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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-XXXX displays no apparent interest in leaving its current location, Provisional Containment Site-408 was constructed around its sanctuary, disguised as an astronomical observatory. Due to the extreme remoteness of Site-408’s location, minimal security is required.

SCP-XXXX cannot be forcibly contained without significant loss to personnel. The indirect containment of SCP-XXXX depends entirely on the willingness of SCP-XXXX itself. Personnel are not to engage with SCP-XXXX or interfere with its activities, unless directly ordered to do so by the acting Site Director.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a vaguely humanoid entity displaying numerous anomalous capabilities, including rapid corporeal transmogrification, reality alteration, the teleportation of objects and entities, and a form of extrasensory perception resembling sight-based omniscience. SCP-XXXX exhibits abnormally high intelligence and extensive knowledge of the occult and various fields of science. While SCP-XXXX has ignored or even shown hostility to direct communication, it has been gleaned through observation that its objectives include the acquisition of information.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-XXXX as a result of its investigation into the unexplained disappearance and reappearance of 62 scientists, engineers, and academics occurring between September, 2008, and January, 2012. Targeted individuals worked in all major fields of science and have even included members of the Foundation. They would be returned days later to their current residence, with no signs of injury or malnutrition and with no memory of their disappearance.

This phenomena has been recorded prior to the aforementioned period. These disappearances typically occur shortly after a major scientific milestone, with the largest mass disappearance (214 individuals) occurring shortly after the first detonation of a nuclear weapon (1945). These previous cases were never solved but it was hypothesized that a rival Group of Interest, most likely GRU Division "P", was responsible. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was discovered that they suffered similar disappearances as well (blaming the Foundation, Global Occult Coalition, and the United States government). It is believed that the most recent wave of disappearances began following the inaugural test of the Large Hadron Collider1, as the first beam was circulated through the collider on the morning of 10 September 2008 and the first disappearance was of a CERN physicist on the 11th.

Bio-samples were recovered from all 62 individuals, along with their clothing and any other items they had with them at the time of their disappearance. Biometrics detected no anomalies, and subjects displayed no evidence of anomalous alteration. Stool samples revealed a steady diet of mutton, chicken, cabbage, as well as spices traditionally associated with Xinjiang (or Uyghur) cuisine. Detritus recovered from feet and footwear underwent sedimentological and geochemical analysis and was found to most closely resemble the surface layer sand of the Taklamakan Desert, located in the Tarim Basin in China’s Xinjiang region.

Agents Kim Yu and Justin Lee were disguised as Chinese officials and sent to the Tarim Basin to investigate. As nothing was known about the source of these disappearances save its presumed location, agents focused on questioning locals regarding anything outside the norm. After several weeks traveling between communities on the edge of the Taklamakan Desert, a lead was uncovered while questioning merchants in the oasis town of Qiemo. The merchants referred to an unusual visitor to the bazaar, who traded ancient coins and artifacts for food and water (though was never observed consuming either).

They described the entity as unusually tall (estimates ranged from 2.2 to 2.4 meters), strong (carrying supplies that would normally require several camels to transport), but slow moving. He was known for his tattered and dusty attire which included a robe, cloak, and scarf, along with a pair of bronze gauntlets and bronze boots. It was believed that the stranger was a hermit who lived in the Kunlun Mountains to the south. The merchants further claimed that he must be of considerable age, revealing how even their parents and grandparents had traded with him. None of the townsfolk knew his true name nor did the hermit discuss anything but business, adding that he had a voice like “sandstorms and radio static”.

The hermit had become the subject of folklore, the merchants offering various theories about his origin. The most popular legend was that the hermit was a warrior-monk from a distant land, either punished by Allah or bound to serve some sorcerer for all eternity. Agents were skeptical of these stories but believed they had evidence of an anomaly nonetheless, though a connection to the disappearances remained undetermined. The hermit was classified as PoI-7603 with their capture deemed a top priority.

Drones were employed to survey the Kunlun Mountains and the land between them and Qiemo. After several weeks without sign of PoI-7603, an individual matching his description was spotted approaching the town. After allowing him to purchase supplies at the bazaar, Foundation operatives followed him at a distance, while a drone observed his movements from above.

PoI-7603 ignored established trails and scaled a vertical cliffside without any apparent equipment. While operatives sought another path, the drone successfully maintained surveillance before losing sight of him at coordinates 37°14' N, 85°45' E. Operatives were delivered to this location via helicopter, discovering a small cave ending with an artificially carved stone wall inscribed with unidentified symbols, hypothesized to be some manner of door. After several failed attempts to open the way, C-4 was strategically adhered to the presumed door and detonated.

The subsequent blast revealed a hollow interior containing a vast temple complex, since classified as SCP-XXXX-A. An example of rock-cut architecture2, the structure exhibits both Hellenic and Indian3 aesthetics. The complex had been carved into the Kunlun Mountains at an elevation of 5978 m between approximately 600-800 CE and appears to have once been capable of housing 250-400 occupants.

SCP-XXXX-A has been divided into the following subsections:

  • SCP-XXXX-A-1: Entrance Hall - Accessible through a cave in the Kunlun Mountains, the only non-anomalous entrance to SCP-XXXX-A. Besides the obvious Hellenic and Indian influences of its architecture, the walls have been carved with symbols associated with Sarkic and Mekhanite iconography.
  • SCP-XXXX-A-2: Athenaeum - Accessible from the entrance hall, the athenaeum contains a vast collection of tomes, scrolls, and clay tablets inscribed with the writings of over 3000 languages.

SCP-XXXX-A is currently inhabited by two entities: PoI-7603 and SCP-XXXX. Most of what is known about the structure, its history, as well as SCP-XXXX, has been willingly divulged to interviewers by PoI-7603, as long as the Foundation respects the following conditions:

  • Information is to be exchanged for information. The Foundation must be forthright when answering the questions of PoI-7603 and they will do the same.
  • All objects save those contained within the Inner Sanctum may be freely studied, granting the Foundation access to a vast library and anomalous artifacts as long as they are never removed from the temple.
  • The Foundation must not interfere in SCP-XXXX’s studies or disturb them in any manner.

These conditions were agreed to following a failed attempt to capture and contain SCP-XXXX which resulted in the immediate self-termination of 18 operatives.

PoI-7603 is a roughly humanoid automaton primarily composed of an alloy consisting of 75-80 percent copper, 15-20 percent zinc, and smaller percentages of nickel, lead and iron - the admixture responsible for their bronze appearance. Mechanically, PoI-7603 appears to function via pneumatics, hydraulics, and intricate clockwork. Their exact power source remains unknown and would likely require the complete dismantlement (and termination) of PoI-7603 in order for it to be studied. Prior to their (compromised4) containment, they disguised their anomalous nature with several layers of fabric (though it is suspected that their abnormal weight and height and general strangeness was enough to ward off others).

PoI-7603 is fully sentient (it is hypothesized that they have retained their original human brain, along with other parts of their nervous system) and prefers to speak and write in Koine Greek5. PoI-7603 refers to itself as "Derdekeas" and has been extensively interviewed, revealing a great deal of information regarding itself, SCP-XXXX, and related subjects.

Dr. Judith Low, Senior Adviser at the Department of History - Religious GoI Threat Analysis, was delivered to the site to oversee research into SCP-XXXX, PoI-7603, and the history of their temple complex. Though technically retired, she was reinstated due to being one of the foremost experts on both Sarkic and Mekhanite religions.