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Item #: SCP-2722

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2722 is the location of Site-2722, which can be accessed by any individual possessing an instance of SCP-2722-A-1. Currently, SCP-2722-A-1 instances are used by vital personnel, members of Mobile Task Force Omega-2 ("Anti-Nihilism IN SPACE!") and instances of SCP-2722-B.

SCP-2722 is currently situated in orbit around Titan, but may be freely used to move throughout the solar system in order to combat extraterrestrial or extrastellar threats. The weapons capabilities of SCP-2722 are listed in the user's manual in Document 2722-Alpha.

There are currently no plans to use SCP-2722 as a means of interstellar travel; however, as it is home to a Bailey-King Multi-Universal Transit Array, there is currently an outpost for the Department of Multi-Universal Affairs onboard.

SCP-2722-B instances are currently acting as security consultants with the Foundation as part of Auxiliary Task Force Alpha-1 ("The Black Rabbit In The Moon"). SCP-2722-B instances are allowed free passage on to and off of SCP-2722, and are being used as a disruptive agents for non-Foundation interests in China, Japan and South Korea.

Description: SCP-2722 refers to an irregularly-shaped space station of unknown origin currently orbiting Titan, the largest moon of the planet Saturn. SCP-2722's external dimensions are approximately 200km x 50km x 70km. However, the interior dimensions of SCP-2722 to far exceed that of the exterior due to the use of Augustine Non-Euclidian Stabilization Engines1. The hull of SCP-2722 is made up of an iridium-titanium-beryllium alloy, and 90% of the ship is covered with markings of a single phrase written in over five-hundred languages: SCPS Solidarity.

SCP-2722 appears to be an amalgam of at least seventy-three different space-faring craft and space stations; of these, fifteen of the craft and twelve of the stations are identical. The Augustine Non-Euclidian Stabilization Engines aid SCP-2722 in maintaining its cohesion, as exploration has indicated that the disparate parts of SCP-2722 are joined not through welding or other joining techniques, but through violation of the Pauli exclusion principle2.

SCP-2722-A refers to the anomalous technology and items present on SCP-2722. Several instances of SCP-2722-A are branded with a Foundation seal, or else are known to be made by the Foundation in the baseline universe. These include:

  • SCP-2722-A-18: A terminal containing the defunct Foundation AI "CROM".
  • SCP-2722-A-21: Several unreleased or non-existent by the Shattered Deus, a music group affiliated with the Church of the Broken God.
  • SCP-2722-A-55: A large-scale Kant counter, which has been adjusted to account for the Hume levels present on SCP-2722.
  • SCP-2722-A-91: A functional Bailey-King Multi-Universal Transit Array; however, documentation refers to it as a King-Bailey Transit Array.
  • SCP-2722-A-103: A recreational room using anti-gravity technology salvaged from a Foundation HALO facility, as well as the remains of a ship known as Combat Zeppelin Orichalcum.

For further entries, refer to 2722 Recovered Materials.

The four pieces of anomalous technology on the station that are of greatest concern are as follows.

SCP-2722-A-1 refers to the entrances to SCP-2722. SCP-2722-A-1 are small iridium cubes that, when thrown on a surface after speaking a pass phrase, will open a two-way wormhole into the main common area of SCP-2722. The pass phrase, engraved on the cubes, reads as such:

As long as there are stars in our skies, evermore shall the Solidarity rise.

SCP-2722-A-2 refers to a techno-organic Artificial Intelligence which refers to itself as "Mahōtsukai"3. SCP-2722-A-2 appears to have overwritten the original AI present on the ship after being uploaded from an external source, speculated to be one or more sapient individuals.

SCP-2722-A-3 is a nonapodal4 extraterrestrial organism with a cylindrical body, largely blue in color, possessing a simple jawed mouth and non-centralized cardiovascular and nervous systems, with five hindlimbs and four forelimbs. SCP-2722-A-3 does not appear to be sapient, but has a generally friendly temperament.

SCP-2722-A-3 has the ability to enclose a space of at least 600km2 within a field of unstable space-time, which can then be controlled by SCP-2722-A-2. If used in conjunction with the ion thrusters present on SCP-2722, it is capable of propelling SCP-2722 at Faster-Than-Light speeds. If used in conjunction with the aforementioned Bailey-King MUTA, SCP-2722-A-3 is capable of crossing universal boundaries.

SCP-2722-A-4 is an object SCP-2722-A-2 refers to as the "Crew Manifest". SCP-2722-A-4 is a large book with vellum pages, bound in leather from an unknown form of lizard.

When an individual writes their name on SCP-2722-A-4, a notation will appear by their name, indicating what role they serve in the crew and their current status. Foundation personnel that have signed their name in SCP-2722-A-4 have their status listed as "Active". All other personnel, with the exception of SCP-2722-B instances, are listed as either "Lost", "MIA" or, "Void".

Discovery: SCP-2722 was first discovered in January of 2017, after Site-19 received an apparent distress signal originating from Trans-Neptunian space. The message was as follows.

This is the Daitaihomaru sending an automated distress beacon. Approximately 90% of crew is lost. Life support systems are non-functional. Respond to receive payload. This message will repeat.

After two months of deliberation within the O5 Council, a 7-6 vote to allow a response to be transmitted. By this time, SCP-2722 had reached its current position orbiting Titan.

Daitaihomaru, this is Dr. Kirk. We read you.

At this point, an object was launched from SCP-2722, bound for Earth at high speeds. It arrived on April 1st, 2017, impacting in a field near Nagano, Japan. Civilian sources identified this payload as a crashed satellite, allowing Foundation personnel embedded within JAXA to recover it. This payload contained over 50 instances of SCP-2722-A-1.

Testing with these objects commenced on April 5th. Once activated, SCP-2722-A-1 opened a passage into SCP-2722, creating a vacuum which caused large amounts of damage to the testing chamber.

Upon discovery, SCP-2722 was on emergency oxygen supplies, necessitating the use of a vacuum chamber to enter and prototype space suits to explore. MTF-Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") entered the ship, accompanied by a pair of NASA technicians who have previously worked on various space stations.

The following files were recovered from Z9-Tech-2's tablet. All voices, unless noted, are female with a slight Japanese inflection. Despite being mp4 files, only audio streams are available.

Approximately four days following the initial excursion int SCP-2722, a second expedition was launched. At this time, life support and artificial gravity had been restored; however, as a precaution, MTF-Zeta-9 remained in their space suits, in case SCP-2722 again encountered life support failure, and again used the vacuum chamber as the point of ingress.

Following their capture by 2085-A, access to SCP-2722 was cut off, as SCP-2722-A-1 instances failed to function. A transmission received by Site-19 indicated that 2085-A was holding Zeta-9 hostage, but would keep one-way communication open so that Z9 could report their findings to the Foundation.

As of 6/14/2017, Z9 returned to earth with minimal casualties. Extended Exploration Logs of note are included below.

Approximately two days later, all 2085 instances (now classified SCP-2722-B) and all members of Zeta-9 returned through a portal created by SCP-2722-A-1 instances, and were remanded into Foundation medical care.

SCP-2722-B are a group of five augmented female humans of Japanese origin, designated SCP-2722-B-1 through SCP-2722-B-5. SCP-2722-B instances are genetically identical, and measure between 1.9 and 2 meters in height and between 70 and 95 kilograms in weight. Variables in height and weight have been attributed to the augmentation process. Subjects are fluent in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and English and have shown hostility towards Foundation personnel. Upon first contact with SCP-2722-B, these individuals were the only sapient lifeforms present aboard SCP-2722.

SCP-2722-B instances display an array of genetic and cybernetic enhancements, including:

• Cosmetic genetic splices of Felis catus physiology, including ears, tails, and hair coloration. Tails are prehensile and capable of holding small objects.
• Grip pads located on the hands and feet.
• Retractable blades in the fingers and knuckles.
• Ocular implants with thermal vision, heads-up display, and recording equipment

Upon containment, SCP-2722-B instances showed early signs of organ failure; interviews with the subjects indicate that this is due to an 'expiration date' artificially inserted into their DNA during their creation. However, following two months of gene therapy and augmentation maintenance by Foundation personnel, they are largely healthy.

As a thanks for their cooperation and a show of gratitude, SCP-2722-B instances were classified as E-Class Personnel. Currently, SCP-2722-B instances are being monitored by Foundation operatives stationed at Site-79 in Yumegēmu, Tokushima, Japan. SCP-2722-B instances have agreed to not leave the city until [DATA EXPUNGED] occurs.

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