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Mew-ltiverse: This is where we’ll discuss shit when not over IRC.

not_a_seagull: Good thinking. I’ll pen down an idea here.

My idea is: Eric makes some kind of “mind control” helmet or something along those lines. He ends up making a few of them, and one falls into the Maxwellist’s hands. They realize that they can use this in such a way that allows them to project their minds onto the internet. They begin doing this, but after a while they’re noticed by the public, causing some panic and some Foundation intervention.


Mew-ltiverse: I’m thinking the helmet should have been made with a different intention, but the Maxwellists realized what they could do with it and swiped it. Eric is a child, so he’d probably not A. Make it, and B. Need a mind control helmet. So maybe the He has it with a different intention?

not_a_seagull: I was thinking of something like a bike helmet that makes you more suggestive when you wear it. Maybe he originally made it to make his friends help him with painting a fence or something?

My idea was that Eric eventually finds out, and helps the Maxwellists at first. But then, it eventually gets out of control, and he tries to stop it. However, in a plot twist, some external element stops it instead when he fails.

(Sorry if I’m not active, my internet connection will be spotty until Wednesday)

Mew-ltiverse: God you did better than me
I’ll still do some writing, and you can fix it up as I go that sound good

not_a_seagull: Feel free to! Pen down as much as you can. Try finishing the log; I'll correct it later on. Don't worry about fucking up the HTML, I can fix it.

Speaking of which, plugged up the doc with some basic HTML. Feel free to ask if you have any HTML questions.

Mew-ltiverse: I hope I’m doing enough. I plan on taking the charge on the take, but I don’t wanna start it till the SCP is nearing completion so I have a base of work.

So I’m having trouble working in the internet virus thing. Maybe you could write the second doc, and I’ll write the third and fourth? You’ll probably be editing those a bit but yeah aha. I might start on the fourth one soon, but I’ll wait till you finish the second to start on the third. I’ve been having a bunch of trouble brainstorming for the second doc, I’ve been trying all day, aha.

I see you’ve taken care of it, and the coding. Thanks!

K so I’m going to do the third and fourth today (Wednesday) if I get a chance. I really wanna do those two so I’ll try my hardest to get it done quickly. I wanna feel like I’m contributing.

not_a_seagull: Sure, go ahead! :-) I'll fix it up as you go

I finished the first and second docs. I'm also adding a doc between the third and fourth, as an "incident log log" of sorts to just put some random testing (worldbuilding!). By the way, I kind of intended for the third doc to be with some random -1 instance off of the internet; the main takeaway was that it's not just skilled Maxwellists probing the internet (although feel free to take the log to any place you like)

Speaking of which, here's a quick guide to HTML:





<blockquote>The "quote" (>) thing</blockquote>

Also, you're contributing plenty. Don't sweat it.

Mew-ltiverse: Ahh thanks, I’ve been busy but I do wanna make sure I’m contributing, so that’s good to hear. :)

Thanks for the guide, it’s helpful:)

And yeah as we discussed in IRC I’ll be fixing up the third log!

Oh btw I asked Procy and he said the video I was talking about was okay to use! This is the closest I could find aha. I’ve got a back up, but tbh this one is better. The video. This is the pixaby page, I’ve got the Wikimedia page link too if you need. :)

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