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A photograph taken by one of the Junior researchers

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class. Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone with a radius of 50 kilometers around the approximate location of SCP-XXXX is to be monitored at all times. The use of satellite imaging, manned and unmanned aircraft flyovers and thermal imaging are authorised for surveillance operations, and flyovers should be performed on a daily basis within this zone. Personnel lacking proper clearance and civilians found in the vicinity of the exclusion zone around SCP-XXXX are to be apprehended, interrogated and administered Class-C Amnestics immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a lush, vegetation filled grove in the middle of the Iraqi desert, approximately ███ kilometers from Baghdad City, Iraq; within a 50km radius of the co-ordinates ██.██████"N, ██.██████"E. A small clear stream runs through the middle of the grove. Flowers of all varieties and colors litter the grass that carpets the area. In the approximate centre of the grove is a Tamarind tree. With the exception of grass, no vegetation grows within 25 meters of the tree. The tree is laden with sweet-smelling fruit, but animals and even insects appear to avoid the clearing. Contrary to this, several shreds of discarded skin from an unidentified species of snake have been found in the branches of the tree1.

Upon entering SCP-XXXX subjects report feelings of extreme calm and peace. SCP-XXXX also appears to render any and all forms of injury harmless – though only while the injured subject is within the grove (see Addendum A). The grove covers an area of approximately 30,000 square meters2 and bears remarkable similarities to forested regions of Western Europe, although the diversity of flora and fauna suggest otherwise. The pacifying phenomena extends to the non-sentient inhabitants of SPC-XXXX as well.

A large variety of mammalian and avian species occupy the grove, including most domesticated animal species. Many of the species are not endemic to the area, while a few others have not been described living elsewhere on Earth. Likewise, a large proportion of the flora within SCP-XXXX is comprised of cultivated fruit-bearing and vegetable growing species. Each specimen grows abundant fruits and vegetables year-round, and appear to suffer no ill effects from heavy or complete harvesting. Fruits or vegetables harvested from plants within SCP-XXXX are typically replaced by new growth within 3 hours.

SCP-XXXX is impossible to locate by any means except by travelling via land. Compasses and GPS give incorrect readings within the exclusion zone around SCP-XXXX and electronic surveillance of the region show no detectable signs of SCP-XXXX despite it's size. Persons venturing either by foot or by land-based vehicle into the area around SCP-XXXX will inevitably stumble upon the phenomena. Those who encounter SCP-XXXX typically do not know they are approaching the phenomena until it appears right in front of them.

Any person leaving SCP-XXXX finds it impossible to re-locate it even if they remember its exact location3

Addendum: XXXX-1

Researcher's Note: Local rumours suggest that even terminal illnesses are affected by this phenomena. While it appears to suppress physical manifestations of injuries and illnesses, it does not appear to actually cure or heal them. Further experimentation recommended.

- Researcher R. Parks, Department of Anthropology

Researcher's Note: Today, we had a D-Class subject designated D-4562 eat a piece of fruit from the Tamarind tree in the centre of SCP-XXXX. After consuming the fruit, the subject showed no signs of ill effects, merely commenting that the fruit was “Delicious, despite the fact that I dislike fruit”. After several hours, the subject indicated a desire to leave SCP-XXXX. A short time after this, subject D-4562 attempted to act upon this desire. When the subject was prevented from doing so, they calmly explained that they needed to leave as they had no reason to remain within SCP-XXXX and that their reason for existence lay in the outside world. To further the experiment, subject D-4562 was escorted from SCP-XXXX and, once outside, expressed no remorse for leaving and even commented about 'relishing the challenges that lay ahead of them in the future'. Subject D-4562 has since been administered Class-A Amnestics and reassigned.

- Dr. Stephen Uris

Notes: Further testing with additional D-Class personnel and potentially on the animals present in the grove has been submitted and is pending approval by the O5 council.

Addendum XXXX-2: Testing Logs

Dr. Uris' request for further experimentation on the Tamarind tree, more specifically the fruits growing on the tree, have been approved by the O5 council. Attached to this addendum is a copy of the testing log subsequently submitted by Dr. Uris, as well as any additional notes he has submitted.

Test Subject: A specimen of European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), male, age unknown

Procedure: D-class personnel designation D-2018 was instructed to corral the subject towards the Tamarind tree in order to have it consume a piece of fruit from the tree.

Result: The subject complied until it reached the edge of the clearing, where it turned and moved along perimeter of said clearing, straying no closer than 20 meters from the tree. D-class personnel designations D-0240 and D-1069 were brought in to assist D-2018 to no avail. Result inconclusive.

Test Subject: A specimen of European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), male, age unknown

Procedure: D-class personnel designated D-2018 was instructed, with the assistance of D-class personnel designated D-0240 and D-1069, to capture a specimen of Oryctolagus and bring it to a research station where it (the subject) was placed into secure containment in the form of a wire cage. A specimen of fruit from the Tree was also placed into this cage and left for the subject to consume.

Results: After several hours in the cage, the subject ate the fruit. Unlike the previous test undertaken with D-Class personnel, the subject showed almost immediate reaction to the fruit. It appeared to display signs of shameful behavior, which has not been indicated by animal behavioral experts as an emotion typically displayed by members of the subject's species. The subject shied away from the fruit it had been eating and refused to move past the fruit by itself, additionally making excessive attempts to keep its genitalia hidden. The subject was monitored for additional ill effects before being released back into the Grove where it segregated itself from the rest of its kind and keeps its distance from them.

Researcher's note: The little guy seems rather ashamed of his actions, almost as if he knows he did something wrong. It's been several hours and he won't even look me in the eye. I feel kind of guilty for what he must be going through.

-Dr. Stephen Uris

Addendum XXXX-3: SCP-073

As part of routine security protocols, SCP-073 was provided with a copy of SCP-XXXX for memorisation. SCP-073 expressed that this was unnecessary, explaining that they are already familiar with the location of SCP-XXXX, and the anomalous properties it displays. When asked if he would be able to lead a team back to the area, he politely offered a refusal, stating that "as much as I would love to return, I am no longer welcome there."

SCP-073 refused to elaborate further at the time, eventually being persuaded to write a description of SCP-XXXX.

"The grove is ancient. Sacred. Special. I remember a time when I could walk beneath the trees there. Run my hands through the willows, and climb the sturdy branches of the oak. I could eat peaches and apples until my belly was full to bursting, and swim for hours in the stream. The fields bloom endlessly with orchids, roses, lilies, petunias, and poppies, in every color of the rainbow. Until one day they did not. I could not walk the grove without bringing my curse upon the flowers, turning the vibrant reds, yellows and greens to grey. I wept, for I was no longer welcome there; the Grove turned me away, perhaps as part of my punishment… or to protect itself. I can no longer enter the Grove, touch or smell the flowers my mother so dearly loved… only stand at its perimeter and weep for memories long past… "

"I remember she loved the lilies most."