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Let’s fucking do this fuckers

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MeguminKo (original idea)

Fucking Item#: SCP-FUCK-J

Fucking Object Class: Euclid as fuck. (Or was it fucking Keter?)

Fucking Containment Procedures: SCP-FUCK-J is fucking contained in the Site-29 storage facility. The infohazard and all of it's fucking friends are to be locked inside a giant fucking standard containment locker. Access is fucking denied to all personnel without Level-fucking-3 or higher clearance. In case of a fucking containment breach, the whole fucking wing of SCP-FUCK-J's containment site is to be locked down and fucking no one is to be permitted to enter.

Fucking Description: SCP-FUCK-J is a fucking infohazard that makes all human subjects infected by it use the word fuck (or variant thereof) every ten fucking seconds. In random intervals, the subject's language will abruptly fucking change to another one. If the subject is speaking fucking English, their language can change, but not limited to:

  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Ficken Deutsche
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Porteguese
  • Bloody British

This fucking applies to verficktnochmal all sapient beings capable of verfickter vocalisation.

It's also a fucking humanoid and has weird fucking bug arms. It's also has a fucking IQ of about 40.

Note By Megumi: Bug arms are funny, right? Or is it t-rex arms?

Fucking Incident Log 248372-AB
It was a fucking massacre. There were a bunch of dead fucking bodies everywhere. D-Class, researchers, fucking doctors, you name it. None of them could've fucking stood a chance against that thing.

Note by FoldingPapers: Can you clarify the addendum? Leaving this here so that someone working on it may see it. The thing is an infohazard, how did it kill people?

Note by CuriousRookie: With the power of fucking information, of course. Also with incredible strength and fucking knives.


Incident log 248373-Fuck
A fucking researcher went into it's giant fucking locker and found 2 missing class-fucking-D's dead with atleast 30 fucking stab wounds. SCP-FUCK-J was discovered with atleast fucking 60 knives on hand.

Are you fucking telling me, that we don't even know what this thing is fucking capable of, and we just have it fucking stored inside a locker? - Dr. Ficken