SPC Hub 2.0

A deceased Selachian entity means that there will be less of them to inflict pugnātorial damage against. The Centre does not terminate Selachian entities; we only inflict pugnātorial damage and the Selachians are our targets.

Administrator William Frederick


[The CICAPOCO1 is functionally a counterpart to the Foundation's RAISA or CI's DeCIRO. For every SPC article, CICAPOCO would issue notes to indicate if the project is active, on hiatus, terminated etc. If the project is not active, it will list conditions where said project may resume operation. P.S. Be as concise as possible, optimally even more concise than the Special Containment Procedures.]


Selachian Pugnātorial Capabilities: [To the Centre, anomalies are kept for the purpose of dealing with Selachian entities. Detail how your anomaly-based project can aid in the Centre's objectives.]

Project Component(s): [The counterpart for Description. The most notable difference would be that the Centre is more willing to combine anomalies together for a single project. Be clear and list out the various components of the project in question, and why the Centre is interested in them. Of course, not every component has to be anomalous. Some can be mundane everyday tools, repurposed for the Centre's goals. Heck, there can be projects with no anomalous objects as components.]

Augmentation Summary: [Not all anomalies are intended to deal with Selachian entities. Here, the Centre will detail what they did to the anomalies acquired to make it compatible with the Centre's objectives. Feel free to go into detail what the Centre did.]

Enhancement Summary:[Some things are already well suited to pummeling Selechian entities. Here the Centre will detail what they have done to improve or enhance the effectiveness of a pugnātorial project. SPC projects may have both an Augmentation Summary and an Enhancement Summary (in cases where the project was first modified to fit the Centre's objectives and then later improved) or just one or the other.]

Deployment Record: [This is where the Centre records the effectiveness of their projects out on the field. It can range from AARs of fights against Selachian entities, or interviews, or surveys, or test logs etc. Whatever that suits your article's purpose, really.]