Site Criticism Team - Improvements


The primary duty of the Site Criticism Team (as stated on the Staff Structure Page) is "Respond to posted articles; attempt to ensure no posted article (SCP/Tale) goes without critique from a staff member.". As you can imagine, this is an incredibly daunting task when you consider the number of articles that are posted in a single week. Below are a few proposals that I have worked out with TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB to make this task easier for everyone involved in the team, as well as giving some attention to articles that need it.

Site Crit Reviews/Visibility and Recruitment

Proposal: Title feedback from Site Criticism Team members with "Site Criticism Team - Review" or something similar.

  • Pros
    • Increased visibility of both the team and the article.
    • Easy to identify at a glance whether a staff member has commented on the article.
  • Cons
    • May open up the issue of unwanted PMs from readers seeking site crit.
    • Could be considered as "official" feedback. Although, I think that could be solved with the following statement:
      • "Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the following review do not reflect the opinions of SCP Wiki staff as a whole. Please respond to [the author of the review] for any questions or concerns relating to this review."

I also believe that it would be helpful to have a thread with a list of Site Criticism staff apart from the Butterfly Squad Roster, for two reasons:

  1. Should an author feel that a work is underperforming, they would be able to reach a member of Site Crit staff for a substantial review.
  2. Authors already have a difficult time distinguishing Forum Crit and Site Crit, so separating the two would likely lower the chance of either team getting a PM for the other's respective duties.

Young and Under 30

Proposal: Implement the "Underrated Articles" module into the sidebar, as was discussed in July 2018. In doing so, Site Crit could have ease-of-access and bring attention to articles that are underperforming by site standard.

Having spoken with Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini, I've been informed that there have been issues getting Young and Under 30 actually working. I think it would be useful for Site Crit to use the Site News as a substitute since Community Outreach labels articles that performed under +30 for that month.


Proposal: Create a copy/paste boilerplate to address newbie coldposts. This is primarily for pointing new authors to useful links that, frankly, they should have visited before posting, as well as lightening the load on Site Crit staff.

Boilerplates are to be used if two or more of the following criteria are met:

  • Improper Formatting
  • Use of Imperial Measurements
  • Poor Clinical Tone
  • Poor Spelling and Grammar
  • Unfinished Work

Monitoring Excessively Vehement Site Criticism

Proposal: Similar to how Forum Crit keeps a close eye on the forums for unhelpful, misleading, or otherwise contentless feedback, Site Crit can help to reign in backseat modding and mean-spirited criticism on low rated or coldposted work.

This could be done via a staff/junior staff post, as well as recommendation for further disciplinary action if applicable. This increases the likelihood that such behavior can be addressed before a work is deleted, and it will also limit the damage that such opinions can do to the reputation of the community as a whole.

I'm definitely updating this long after it's been submitted, but for reference, the things that were adapted for Site Crit were:

  • Post Titling for increased visibility and legitimacy, as well as the inclusion of disclaimers stating that the review is not supported by staff as a whole and complaints are to be directed to the Site Crit Captain (Soulless or Conwell).
  • Boilerplate copypastes used for addressing coldposts.
  • Addressing poor forum conduct on mainsite articles.

The Young and Under 30 portion of this was abandoned, since it was brought to our attention that it was more difficult to implement than we thought, as well as lending to a more unrealistic ideal of making sure everything received a comment by Site Crit. However, we've started using the Site News as a resource when time allows for it, since they do an excellent job of marking which articles were under-performing.