Ralliston-to-English Dictionary
does that mean you eat friends through licking too
fries * *
FRIES * * *

RallistonRalliston is fluent in two languages: Polish, and Rallistonese. Rallistonese resembles English, and many of its words are merely one or two characters off their English counterparts. Others, however, vary wildly and the connection between them is often unclear and sometimes completely inscrutable.

This is a partial documentation of the more esoteric terms in Ralliston's constructed language.

Gibberish he typed Real words he probably meant
able name
acixdnetalt accidentally
adding hassling
adertiser salesman
age are
ahir shit/shut
aklrught alright
aleana AelannaAelanna
ambarasment embarrassment
andicke milk
antönende antimeme
any good my god
applogizs apologize
arupid stupid
armit armpit
artism artistry
arty ole article
ashy is psychos
Audrey suddenly
auspreisend surprised
AWhatnt thick what the fuck
a random say A Random DayA Random Day
a ransom dsy A Random DayA Random Day
Baron how BaronjoeBaronjoe
bame name
bewirft beauty
be CA use because
be dude because
black autism iv Black Autumn IV
btich bitch
bourse horse
brithertab brother
BS DarkStuffDarkStuff
bulging of yoy hete bullying of you here
but author big author
bunk think
b Elena to mean
call loot call-out
call spit call-out
cawboy cowboy
Chan gee d changed
concent content
concept context
concerto concept
Corrected-7 corrected
Council I Süd consciousness
crest great
crmmod9jgn good morning
cronbau crom au
cock cook
Cody less cordless
cordless costsless
costsless priceless
coll could
collage collab
concostent consistent
conesour connoisseur
consitant consistent
contained consume
corn CROM.aic
cuberswyd cybersqydcybersqyd
dad sad
Daktstfuff DarkStuffDarkStuff
destricting disturbing
discionary dictionary
distrusting disturbing
diffused surprised
daffy I meme draft I mean
diregarf disregard
discordf Discord
ducking fucking
dvogodos good
drakes ur g DarkStuffDarkStuff
drying dying
Elise episode
Eloji Emoji
Eluded RounderhouseRounderhouse
entkernen antimeme
evbarassong embarrassing
every DrEverettMannDrEverettMann
excessive exercise
Excwstlu exactly
expertise excessive
ezciisnintl Exceedingly
facists fascists
faddists fascists
fail wate of Tom total waste of time
fair lc m fairly
falling calling
fart fairly
fear hear
ficitonal fictional
fish dish
fiucking fucking
fondation Foundation
fritters critters
fuck toy fuck you
fun fuck
FUXK fuck
gal I g talking
gebete there
GOC god
godbibisitvrealixed god I just realized
Gödel goddess
Goethe each other's
gorier you're
go .lc
gos god
got god
Gravity Suit Mr. Cuddles
Greenwood GreenWolfGreenWolf
guckers fuckers
GURRY furry
Harryl HarryBlankHarryBlank
Harrylvabk HarryBlankHarryBlank
hrhesyvlanj HarryBlankHarryBlank
HRry HarryBlankHarryBlank
hatw hate
HatryBlank HarryBlankHarryBlank
hat3e hate
have hate
hear heart
help hell
He readingl harassing
hiehertab brithertab (see above)
higher taller
hin hub
hippos The Great HippoThe Great Hippo
holt shiyt holy shit
host lost not post
hot not
hollow The Great HippoThe Great Hippo
homothicc homophobic
hounds sounds
House& RounderhouseRounderhouse
humants humans
hust just
iCloud Euclid
idiky idiot
ids is
Ikke RounderhouseRounderhouse
interesting the d interested
intetesye interested
int eh whake in the chat
in exist I've initiative
It Bing nothing
i'd irs a profile if it's a problem
I'm hee pepfilershye on her profile
isea idea
jadkcal JackalRelatedJackalRelated
JakdagonX JakdragonXJakdragonX
jeher hehehe
Jesus cgeist Jesus Christ
Jews jeez
jnlsss unless
joner boner
jostiu just
Kaktus erde kaktusverse
kidding missing
kigma dogma
kilk milk
kiss miss
kissing missing
knownibwoudktn know wouldn't
kogma dogma
kolk milk
kurderius fegie murderous regime
lidded pissed
lied realized
life luge [editor's note: yes, seriously]
like kick
likle like
losing posting
loss of piss off
losses pissed
mad Erbe made the
makfusvwrse kaktusverse
maracbre macabre
medical medical
medical medical
medical medival
medival medieval
memeveeyoen everyone
micrphone microphone
Mifepristone regimehahi murderous regime
minecrtat Minecraft
minets minutes
modicum ModulumModulum
mom's milk Mind Milk
morning morning
morning nothing
monetär monster
money's moments
moyhercucker motherfucker
moyhercuckers motherfucker (plural)
muhh vu much
Musial hender musical gender
musician genderlsjnv Musial hender (see above)
nachzufinanzierende macguffin
nad bad
natolianist nationalist
nature maturity
nautrzalied neutralized
neucance nuance
never@kmd nevermind
nice much
nietetest es interested
Nobel normal
noit not
NoS No
onsultimg insulting
oen one
oit out
oj oh
Ökonomen people
on her pepfile on her profile
outl out
ovoosult obviously
ow know
owerweight overweight
padbdemic pandemic
pain Paint.net
pantipticon panopticon
patiency patience
Pelshsteaa please
permamently permanently
perticular particular
Pissing Angela Weeping Angels
pferdedecke predecessor
predecesot predecessor
pit h idea
pisze is
plejg PlaguePJPPlaguePJP
plokish vranch Polish branch
pod ye s posted
pribably probably
prnounce pronounce
prnsrn print screen
psyhco psycho
pTawtatxbabdbtird Parawatch
plcaholder Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD
pope tent moment
pot pog
pushy o psycho
pynch punch, lynch or both? mystery of the age
racist fascists
rad read
RALLISTONEĘ RallistonRalliston
Rallistoneese Rallistonese
reassure toon Resurrection
reduse refuse
red direction Resurrection
repeadetly repeatedly
repearedlyu repeatedly
reposted changed URL
reslity sing Reality sink
river ever
Rom CROM.aic
rounderhpuse RounderhouseRounderhouse
rfuckyou fuck you
satyfying satisfying
say our stand out
Seite series
seriosulu seriously
Sensixa sensible(?)
sharing ray shrink ray
shate shape
shit shut
shite shape
should tut shouldn't I
shut shit
silt silly
sever server
sewer server
singlehadedily singlehandedly
slee sleep
slee all skeeball
soariency patiency (see above)
stormbreast stormbreathstormbreath
strecjing stretching
stuoid stupid
sub o chili's subconscious
sulrdised surprised
s'mores emotes
s fyzg-8 stories
s try pi's stupid
tag that
tak yak
tbtiee whole
tfanslTion translation
thigh though
Tilda koose Tilda Moose
tilde loose Tilda Moose
tewet tweet
tebically technically
thechbicly technically
theisizu TeemoDevilTeemoDevil
thinik think
thin in thing
titty nippy
thos this
throwbii thrown
tobwrite to write
toy DysadronDysadron
toy you
to crèches corrected
to sis YossipossiYossipossi
to the and it
Tromp Trump
tupoed typoed
Turks titles
t meimestwly was immediately
twtitter Twitter
typoefd typoed
undergrad underrated
und Tomate lc unfortunate
ungelogen intelligent
uou you
unsatysfying unsatisfying
Vat VaraxousVaraxous
vesifudily beautiful
Wandered Mibesey Wanderer's Library
Weber server
werrylium WerylliumWeryllium
weshh Th u wealthy
WestrinWestrin question
wha't shte oposite what's the opposite
whisk the wouldn't
Why don't you like it lol Do you not like it
wir wait
wir got es downvotes
wohnt I wouldn't
woudltn wouldn't
wreird weird
wirirjes writes
w sense
yeemol TeemoDevilTeemoDevil
yhauamtoegisy thaumaturgist
you*& you
you get my pinky you get my point
yoy you
Yo mewn to mean
Yrump Trump
Lwrs moflm maolwl funm 9fobme
let's not make fun of me*

The following words and phrases represent the JakdragonXese dialect of Rallistonese, as spoken exclusively by JakdragonXJakdragonX.

Gibberish he typed Real words he probably meant
9fobme of me
aborgate abrogate
ahcrennshot screenshot
alajwhata what's
anteater antedate
baopelning happening
barfin Garfing [Jak's like ten, so]
bkuigieor9isw bourgeoisie
bhellv hell
Birther birthday
bookmaklrk bookmark
bozo bonsai
burgarlier burglar
cokesrhs kosher
colonlization colonization
damint damnit
dumv dumb
eitheohtt teeth
fart art
fjck fuck
Forrest forest
funm fun
furry guru
gent vent
gait birthdays happy birthday
godonighoith goodnight
goformrmjfijd good morning
goodmoromooing evevetone good morning everyone
goosmigut goodnight
gpivueles poggers
happwpn8ng happening
Harty HarryBlankHarryBlank
hauury HarryBlankHarryBlank
hilarjsious hilarious
homos homies
hoogoos.oming good morning
Hrwlaclpist? what list?
hyptoheisticallyl aspeakinhg hypothetically speaking
ibcuxent incident
impissivle impossible
inhave have
it sfjckingb it's fucking
jakpp Jakpoo
lile fekt like feet
Lwrs Let's
maolwl make
me the
mindnmill Mind Milk
miseed missed
moflm not
mo no
mom vore MMM vore
named fropped name dropped
not now
np no
ogodo nightl asdveveony good night everyone
okaky okay
P9goeors poggers
pighers poggers
pleaww please
proal;blebl! probably
qhaitj is japppemokm what is happening
qharhsl what's
Rallistob RallistonRalliston
rallistpm RallistonRalliston
REALLG really
remdoinders reminders
screenshit screenshot
send it my awy and I'll tookk at it kater send it my way and I'll look at it later
tehehet teeth
three tell
the big ducks ass the cold sucks ass
tobaject abject
vchomniosss homies
vlackmailes blackmailed
wahtion what in
wehat itin the fuck what in the fuck
whantkhavecicm what have I missed
who Oxnard catch
xollabxon Collabcon
I pod ye s a pTawtatxbabdbtird to the t meimestwlt throwbii of to go