldn't be contributing anything imo. Maybe he plays a part in Pre 3Port attack while alexvya are messing with the ways? Albeit it's still gonna be notes but i wanna make it unique.)
  • Horizon Initiative: The kaiju is worshiped as a god by some; the HI documents what these new religions/existing GoIs think of the kaiju.
  • GAW: last word and a TIL type deal talking about the whole deal from perspective of much later
  • Anderson: Experimentation, somehow
  • SOFTHANDS: Battle MC&D over rights to the goods.
  • Chicago Spirit: Some of the last people of the Spirit, remnants or old guys, are bootlegging the parts and stealing them from MC&D, or something
  • Class of 76: Perhaps it was the Alexylva Class of 76?
  • Daevite: Same as HI.