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SCP-281-FR translation: The Day The Earth Stopped Being Flat



You are about to view sensitive information. You will not be subjected to any memetic or amnesic agent during or after your reading. You will not be subject to any location, incarceration, armed intervention or execution.
You have the right to know the truth, but you do not have to.

Item #: SCP-281-FR

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-281-FR is currently contained within a reinforced tungsten containment chamber within Local-Site Daoud, a small-scale 50m2 site enclosed within Zone 88, officially a United States scientific research base, but in actuality operated by the Global Occult Coalition1

At least four agents must be positioned at Site-Local Daoud at all times. Regular resupplying is to be conducted by air.

All censorship and disinformation operations regarding SCP-281-FR have been handled by the Global Occult Coalition since the 1940s. These include the shifting of the geographical South Pole2 four kilometers away from SCP-281-FR, a falsification concerning the history of several Antarctic expeditions since 1911, and the fundamental geological and astronomical nature of the Earth.

Concerning the GOC: Local Site-Daoud is under constant pressure from the Global Occult Coalition, which seeks to appropriate SCP-281-FR for security, strategic, political and/or religious reasons which are poorly understood, which have been persistent since original containment by the Foundation in 1948 and the late arrival by the Coalition. Due to the diplomatic relations formed by several GOC-Foundation treaties, these have yet to escalate into military action. In the event that this situation turns hostile, the Bel Protocol is to be triggered.

Commentary for DrGemini: I am REALLY not sure about how to handle the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts/BRAI in here, because there's some language in the Daoud-Jalout incident report which can be read as somewhat Islamophobic— the use of the word 'Jihad' and the execution are the two main points that I'm concerned about not translating well from a cultural perspective. I've omitted them here, but if I can work out a way to make them work, then I'll include them.

Concerning an RK-Class Scenario: According to Islamic scripture, several of the components of SCP-281-FR are expected to be recovered and used in various Abrahamic apocalypses3 SCP-281-FR-5 is meant to be recovered by the Prophet Ali in the Last Judgement, while SCP-281-FR is meant to be recovered by the prophet Jesus Christ in the fight against the Antichrist. In the event of an Abrahamic apocalypse occurring, the Anu Protocol is to be carried out.

It is assumed that removing or compromising the integrity of one of SCP-281-FR's components could result in an XK-Class event.

Description: SCP-281-FR is a set of nine (9) swords of varying size and shape, stylistically close to swords found in the Middle east in the Late 4th to 7th centuries AD. The blades of SCP-281-FR are made of either bronze or iron, and have handles made of gold, silver and copper with traces of ivory and precious stones, and wrapped with leather around the handle. These swords are classified as SCP-281-FR-1 to 9. All are planted approximately fifteen centimeters into the ground at a single point, the exact geographic South Pole (Lat 90 ° south, Long irrelevant).

When SCP-281-FR was discovered on-site and reported to to the Foundation in 1947, it was accompanied by a sign reading:


Officially, especially in the interest of diplomatic relations with the Global Occult Coalition and its partner states, the Foundation has always respected this sign and has never attempted to move SCP-281-FR.

Unofficially, all attempts to remove some or all of SCP-281-FR have failed, whether by human, mechanical, or thaumaturgical means.

All subsequent attempts were abandoned following the recovery of several sensitive documents (See Addenda). It is assumed that SCP-281-FR is an essential element to global geological structure, and that undermining its integrity could potentially lead to an XK-Class Event.

The immovability of SCP-281-FR is due to a pull force of undetermined origin of several hundred million Newtons exercised by each of its components on the other components. The pull force does not affect objects other than the components of SCP-281-FR.

A hypothesis was proposed by Foundation Theologians that each component of SCP-281-FR has its own anomalous capabilities which manifest when it are used as intended, i.e. as a weapon. This assumption cannot be proven due to the immovability of SCP-281-FR.


Addendum 1: Letters GOI-096-E-46

The following documents are taken from correspondence maintained during 1946 between Hervé Malesherbes, former professor of applied mathematics at the Sorbonne University in Paris, and Patrick Silverstein, former consultant for [DATA EXPUNGED], whereabouts unknown.

These letters were recovered during the dismantling of SAPPHIRE's Paris Lodge in 2003 by MTF-Omega 5 "The Jewelers".

[Commentary for the French Wiki: I find that the above is the main substance of the document. Addendum 2 si primarily images, and I'm still working on translating the first image, the Gallilei-Delta document. As for the last notes, I will translate them as soon as I Have a good replacement for the Priory of Sion— as I've explained to DrGemini, that particular conspiracy theory has antisemitic origins.]