A Not-So Imaginary Friend!

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Artist's depiction of SCP-X, based on the reports of three SCP-X-1 instances.

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Omega-76 "Neighbourhood Watch" is to investigate any subjects who show signs of being SCP-X-1 instances.

Once SCP-X's presence is confirmed, MTF Beta-23 ''Rare Venture'' is to be dispatched to its present residence and detain it with pressure sensors and laser detectors. The current SCP-X-1 instance is to undergo psychological treatment and be returned to its home, after the full administration of Class-B amnestics to both it and its family members.

SCP-X is to be placed in a specialized containment cell to ensure its presence at Site-127, up until a X-A "Bloom" Event.

Description: SCP-X is a Megascops kennicottii1 with elongated femur, tibiotarus and fibula bones, standing at 1.3 meters tall. SCP-X is completely transparent when perceived by post-pubescent individuals, and will randomly select and become emotionally attached to a random subject that is capable of perceiving it, henceforth SCP-X-1.

Children are capable of viewing SCP-X from birth up until early puberty (typically between the ages of 6-8); these individuals may view SCP-X physically, digitally and photographically. Memories of SCP-X may be retained after losing the ability to see it. Once adrenarche of the current SCP-X-1 instance occurs, SCP-X will undergo an X-A "Bloom" Event, resulting in the following:

  • SCP-X will rapidly expel air from its orifices
  • Rapidly lose mass
  • Involuntarily ricochet around the room until it disappears from view entirely
  • Spontaneously remanifest in the presence of a new SCP-X-1 individual.

Addendum X-1: