How To Contribute

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You can use this form to create a generic page:

Before posting your article to the wiki, please make sure you've done the following steps:

  1. Made a wikidot account and gained membership to the SCP Wiki. Kind of obvious, but some don't realize this is part of the process. If you haven't already, check the Guide for Joining.
  2. Read the appropriate posting/writing guides. Considering the amount of different perspectives and authors on the wiki, it's very likely that we already have guides or suggestions for whatever type of content you're about to write. Scroll further down the page for various guides for the different types of writing on the wiki, such as the How to Write an SCP guide.
  3. Received constructive critique from people who have experience on the wiki. Many people post to the wiki without having gone through a basic critique process, and a similar amount get lukewarm critique from friends and family who don't really know what to look for in writing. Look for knowledgeable critiquers on the official chat or the appropriate forum categories.
  4. Brace for impact. Your article may be loved by the masses. It may be universally disliked. It may even be completely ignored. All of these are possible outcomes, and you should try not to take it too personally if your creation isn't taken the way you expected.

If you've done all of these steps already, you're good to go. Simply write the title of your upcoming article in the box above, press "Create Page", paste your draft, and save the page. Don't forget to include a rating module!

Writing and Posting Guides

  • SCP Articles: The first thing most new users read on the wiki, and the wiki's most well known format. Chances are that when joining, the first thing you wanted to make is an SCP Article, which is entirely fair. For that, we have the How to Write an SCP Guide, and an assortment of different essays, regarding other, more specific aspects of writing. Remember to only title the page "scp-[number]" when posting, and not include the out-of-universe designation!
  • Tales: A more "standard" format, Tales are articles where the story is told like a book or other common narrative tool, with all the bells and whistles that come with it. We don't have any specific guides for writing tales, but many essays also apply to tales, and you could likely learn a lot by having your drafts passed by critique. In all honesty, most online writing guides could help you here.
  • GoI Formats: A format (or collection of formats) that is not quite as common as its other siblings, the GoI Formats are stories told from the perspective of the SCPverse's groups of interest. As each format has different rules and different storytelling rules, we recommend finding whichever group you want to write for, going to their GoI page, and following the writing advice found there.
  • Artwork: Not everything on the site is purely textual. As of the writing of this page, we do not have any specific artwork guides onsite, but much like tales, you could likely learn a lot more by going to other online resources. We do have a guide on how to post the art though, so check it out if you want to do so.