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Post ideas for the art/game/bossfight thingy.
Character descriptions are fine, weapons of choice and abilities too. Type what ya want below the first line for a "group chat".

I am Sir Derpsalot - Calloway
Is this for SCP D&D? Because if so I can make character sheets :) - Someone
Wanna clarify something. Erickson’s not a villain, just a bad person. If held at gunpoint by the CI, he would squeal like a stuck pig. -Erickson
Whoever offered to make the character sheets, I'll try to help -Dross
So is anyone going to make some special rules for this SCP D&D since it’s kinda different from regular D&D? -Dr. Clockworks
Just so you know, I have never played DnD before. -Dross
I’ve never play D&D before neither but I am aware of some of the things (items,spells,rules,classes and races) that are a part of the game -Dr. Clockworks

To the legend who made this template, thank you. -Dross

This is the standard format for researcher descriptions
[Researcher Name]
Researcher Description
Abilities : Name (what it does);

Researcher Dross
Researcher Dross is a thin, medium height researcher with curly brown hair, and used to have glasses. He wears a gray-black jacket, Black jeans with a white shirt, and has a protogen visor attached to his face. An Equilateral pyramid by the name of Henry floats near him, acting as a small defense drone. Researcher Dross's jacket and visor have slots for modules of varying uses.
Abilities : Module Run Researcher Dross runs off to get modifications, returning with a box of 4. All modules are randomized. 10% chance to get an instant kill. Technological Terror After inserting enough mods to fill either the jacket panel or the visor, R. Dross goes into overdrive, dealing double damage and has a 20% to gain the ability to interfere with the environment. Gunslinger Draws a Beretta M9-FS pistol from a holster, and unloads a clip into enemies. **Pyrotechnics* Researcher Dross uses a flamethrower pistol to blowtorch enemies. 15% chance to explode in R. Dross's face.

Researcher Darby
Researcher Darby is a thin, tall, clean shaven, Caucasian, he wears glasses and his natural hair color is brown and he keeps his hair like John Cruise. He can be seen in Standard Lab Gear (Either Lab coat or Hazmat suit) and off duty wears natural colored slacks with bomber jackets. When pressed into combat situations he is armed with standard scientist gear, his time travel watch (He made it a while ago). He also travels with demolitions equipment due to having spent several years blowing stuff up with the MTF.
Abilities : Time warp (goes back in time 1d6 minutes with a 15% chance to fail and get sent back in time far enough to be unable to return immediately); Explosives (Things go boom, in a big way, 5d20 damage, to everything); Miracle (Resurrection); Suicidal Selflessness (Takes killing damage for others with a 10% chance of failure);

Dr. Matism
Dr. Matism is a Semitic man in his mid-40's. He stands at 1.8 meters tall and weighs 86 kilograms. He has long black hair that reaches to the center of his back and has a short beard of about 3 centimeters. He speaks with a light German accent, and his difficulty pronouncing labial phonetics. His outfit always consists of some sort of mask that covers his full face, due to a lab accident that left his face horrifically disfigured. He generally wears a foundation lab coat with a plaid dress shirt and khakis. Off duty, he usually wears a t-shirt with some cheesy picture and sweat pants. He is an accomplished quantum physicist, astrophysicist, and computer hacker. Also, he spends his free time in SCP-999's chamber.
Abilities : True Face (removes his mask and shows his face to the opponents. Anyone who can see it must make a Wisdom saving throw with DC of 15. On a failed throw, they drop the item they are holding and become frightened. On each turn, the opponent may retry the saving throw to cancel the effect. Only useable 3 times. Recharges after long rest.); SCP-999 (Place SCP-999 on the floor. SCP-999 has a speed of 25 feet and health of 35, or 4d10 + 3. If it touches an enemy, the enemy must make a Charisma saving throw of DC 12+Charisma modifier or become charmed by Dr. Matism. Useable twice per long rest.); Blade of the Ancestors (Dr. Matism draws his scimitar and strikes an enemy of choice. The blade deals 1d8 slashing damage and 2d4 psychic damage.)
Proficiencies, skills, and other statuses : Simple ranged weapons. All melee weapons. Alchemists kit. Poisoners kit. Resistant to psychic damage and electronic damage. Immune to amnestic damage Weakness to acid damage. Fluently speaks English, German, and Hebrew. Able to recall information from documents he has read, and if he has not read them, he knows where to find them. Level 4 clearance.

Professor Wren
[Insert Text here]
Abilities :

Assistant Researcher Erickson
Erickson a timid Caucasian man in his mid-twenties. Medium Height. Medium Build. Has a nervous tic in his left eye. Blue-Grey Eyes. Long unkempt dark brown hair, matted and frayed. Walks in a slouching manner. Qualifies for promotion to Researcher, but refused request because quote "Then they'd send me to work on the dangerous ones." Often found sitting in odd places. Constantly stares over his shoulder as if expecting someone to sneak up on him. Wears browline glasses, jeans, and a heavily stained lab coat. Specializes in research with anomalous weapons, most prominently SCP-127. His left arm has been replaced with a rusty prosthetic. Has a small knife hidden in the forearm of his prosthetic. Erickson saw combat during his first containment breach and has been a nervous paranoid wreck ever since. Would push his mother in front of a train if it meant he would live five minutes more. Would likely sell out if it guaranteed his safety. Often goes by the alias N.C.E.
Abilities : Cower (Increases Defense by 10%) Knife-Throw (Throws his knife for 1d6 damage. 10% chance of missing) Anomalous Weaponry (Deals random amount of damage. 50% chance of hitting himself instead.)

Dr. Sheath
Dr. Sheath is a Caucasian man around 30 years of age with a tall, wiry build. His eyes are light brown, which appear more faded due to gray contact lens, and he typically wears a white long-sleeve coat and dark gray track pants. When off-duty, he instead wears sweatshirts of various colours, depending mostly on whichever one he grabs first in his closet. His right hand and wrist bear Lego-style protrusions in his skin, as a result of an incident with SCP-914. His left arm is slightly darker in pigment, due to having been temporarially turned into chocolate after another incident with SCP-914. Both his arms are revealed; he wears his disfigurations as badges of his survival. Dr. Sheath is inexperienced in combat, preferring to sit on the sidelines.
Abilities : Analyze (2d6, if the result is 8 or greater he can successfully predict what one enemy's next action will be); Cognitohazard Denial (20% of ignoring the effects of low-level cognitohazards); Flail (flails his arms at all nearby enemies. 1d6 with his right arm and 1d6 - 2 with his left arm, hitting two random enemies)

Jr. Researcher Ija Rasclon
JR. Rasclon is a female researcher, seen almost exclusively in a lab coat. Rumors that it is fused to her skin are only effectively true.
Abilities: Split (JR. Rasclon becomes 3 copies of herself for 2d6 rounds, after which she suffers 1d12 psychic damage and a headache. The copies are designated 1, 2, and 3. Any lingering effects or damage inflicted upon 1 or 2 also affect the subsequent copies. If the copies are not in the same location at the end of the effect, JR. Rasclon becomes trapped within a class-2 temporal anomaly.)

Dr. Cleveland
Dr. Cleveland is a man of mixed Caucasian-African American heritage in his late 30's. He has dark brown hair, has brown eyes, and is of medium height and build. Usually wears white long-sleeve coats and dark blue jeans on or off duty, but when not in a coat, tends to wear brightly colored shirts. Holds a sense of sympathy with SCPs with human outlooks and human personalities due to an awkward upbringing. Dr. Cleveland also holds a blue belt in Taekwondo.
Abilities: Luck (Has 30% less chance of coming into contact with cognitohazards, as well as a 10% chance of ignoring effects. However, cognitohazardous damage increases by 20%); Literature Monster (2d20, if result is larger than 14, 70% chance of reflecting damage caused by infohazardous or literature-based anomalies); UDHR Article 3 (1d6, if result is 1, Dr. Cleveland absorbs all damage caused by humanoid SCPs; if result is 6, all damage caused by humanoid SCPs are reset at zero for 1d6 turns; if result is 4, all damage inflicted by humanoid SCPs are redistributed among all players)