SCP-1 - the radio tower -

GoI format, Serpent's Hand listing for the monster -

SCP Article 1: Ritual/Device/Process that causes all humans on earth to fall asleep/become unconscious

SCP Article 2: Extradimensional monster that can only manifest while all humans are asleep.

GoI Format: Cult that worships extradimensional monster as a god, seeks to use SCP-1 to allow it entry into the world. Document goes into details on this

Tale Ideas: How to get the ISS crew to sleep / Cultist Insomnia Treatment Centres

Scenario Name:
Cult Name: Velum Somnum
Summoned THINGER name:

[22:07:09] <Hexaplops> well really that is one of the questions, what is the cult getting out of this?
[22:08:37] <Hexaplops> they have to sleep through the whole thing too
[22:08:43] <GUFFO> maybe they're the only ones that will wake up
[22:14:07] <Icepick> My thought was, yeah
[22:14:08] <Icepick> taht
[22:14:35] <Icepick> they think they are the ones that are going to wake up and live in this new utopian dream world plaec run by their god
[22:19:01] <Hexaplops> What they don’t count on is that everyone who dies are the lucky ones
[22:19:20] <Hexaplops> because the people who survive don’t ever get to sleep again
[22:19:35] <Hexaplops> and it’s not because the god does anything special to make that okay
[22:19:51] <Icepick> yeah thats good
[22:20:07] <Hexaplops> it’s like… you either die in the initial thing or you basically die by not sleeping over the next 11 days or so
[22:20:27] <Hexaplops> hallucinating and going mad, your immune system packing in. The ones who died were lucky.