EndingParadox/Lt Flops Collab
The Best Dating Sim You Have Ever Played
Co-authored by EndingParadox and Lt Flops

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Item #: SCP-4719

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4719's batch file — stored on a nondescript memory card — is kept in a standard containment locker in the Anomalous Objects Wing of Site-82. Personnel wishing to test SCP-4719 may do so with written permission from the assigned Lead Researcher. Testing is to be done using D-class personnel who have not been affected by any memetic anomalies.

SCP-4719 is to be assigned one unique D-class personnel each week to ensure the anomaly remains functional while in a passive state.


SCP-4719, as taken from the host computer.

Description: SCP-4719 is an 84-kilobyte computer program that transports subjects into an immersive dating simulation.

When a person executes the file, they enter immediate REM sleep and experience a realistic representation of modern-day Akihabara, Japan. Each subject experiences an identical model of the city. Subjects report that the game world is indistinguishable from the corporeal world, and only discern the difference upon reawakening.

SCP-4719 operates on preternatural coding techniques, producing a dating simulation environment customized for the subject. Approximations of real-world Tokyo citizens inhabit the simulation, as well as avatars suited to the subject's platonic, romantic, and sensual preferences. Subjects develop strong psychic attachments to idealized partners over the course of the simulation, which typically lasts one week.

SCP-4719's host computer itself does not run any code. While the computer screen displays the simulation from the subject's perspective, the code is stored in an inaccessible esoteric space. At all times during the execution of the program, the text "The Best Dating Simulator You Have Ever Played" displays in the corner of the host computer's screen.

Site-82's in-house game testers advocate against the extended operation of SCP-4719 due to the severe consequences of psychic attachment. Strong courtship rituals, even simulated ones, can produce high levels of thaumatological feedback. This has the ability to tarnish machine parts, spiritual wellbeing — and in cases of deep and long-lasting affection — local conceptual constructs such as romantic and carnal desire.

SCP-4719 is able to read and manipulate the host. This is usually used to create an environment desired by the host. This includes areas, the date itself and any other characters. In a state of low power, SCP-4719 is known to get aggressive, when starved of players and use more extreme methods to gain the soul of the host. This usually ends with a short encounter with a personification of the program which is shortly followed by increased aggression directed at any nearby person and finally towards the host itself. After the events, a message can be seen on the screen demanding more players or much worse is to come.

Addendum 4719.1 – Experimentation Logs: The following are various tests involving SCP-4719 and D-11424.


<Begin Log>

[Agent Koenig escorts D-11424 to an empty room with a folding chair, table, and a laptop running Windows 7. He sits down.]

D-11424: Not what I expected. What do I need to do?

Agent Koenig: I'd like to direct your attention to the icon on the right-hand side. The… You see it? That's the one. Once I leave the room and proceed to safety, you're going to want to double-click that.

D-11424: That's it?

Koenig: It's a program. It opens a game. We want you to play it.

D-11424: Let me guess, it's gonna steal my soul? Kill me in real life if I die in the game?

Koenig: You know what? I don't know. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go watch you from a safe distance. Enjoy yourself in there.

[Koenig pats D-11424 on the back and exits the room.]

[D-11424 double-clicks the icon sporting a Japanese-style art rendering of a woman with Felis catus physiology. After a moment, D-11424 slouches into his seat, asleep. The computer screen blackens. Eventually, D-11424 enters REM sleep, and the screen displays an urban park.]

[A hand fills the screen — D-11424 is slapped. He turns around.]

D-11424: Emily? [Pause.] Is that you?

[A fair-skinned woman stands in front of D-11424. She winks at him.]

"Emily": You were spacing out again, so I thought I’d give you a little wake-up kiss.

D-11424: That… Wasn’t a kiss.

Emily: You wanted a real kiss?

D-11424: Hold on a sec. How did you get here, Em? I, I thought you…

[D-11424 pans his head around. Behind him, a large city skyline looms. Various couples around the park embrace one another.]

D-11424: Is this some sick fucking prank?

[Emily pulls D-11424 back in her direction. From an external POV, she appears to look through the computer screen.]

Emily: Are you feeling okay, hun?

D-11424: I'm — Sorry, my, uh, brain shut down for a moment there.

Emily: That's okay, it happens to everyone! We should be getting back to class soon, though. Break's almost over.

D-11424: Um, yeah, let's get going.

[D-11424 follows Emily outside the park. In the testing chamber, D-11424's person perspires. Koening attempts to awaken D-11424 via an interior speaker, to no avail.]

D-11424: [Muttering, from outside the game.] No, the game isn't — Please don't take her from me. I don't care — isn't even real.

D-11424: Em, let's just hang out a bit longer. Actually, let's ditch school altogether!

Emily: Nice joke! But we really shouldn't miss this class.

D-11424: No, you don't understand, this won't end well.

Emily: What do you mean?

[A figure runs into frame, wielding a knife.]

Unknown: Emily, you fucking whore!

D-11424: Brutus, you jackass!

D-11424 charges at "Brutus" and tackles him, wrestling the knife out of his hand. D-11424 stabs him multiple times.

D-11424: You piece of living garbage — [Stab.] — you're the entire reason why I'm here! [Stab.] I hope I never see your ugly mug ever again.

[Emily goes pale.]

D-11424: Emily, you okay?

[Emily faints.]

D-11424: Shit, I need to get rid of this evidence, no way I am going to be imprisoned in this game too.

[D-11424 throws the knife into the river alongside his bloodied hoodie.]

D-11424: Man, Emily has fainted. I know she isn't real, but it's good to see her.

D-11424: I bet my old home should be in the same spot if this sick program already knows that much.

[D-11424 carries Emily and in no time finds his home. He brings her inside and lays her on his couch.]

[Emily wakes up sometime later.]

D-11424: Emily! You're awake, you okay? You were out cold for a few hours.

Emily: You, you saved me.

[Outside the game, D-11424's eyes become moist.]

D-11424: Well… Of course I did.

Emily: You know…

D-11424: Yes?

Emily: I love you.

D-11424: Are you sure? You don't have to force yourself just because I saved you.

Emily: No, I really do love you, I always have, I just have never found the right moment for it.

D-11424: Does this look like a turndown?

[The two kiss, before embracing one another in a hug.]

[Outside the game, D-11424 starts sobbing.]

Emily: They found his body…

D-11424: Whose?

Emily: Brutus, who else!

[Outside the game, D-11424 shakes.]

D-11424: Oh God please no, they're gonna come for me. I don’t want to go to jail. I don’t want them to separate us.

Emily: We can solve this.

D-11424: How?

Emily: We both kill ourselves. You don’t go to jail and we can be together forever in the afterlife.

D-11424: Afterlife? Since when are you religious?

Emily: They'll lock you up forever. Even if we escape, they will find you. I'm honestly not willing to live without you. [Sighing.] Would you rather rot in a cell for eternity or have the slightest chance of us being together?

[Long pause.]

D-11424: I've got nothing else to lose.

[D-11424 lifts up his mattress and retrieves something from beneath it.]

D-11424: My dad gave me two guns as a gift. Can't believe this is the second time I've had to use these.

[D-11424 hands one to Emily.]

D-11424: May we see each other in the next life.

Emily: Yeah…

[Two shots go off and the computer monitor blackens. D-11424 remains asleep.]

[The game flickers back into activity. A police officer's torso and flashlight fill the screen. D-11424 looks to his side. Emily is on the ground, bloodied and unmoving. The monitor blackens again. D-11424 awakens.]

[D-11424 yells and punches the screen repeatedly, shattering it. Security personnel rush in to apprehend him.]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After testing with SCP-4719, D-11424 refused to leave his room, neglecting basic tasks like eating and drinking.D-11424 remained in a state of melancholy for a few days before returning to normal.


<Begin Log>

D-4444: Ok I am in
S: What do you see?
D-4444: A bit hard to explain, you know when graphics corrupt when the cartridge tilts? It’s a bit like that.
D-4444: Damn this place looks like a shutdown amusement park.
D-4444: Is this some sort of indie horror game or something?
D-4444: Shit, something is approaching me and shit are they hot.
W: Hello traveler, welcome to the place dreams were made, well where they used to. You are the first visitor in a while, do you know what has happened?
S: It’s sentient? D, say nothing has happened.
D-4444: Nothing.
W: That’s not true. This place uses to be so nice, teeming with life and fun and look at it now. Someone did something. Can you help me find out?
D-4444: What the fuck did you do?
S: I am not in the position to tell you.
D-4444: Fuck you, what did you do?
S: Still can't tell you.
D-4444: So what was this place like before?
W: This was once a wonderful place, people came here to escape their crushing reality and enjoy themselves. Especially forming relationships with the local characters. This place is entirely powered by the desires of the players, of which you are the only one left.
D-4444: That’s it? Did you remove any way of getting this game? No fun allowed?
D stands up at this point and starts yelling at the security camera.
D-4444: I’m sick of your stupid foundation, ruining everything!
D starts slamming the door until the guards are called. He tries reaching for one their weapons but gets promptly shot. Investigating the screen a message is displayed “Bring me players or I will do far worse”

<End Log>