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Item #: SCP-3388

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3388 is considered a provisionary Foundation Site, all protocols regarding security practices and safety measures are in effect. Any airlines or ships that enter the vicinity of SCP-3388 are to be rerouted, under the pretense of a severe weather event forming in the area.

MTF Eta-5 "Jaeger Bombers" is currently responsible for the containment of all SCP-3388-A instances. These responsibilities include discouraging and deescalating confrontations between instances, maintaining all research outposts, and ensuring safety of personnel entering known SCP-3388-A territories.

Description: SCP-3388 is a nonanomalous island of extradimensional origin located at 41° ██' █.███'' N, 58° ██' █.███'' W.1 The surface of SCP-3388 is predominantly covered with artificially created habitats, research outposts, and a resort. While the simulated habitats are now defunct, they appear to have been each designed to house a specific instance of SCP-3388-A.

SCP-3388 manifested within this reality on 7/2/1976. The original universe of SCP-3388 is unknown, as well as the reason for its manifestation within this reality. Based upon the state of numerous buildings on it, it is believed to have been abandoned, with possible signs of an armed conflict being present.

SCP-3388-A instances are a collection of unique gigafauna - and one gigaflora - which are currently theorized to have come from numerous alternate realities or extradimensional locations. Each instance has been implanted with a device (designated SCP-3388-B) which appears to act as a shock collar, preventing the instance from leaving SCP-3388 or entering several areas intended for management, research and leisure. A full list of SCP-3388 instances is included below.

The simulated habitats of SCP-3388-1 instances were formerly fully equipped to care for each instance while left alone, and automatically dispense necessary food2 in accordance with the particular instance's eating habits.

Instance Designation Callsign3 Description
SCP-3388-A1 Behemoth A terrestrial quadruped, the sides and back of which are covered in an extremely tough skin. In addition, it possesses three sharp horns on the head, which are used in defense. It is herbivorous, and appears to have formed a symbiotic relationship with SCP-3388-A5. It is roughly 150m from head to tail.
SCP-3388-A2 Ziz An avian creature, with a wingspan of approximately 150m. Possesses three pairs of wings, each of which has a large eye at the joint, which is used for monitoring and stalking prey. SCP-3388-A2 is capable of remaining in the air at all times, and typically only comes to the ground to feed on live prey.
SCP-3388-A3 Leviathan A primarily aquatic creature with a crocodilian head. From the neck down, it is pentaradially symmetric, and has five muscular hydrostats, in addition to five reptilian arms which end in five digits each. Possesses noted regenerative capabilities. Approximately 50m long, and believed to be female.
SCP-3388-A4 Khoi Terrestrial, bears resemblance to mantids. Approximately 30m tall when standing straight. At most times, it is completely motionless, relying on aggressive mimicry to draw in prey. SCP-3388-A4 is shades of brown and green in coloration, and has multiple protrusions on its exoskeleton that resemble tree branches or leaves.
SCP-3388-A5 Gaia A sentient megaflora, which dominates the majority of the northwestern region of SCP-3388. At its centre, it possesses a large flower which blooms during the day, but retracts into the stem at night. While it is incapable of motion, it is able to move roots surrounding its central mass for self-defense. It appears to tolerate the presence of SCP-3388-A1, as the latter has been observed warding off other SCP-3388-A specimens that approach the central mass.
SCP-3388-A6 Fenrir A canine entity, measuring seven meters tall at the shoulder and fifteen meters long from nose to tip of tail. Instance is the leader of a large pack of nonanomalous wolves (consisting of approximately three hundred members).
SCP-3388-A7 Charybdis Aquatic invertebrate, approximately 130m in diameter, similar to a starfish, possessing multiple limbs covered on all sides with venomous spines. It feeds primarily by excreting a highly toxic substance into the nearby water, which rapidly breaks down organic materials. It then feeds by drawing the resulting mixture into its body.
SCP-3388-A8 Naga Serpentine, approximately 150m in length, and possessing four small limbs. In addition, it possesses numerous sharp teeth, as well as a yellow mane, with two cervid-like antlers. SCP-3388-A8 is capable of expelling a highly flammable gas, which it ignites using specialized molars located at the back of its mouth. Because of this, it is avoided by most other SCP-3388-A instances.
SCP-3388-A9 Camazotz Nocturnal flying mammalian, resembling a large bat, approximately 125m from wingtip to wingtip. During the day, it remains in an expansive canyon and cave system located on the southeast of SCP-3388. At night, it will fly and drink nectar secreted by SCP-3388-A5. While it is not outwardly hostile towards SCP-3388-A2, territorial disputes are somewhat common.

Addendum 3388.01: SCP-3388-A3 Breach Report

Addendum 3388.02: Incident-3388-1

Addendum 3388.03: Neutralization Order