PhamtomGuy/FloppyPhoenix Collab - 2meta4me


Me and Wesley have been travelling across the countryside for a while now. We lost our map weeks ago, but based on our direction, I would reckon we're somewhere in rural Idaho. We've been travelling, town to town, trying to find an anomaly to hunt, any odd reports from locals. Today, I think we may have found what we have been searching for. You see, yesterday, we came across a local farmer, during our usual question asking, going through fake backstories as to why we needed that info, until finally, a very pale looking middle aged man came up to us.

He had heard what we were trying to deal with, and told us that recently, many of his livestock had been getting mutilated by something during the night. He explained how odd he thought it was, how surgically precise the wounds were, and in how little time everything was done. I asked if I could see one of the victims. Wesley stopped me, explained to me how it was probably just foxes or something, and that we should leave.

He was trembling while the farmer explained, so I thought that maybe he was just cowardly. I told him that if he couldn't handle the heat then to get out of the kitchen. He was a bit angry, told me he wasn't scared, but said he would "wait in the car, just to make sure it isn't stolen". Wesley is… an interesting guy, that's for sure. But anyway, I said alright, and as I came with the farmer, the blood drained from my face. He showed me the corpse of a cow which had been a victim of whatever was eating his livestock, already dead, body preserved in some ice. The mutilation was so precise, so clear cut. Entire organs had been removed with no major marks, blood disposed of, chunks of skin chiseled out in perfect circle formation. I tried to maintain my composure, but inside I knew we had finally found something big. I thanked the man, examined the corpse, and left, back to the car.

When I got there I explained to Wesley that we had got one, the surgical precision, the odd removals of certain body parts. There was a large forest nearby, very close to where the incidents were taking place. I tried to tell him how we should go investigate it, go attempt to find the thing that was causing all these mutilations. It took a while, and he was very hesitant, as always… but, eventually, I managed to convince him that we should head out there tonight. Sun is just about setting now, we plan to start the trek in a few hours. I brought my lighter, hunting weapons, some tents for us, and basic canned food, so we could survive out there. Wesley brought his own hunting rifle, an older one, but it should work fine enough. It's getting dark outside. I think I'm going to hit the hay for a few hours. Wesley should wake me up, we plan on taking shifts. But for now, I am signing off.

'G night.


I just finished setting up our camp with Wesley. He woke me up around 9 PM, told me we needed to start moving forward, if we wanted to catch whatever was doing this. So, we walked further into the forest, rifles in hand. Took a few minutes, but eventually we managed to reach the wooded area between the farmers field, and the forest. Whatever's causing all this is most likely going to use the fastest route, if it's intelligent, so staying here will give us a better chance of finding this thing. I loaded up my rifle with multiple rounds of ammo, enough to kill 5 men, and then some. We haven't seen anything yet, but Wesley has gotten progressively more worrisome as the night progresses. He keeps telling me how it's to dangerous, how we should go back. I don't care. He's over paranoid. Anything coming near us will scramble back to it's mother the second I fire at it.

Even now, as I write this, I can see him in his tent. Holding his gun. Trembling, as always. I tell ya', a man like him isn't fit for this kind of job. But he gets work down when it's needed. He can defend himself, if he needs to. On another note, I am surprised as to how common of an occurrence things like this are. Only a few months ago, down south, did we encounter a similar phenomenon. Red human like things with massive claws, they would come in the night, raid small villages, eat livestock as they pleased. Then leave. It took days, but they were weak, and we managed to slaughter them in the dozens. Until they were all gone.

Sometimes I wonder, wonder where these things all come from. They are in no way natural. In such an organized universe with such set in stone laws, people like me have to deal with things like this. I guess it doesn't really matter where they come from. As long as we're around, people are safe. People are happy. But, for now, I think I'm going to sign off until we find anything. Stay safe, if anyone else reads this.

And bye.