Team "Mikasa"

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Team Mikasa: stormbreathstormbreath (captain), DrChandraDrChandra, DrCarollDrCaroll, StallmanticStallmantic


  • DrCarollDrCaroll responsible for creation of required SCP article;
  • stormbreathstormbreath responsible for creation of Fifthist GoI format;
  • DrChandraDrChandra responsible for creation of SH GoI format;
  • StallmanticStallmantic responsible for IJAMEA tale;
  • stormbreathstormbreath responsible for Hy-Brasil tale.


Each entry must be posted by its primary author. Collaborative entries between teammates are encouraged but each author must contribute at least one (1) entry which was mainly written by them.

Some possible ideas:

  • The universe that got trashed was one in which the Foundation broke into Heaven and pissed off the angels. Unfortunately, the angels weren't the ones we imagine when we hear that word. They were all Crocosquids. So the angels got God to flood the Earth so they would start again, but that's when IJAMEA starting breaking into the universe in an attempt to research more about the angels because of Japanese mythology. Also, the Heaven in question is related to the Fifthists.

GoI formats:
- Fifthist documentation and/or song (would be more fun to make tbh -DrCaroll) recovered from the destroyed world (I can write music, I'll see if I can work on that. Best case scenario I can even get audio on it with my band -Stallmantic)
- Serpent's Hand article talking about the Fifthist Heaven

- Somebody exploring the ruined universe (kinda like the MC&D, Chandra's idea)(I'll claim -Stallmantic)