The following is a log of items either retrieved or documented by MTF-Omega-2. Anomalous technology (weapons systems and fuel sources) as well as non-technological anomalies (such as literature or food of extra-universal origin) are classified as SCP-2722-A instances. Instances are classified arbitrarily as opposed to sequentially.

**Instance #:** SCP-2722-A-####/##-#####
**Primary Language:**
**Technical Contents:** 
**Local Inscriptions:**  

> * "Sample Quote"

Instance #: SCP-2722-A-205
Classification: Resource Gathering
Primary Language: French and German
Technical Contents: Several hundred probes used to drill into uninhabited planets or asteroids to gather resources. Will not drill into an inhabited planet.
Notes: Refuses to gather resources from Jupiter or Neptune.
Local Inscriptions:

  • First one to make a Probing Uranus joke ends up in the brig.
  • (Same handwriting as above) Wait. Shit.
  • (Inscribed on one of the probes) Kilroy isn't here. YET.
  • (Inscribed on the launch console) Don't try to operate this with two hands. Fucks up the input. Learned that the hard way when we lost twenty of them to a Cygnian fleet.

Instance #: SCP-2722-A-193
Classification: Food/Weapons
Primary Language: Unknown language related to Chinese and Korean
Technical Contents: A reusable explosive device that can be loaded with food and then detonated on a timer. Individuals caught in the blast radius are unharmed, and feel sated for the rest of the day.
Notes: Functions exclusively with high-protein items— sugars, oils, fats and fruits were consistent rejected by this item. However, it has been modified to function with alcohols.
Local Inscriptions:

  • Calorie bomb from the (unknown, possibly "Night-Child Conflict"). Throw it into a trench and your men are fed for a week.
  • Why is this a weapon?
  • Awesome at parties.

Instance #: SCP-2722-A-005
Classification: Transportation
Primary Language: English, Russian
Technical Contents: A series of high-speed lifts that fold out of the floor of SCP-2722. The slowest speed one of these items has been recorded at travelling is 200km/h, while the highest exceeds Mach.
Notes: Known as "Zip-Lifts". Despite the high speeds, individuals riding these items are unaffected by the momentum of sudden stops made with these items.
Local Inscriptions:

  • Whoever built these: fuck you.
  • Whatever happened to those buggies? I miss the buggies.
  • (Written with a black Sharpie marker) HOW LONG HAVE WE HAD THESE THESE ARE AWESOME