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Dr. Brandstiftung and I have decided to write this article in hopes to describe the SCP Foundation's first-ever educational system, the SCP University. The university provides new recruits with knowledge of the risks, common procedures, and many other important sets of instruction in order to work at the Foundation. We have a vast range of courses and majors for new students, although you probably won't need to worry about the stress of choosing, because we do all that for you ahead of time according to your personal background. The purpose of this new branch of the foundation is to provide detail into the recruitment, training, and graduation process, so we aren't just picking random doctors off the street.
~ Prof. Getlo

Prof. Getlo (Overseer & Principal of SCPU)
~ "Godspeed noble men, you are on your way to furthering humanity's protection against threat unknown!"

Dr. Brandstiftung (Head of Admin Staff)
- "Try not to get yourself killed along the way…"

SCPU Public Announcements:

O5 Announcement: After discovery of Prof. Getlo’s hand in insulting O5-1 and attempting to retreat to the state of Hawaii, US to avoid disciplinary consequences: Professor Jackson V███ Getlo has been stripped of the ability to edit any content residing on the SCPU digital site, as well as being permanently relocated to SCPU’s site grounds where he shall remain unless given direct authority to leave the grounds by O5-1. On-site guards are now tasked to keeping Prof. Getlo inside site grounds in addition to original task of keeping intruders out. Violation or aid in doing so of this policy will be met with greater disciplinary action and ████████ of his personal secret vending machine in hallway ██.

(The only other tabs you have to read are Student Admissions, Staff, Teacher/Student Files, Courses, News, and possibly Help Forum if you’d like further characterization of Getlo and Brand but it’s not the biggest problem if you choose not to overlook it for the sake of reviewing quickly)