The Thing From Site-4 (provisional title)

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  • I would like the monster's effects to be more subtle, to the point where people doubt there is a monster. That way, going through the maps becomes more of an active task as the reader has to think "wait, 3 people just died because of [REASON]. That's… strange. Could there be more to this?"
  • A more solid idea of the layout of this place. We can't develop the idea if we don't have the details.
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Item #: SCP-X Level 4/X
Object Class: Uncontained Classified

Threat Level: Undetermined


The main entrance to Site-4 is buried below layers of rock, snow and ice.

Special Considerations for Procurement: To be completed. Just noting this is ACTUALLY unfinished. I think we should absolutely have something in here.

MTF-Omnicron-5 (left) en-route to Site-4's side entrance (right)

Description: SCP-X is an anomaly, or anomalies, thought to have been contained within Site-41 that have since escaped containment.

On 2007-09-13 Site-4's dead man's alert system was activated with no attached message. The Site did not respond to communications. MTF-Omnicron-5 "Jaybird"2 was dispatched to assess the situation.

I think we could discuss MTF-Omnicron-5 here and how they were assembled or go more indepth into their orders or something along those lines unless that sounds too cliche.

Further investigation is ongoing. I also think we need a little more in the description.

Addendum 4440.1 — Annotated Map of Site-4

Addendum 4440.2 — MTF-Pi-40 'Pestilence'