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Nexus #: Nx-64

Civilian Designation: Mujin City, South Jeolla Province, Republic of Korea

Population: Apprx. 55,600

Area Class: Asphodel

Nexus Interaction Protocol: Due to the largely non-anomalous nature of the population, additional care must be taken to conceal information about the anomalous world from the local population. Undercover Foundation agents have been infiltrating Mujin City's City Hall, Police Force, and Fire Department. Should any extranormal event or anomalous object be found and/or sighted, agents are to report to Site-64K immediately.

It is extremely difficult to identify and locate which individual is responsible for specific anomalies; as such, the Foundation's activity at Site-64K is focused on post-incident containment and study.

Site-64K is is tasked with responding to and containing anomalies in the entirety of Mujin City. In case of an event beyond Site-64K's capabilities, the current Site Director of Site-64K must report said event to an Administrative Director of South Korean HQ at Site-001K.

Containment Facility: Site-64K

Description: Nx-64 is a city located in the northern part of Yeosu Peninsula, on the southern coast of South Jeolla Province, Republic of Korea (hereafter referred to as South Korea). It is a location of interest where anomalous events are most frequent in South Korea. The frequency of anomalous events in Nx-64 is double that of the frequency in Nx-724, the second most active LoI in South Korea.

Nx-64 is covered with thick sea fog all the year. The civil name of Nx-64, "Mujin" means "the Foggy Dock". It is believed that this name is derived from said sea fog. The locals of Nx-64 have stated that clear conditions within the city are extremely rare, some saying that "they can be counted on the fingers of one hand". However, the chemical composition of the fog itself is not anomalous.

The Hume level of Nx-64 has been steadily declining since observation began. The high frequency of anomalies in the area is mainly attributed to this low Hume level. Civilians are not totally aware of this. In other words, Nx-64's low Hume level and the events and objects caused by it are anomalous, but the citizens inhabiting Nx-64 are not

A low environmental Hume level means that the difficulty of reality-bending or thaumaturgy is lowered. Non-anomalous individuals, who are not reality-benders in normal Hume environment, are able to unknowingly alter reality in low Hume environment. Anomalous activity can result from this; non-anomalous individuals residing in Nx-64 can inadvertently create anomalies from their ordinary thoughts and activities. This anomalous property of Nx-64's is the diametric opposite of Nx-724, where anomalies are caused by a high Hume level.

The Foundation has encountered and interacted with various Groups of Interest in Nx-64. However, as of now it is not firmly determined whether or not any Groups of Interest maintain a foothold and are actively operating in Nx-64. However, the anomalously low Hume level of Nx-64 means that the potential threat of activities of Groups or Person of Interests with reality-bending capabilities is always significant. By this line of reasoning, the Foundation considers the Serpent's Hand to be the largest threat to the stability of Nx-64.

Nx-64 was known as Mujin County before 1960s, when it was raised to the status of a city. Site-64K, a containment facility for Nx-64 was constructed in 195█, and reconstructed into current scale in 1995.

See the Site-64K Dossier for information about anomalies found or contained by the Foundation in Nx-64.

Addendum: In 20██, a raid on one of hideouts of a Korean Serpent's Hand cell was performed. Learning of the Foundation's raid, the Serpent's Hand's members present at the time attempted to destroy all information regarding their activities and managed to escape before the initial raid could take place. No member was captured, but some documents not completely destroyed were recovered and restored. These documents contained a several references to Nx-64; the content of which is attached below.


Mujin City (by civilians), Nx-64 (by jailors)


Recently, I encountered an otherworlder in Wanderer's Library and heard something interesting from her. According to her statement, there is no actual place name of Mujin City in her world. In her world, Mujin City is a fictitious city created for being background of a novel by eminent writer [CONTENT DAMAGED] We have surveyed every South Korean author whose surname is Kim, born in 1941. But we couldn't find a person matching her accounts.

Is this information related with the fact that Mujin is so magically unstable? The thaumatological instability of Mujin is well-known to us, thus we have refrained from dispatching an ontokinetic into Mujin. This strategy would not be changed for a considerable time, but [CONTENT DAMAGED] asked her if she can deliver a copy of a novel in question. She promised to bring it next time she visits Wanderer's Library, but she was not sure when it will be.

It is also interesting that [CONTENT DAMAGED] not proved whether the Jailors know this fact or not, [CONTENT DAMAGED] in that case, Mujin itself might be obliterated from our universe's time-line and place-plane. If that happen, nothing about the fate of people in Mujin can be certain.


As Serpent's Hand is aware of thaumatological instability of Nx-64 and refraining from dispatching a reality-bender, it can be suspected that other GoIs are acting covertly in and out of Mujin, but not operating actively to prevent potential thaumatological incidents, much in the way the Serpent's Hand is. Though this hypothesis is considered highly probable, tangible evidence is insufficient to make a conclusion, so thorough investigation is still required. Until further notice, an outstation of South Korea HQ's intelligence agency installed at Site-64K is tasked with investigating GoI activity within Nx-64.