Project Palisade Test Log
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This document is an "executive summary" partial test log for Project Palisade.

Current number of viable variant clusters is 0.

Current number of variant clusters targeted for destruction is 0.

Format is as follows:

  • Designation: Shield Timeline Designation.
  • Description: Shield Timeline Description.
  • Attraction Method:
    • Sub-Reality Focal Items: Include item/s used to affect sub-realities, if applicable.
  • Significant Variations: Any significant overall variations enacted. Also list any accidental/naturally-occurring variations.
    • Key Variants: (If any. Key Variants are always SCP items or major non-SCP Anomalous Items.)
  • Current Status: Usually "Collaborating", "Destroyed", "Unresolved", "Monitored", or "Other"
  • Notes:

Full archive test logs for Project Palisade may be requested from administration.

  • Designation: 001-UC5-RX0
  • Description: One of numerous identical initial test runs of Project Palisade.
  • Attraction Method: Techno-ritual devised via collaboration with Esoteric Containment Specialists. Generic sigils used, with emphasis on blood sacrifice. Non-organic ritual components performed exclusively through computer data files.
    • Sub-Reality Focal Items: An urn filled with dirt. Both urn and dirt originate from original shield timeline.
  • Significant Variations: As this was a proof of concept of Project Palisade, no significant variation was made, aside from the single baseline key variant.
    • Key Variants: SCP-173 (no changes made, baseline only)
  • Current Status: Destroyed.
  • Notes: Not all variations of this test run have been destroyed, and are considered potential backups in case of emergency.

  • Designation: 1K0-M55-W17
  • Description: Initial run of variant class 1K0
  • Collaborators: None.
  • Attraction Method: Genetically engineered biofilms introduced into population of New York City, USA. Biofilms induced hypnagogic state in roughly 10% of infected individuals. Esoteric Containment Specialist utilized resultant mass psychic potential as beacon.
    • Sub-Reality Focal Items: Corpse of D-55432 from Fencepost T14-LLD-540, infected with the biofilm.
  • Significant Variations: Variant has significantly fewer identified SCP Items, and SCP-1000 is an estimated 500 years closer to inducing an SK-class dominance shift than in mainline.
    • Key Variants: SCP-103: Replacement of existing minimum-threat SCP of unknown origin with variant with known biological cause of moderate threat level.
  • Current Status: Monitored
  • Notes: Rate of reality decay is increasing, but total collapse has not yet occurred.

  • Designation: RK0-10Q-R30
  • Description: Experimenting with direct alterations to world history, centering around present-day effects on the SCP Foundation. Team of 350 collaborators, seeded throughout timeline to perform reality shifts where appropriate to tweak results.
  • Attraction Method: Standard techno-ritual system.
    • Sub-Reality Focal Items: Corpses of newly altered SCP-1000 and SCP-1111 instances.
  • Significant Variations: Massive world history changes due to alterations to Key Variants. Reality shifts ensure basic consistency of present day of timeline with mainline reality.
    • Key Variants: SCP-1000 altered to "White Dog", currently SCP-1111. SCP-1111 altered to "Bigfoot".
  • Current Status: Destroyed
  • Notes: Similar experiments carried out over several thousand fenceposts, reversing key variant SCPs to observe effects on timeline.

  • Designation: MT1-9PS-339
  • Description: 223rd run of designate class devoted to alteration of technology bases/emphasis, in order to determine if more effective containment procedures for THE WORM can be developed. 195 collaborators seeded throughout timeline from 1600 CE to present day, to impede/destroy key technological breakthroughs/developments.
  • Attraction Method: Modified techno-ritual system due to variations in local technology level, specifically lack of electronics. Computations performed using subjects acquired from the Cogwork Orthodox Church, the only extant branch of the Church of the Broken God.
    • Sub-Reality Focal Items: 12 kg of SCP-217 infected dirt originating from Fencepost MKX-LLC-09M, natural child of Collaborator Melissa Hargrove and native male.
  • Significant Variations: Successful alteration of technology base, resulting in dependence on purely mechanical means of producing useful work.
    • Key Variants: SCP-993 recovered during Industrial Revolution rather than 20th century, SCP-217 altered to be less infectious and slower acting
  • Current Status: Collaborating
  • Notes: Initial expectations were that technology base would stagnate at level of Industrial Revolution. Instead, great strides were made involving miniaturization and biochemical development. Effective technology effect level is approximately that of 1950's mainline reality, utilizing exclusively mechanical means.

  • Designation: XQ0-503-856
  • Description: "Mirror invasion." Test run of significantly increased collaborator presence. 350 mirror agents were able to destabilize present Foundation of equivalent tech level in record time.
  • Attraction Method: Standard rituals "super-sized" using increased collaborator count.
    • Sub-Reality Focal Items: Corpses of native "mirrors" of collaborators.
  • Significant Variations: None. Identical to mainline reality except for (as always) presence of Project Palisade and standard alterations.
    • Key Variants: None
  • Current Status: Destroyed
  • Notes: Success of mission appears very high, though efficacy of evaluating "THE WORM" still being evaluated. Depending on results, may accelerate this direction in the future.

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