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Topic Type Summary Dibs
SCP-BBBB — Mindswapper SCP article Swapping of minds using Noosphere memes Dr AersDr Aers
SCP-AAAA — Godseeker SCP article There is no God, birds killed him. not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull
BIRB — Noosphere/Bird Meme Incident Tale Bird Meme combines with Mindswapper to create absolute mayhem! not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull
SPC-BIRD — Alt Universe Shark Punching/Bird Meme SPC (GOI format) Fighting a Reality-eating Shark (+ Punching Sharks with Birds) FloppyPhoenixFloppyPhoenix
SH-BIRD — Thoth Serpent's Hand (GOI Format) The ancient texts of Bird God vs Shark God Dr AersDr Aers, FloppyPhoenixFloppyPhoenix
SCP-CCCC — Breadcrumb Planet Nibirdu SCP article Planet Bird-people want to inhabit (+ Annunaki) Quantum PhysicianQuantum Physician
SCP-DDDD — Lunar Anomaly SCP article Anomaly that transports people to Nibirdu FloppyPhoenixFloppyPhoenix
Quoth the Raven Tale A bunch of short stories about Thoth's plan collab
The Power of Friendship™ Tale 3095 & SPC save the world collab

Definitions/Mechanisms of Action

The outline/exact meaning of each aspect of our story, followed by how this aspect relates to other aspects. You may edit a concept that pertains to your part of the story, and clarify how it relates to another in IRC/this draft.

Concept: BE-Class "Migration" End-of-Consciousness Scenario
Definition: The minds of the entire human race (Noosphere) are swapped with a framework of bird memes.
Mechanism of Action: After discovering Thoth via the Godseeker, the Mindswapper swaps the Memetic Bird into the Noosphere, overwriting the concept of "human" with the concept of "bird". After channelling Thoth, the Avian-humanoid race attempts to get to the Breadcrumb Planet.

Concept: Mindswapper
Definition: It swaps minds. Pretty self-explanatory, if you ask me.
Mechanism of Action: Capable of loading and unloading a series of memes that cause an individual to identify themselves as another. Activates on contact. Take persons, P1, P2 and P3.

P1→loaded into SCP-BBBB→SCP-BBBB unloads (null) into P1→P1 becomes brain-dead.

P2→loaded into SCP-BBBB→SCP-BBBB unloads into P2→P2 becomes P1.

P3→loaded into SCP-BBBB→SCP-BBBB unloads into P3→P3 becomes P2.

Concept: Godseeker
Definition: A satellite with a brain-dead man in it, designated to try to detect early, reality-bending threats to the Earth.
Mechanism of Action: He finds Thoth and regrets it.

Concept: Memetic Bird
Definition: A complex bird meme (see also: SCP-3125) created by the SPC to punch sharks (known to the SPC as GAUSS KESTREL). Thoth steals it, and the mindswapper brings it into our universe.
Mechanism of Action: Overwrites the concept of "human" with "bird", turning everybody into birdbrains.

Concept: Multiversal Shark Punching Team
Definition: To prevent WHITE NETHER from attacking universes, the Centre has devised their own method of universal travel (ROGUE AMARANTH) to follow and punch WHITE NETHER using augmented agents (MFT CHARYBDIS).
Mechanism of Action: MFT CHARYBDIS enters the Bird Meme-infected Foundation Universe. SCP-3095-1 agrees to supply punching birds to CHARYBDIS if they help defeat the Bird Meme, the Breadcrumb Planet, and Thoth.

Unknown to both the Foundation, the Centre actually created the Bird Meme (codenamed GAUSS KESTREL) in the first place to fight sharks, which Thoth stole.

Concept: Reality Eating Shark
Definition: A universe-travelling Selachian Entity (WHITE NETHER), son of SPC-001 (son/father of the Holy Sharkic Trinity), that consumes reality.
Mechanism of Action: MFT CHARYBDIS came to the Foundation Universe after tracking down WHITE NETHER. SCP-3095-1 and CHARYBDIS eventually team up with Medila, who sacrifices itself to imprint/overwrite the intelligence of WHITE NETHER to consume Thoth with.

Concept: SCP-3095-1 and Medila
Definition: A bunch of sentient birds that worship a God, Medila. All of them got wiped out except for the ones that work for the Foundation.
Mechanism of Action: They're the only ones left to save humanity.

Concept: MTF-Eta-4 ("Begone Thoth")
Definition: 3095-1 instances in the form of Pelicans that are part of the Avian Division. Led by Keshrayuth, manned by Quibba and a few other birds.
Mechanism of Action: They team up with MFT CHARYBDIS to defeat Thoth.

Concept: Augmented Shark Punching Team (MFT CHARYBDIS)
Definition: A team of cybernetically enhanced shark punchers. Led by Quinn, manned by Gægr, Jaedan, Leah, and Haruki.
Mechanism of Action: They team up with MTF-Eta-4 ("Begone Thoth") to defeat Thoth.

Concept: Breadcrumb Planet (Nibirdu is a WIP name)
Mechanism of Action:

Concept: Thoth, an Egyptian Deity
Definition: Deity known to the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Sumerians. They worshipped him and he brought them to Nibirdu to build his paradise.
Mechanism of Action: Conspires to build a paradise of bird people on Nibirdu. He stole the bird meme and is trying to get humanity to Nibirdu.


notgull here. I'm writing all my stuff in blue.

Some other ideas for scps and tales and stuff:

  • Tale where the incident actually happens. Maybe the episode of Family Guy that has "Surfin Bird" in it gets banned from the public? Maybe it's just a mosaic of incident reports and perspectives of characters, i.e. the stand.
  • The SPC crosses the dimension border to meet up with 3095, who's pretty much taken over at this point since all the humans are birdbrains now.
  • Thoth starts crossing over into our dimension (i.e. like SCP-3895) because of the bird meme's influence. This is the opportunity to create a ton of bird scps for the contest. 3095 and the SPC have to work together to contain them.
  • Thaumiel-class SCP about a researcher who puts himself in a satellite to find gods. They accidentally find Thoth. I call dibs on writing this one.
  • In the end, they create a giant shark to gobble up Thoth, saving humanity

Aers here, gonna be doing my shit in purple.

We should probably organise IRC/Discord meetups. I'm in the UK, so 3:00-17:00 EST is when I'm going to be most active. I'm gonna be free all of next week, so whenever's fine for you all.

Also, what kind of tone are we going for here? It's a whacky topic, but do we juxtapose with serious tone?

QP again. I'll be the Green Ranger. not-seagull, all your ideas look good, especially the last two, and you're free to add them to the table.

How many articles are we planning to write, all told? Might be easier if we figure out a rough number now. I'm down for doing a bigger number, but I def want to aim for quality over quantity.

I'm down for meetups: haven't ever used IRC/Discord before, so whatever's easiest for you guys.

P.S. Re: tone, I'm down for super-clinical, super-serious. I think it'll be a good way to ground "oh lol we summon giant birb to punch shark wowee everyone dead now"

I'm in agreement with QP here. Let's take the wackiness of the subject, and play it completely seriously. No -J's. No wacky tone in the tales. Let's play it completely seriously.

In terms of meetups, I'm usually on IRC from 12:00 to 1:00 EST.

Floppy here, using the colour of the magnificent Phoenix.

I think we have some great ideas here. The researcher finding Thoth is particularly interesting to me and sounds like it has the potential to be scary (looking a god in the eye and realizing that you fucked up. The god is not happy and you're smitten across reality). I do agree that we should keep the tone as hard as possible; the juxtaposition with silly meme idea will hit hard, I think.

While on the topic of ideas: we should get Medila to help SPC in some manner to take down Thoth. Maybe Medila lets the birds keep their higher intelligence as a parting gift before sacrificing itself to help defeat Thoth.

Also since this is about the doomsday, I'd like humanity to ultimately lose in the end. Like, Thoth is taken down, but humans are now permanently birds. Humanity continues on its path, to become a great bird race in the image of Medila. We could even have a tale at the very end: the post-bird world, where the veil has been shattered and bird is the word the new normal.

In terms of availability: generally, I can get on the IRC at around 6 PM EST and be there until 11 PM or 12 AM EST. Also, I'm a heavy user of Discord, especially on my phone, and can be reached almost any time. I will say I prefer Discord over IRC because the messages stay around permanently, and it's just easier for me to get to.

Oh, and I think I'll take the SPC article.

Just noting that I'm generally unreliable in IRC.

The whole "humanity loses in the end" thing makes me think of my own SCP-3733. Maybe we could link that in as well?

I've also started writing. Here's the scheme I'm going to use:

  • SCP-AAAA: memetic birb
  • SCP-BBBB: mind swapper
  • SCP-CCCC: bird magnet
  • BIRB: the tale where birds take over the world

That way it'll be easier to find and replace it all in the future.

Mirroring what seagull said. The SPC article will be SPC-BIRD. My team bird sandbox will be at the bottom of the page.

Also, I'm just going to add this: maybe we should change this from a K-class scenario to something else? Our doomsday scenario is pretty unique, maybe we should change it to BD-class or BW-class.

I quite like the whole "humanity loses in the end" tone. Could be fun to explore. In terms of the number of articles, I'm leaning towards the lower side. I think we should be going for article quality, not quantity.

I've started with SCP-BBBB: mind swapper, but I need an idea of what SCP-AAAA is before I can write it - they have to be used together, after all. Also, if the final tale isn't called "The Bird is the World" I'm gonna riot.

also I've added a meme to the top of the page

April 24 Chat log
<Aers>: also, once you get an idea for what the birb mem actually is tell me
<Aers>: like, the mechanism of its function type of deal
<FloppyPhoenix>: um, so like the concept of "birds" is contained within some extra-dimensional meme, which either thoth is attracted to because the meme is so big, or thoth is the one that created it
<Aers>: so it's not a physical object? Cool. I'll work around it when writing the mind swapper.
<FloppyPhoenix>: yup
<Aers>: It would make it easier to write if you made the concept… sentient? Sapient?
<FloppyPhoenix>: yeah sentient
<FloppyPhoenix>: like the meme has its own will, it's no mistake that it swapped with the "human" meme
<FloppyPhoenix>: you're the one writing the swapper, right?
<Aers>: Oh I think I see what you're going for
<Aers>: metaphysical constructs of what makes a thing a thing, right?
<FloppyPhoenix>: yeah, like platonic form
<Aers>: So everything would have one. It just so happens that humans and birds are the subjects here.
<Aers>: right?
<FloppyPhoenix>: ya that's right
<FloppyPhoenix>: but not all of them are sentient, just maybe special ones like birds
<Aers>: Alright. I'll probably get on the swapper tomorrow .
<FloppyPhoenix>: maybe humanity's "form" is less sentient or less intelligent than birds, which makes it so suscepitble
<FloppyPhoenix>: alrighty
<Aers>: Would you say that the "form" manifests wherever the concept of birds are?
<FloppyPhoenix>: yes
<Aers>: Right. Thanks. This abstract conceptual stuff is hard to get my head around.
<FloppyPhoenix>: agreed, it is

In my mind, I imagine the memetic bird as a sort of "bird version" of SCP-3125. It exists entirely within the noosphere of human thought; we can't see it, it can't see us. However, the noosphere and our reality intersect at one point: our minds. So that's where it manifests. I'd imagine it appearing as a bunch of memes arranged in the general shape of a bird.

However, what the mind swapper (whatever you decide it will be) does is that it rotates the bird meme in such a way that, instead of only intersecting with the mind at one point, it intersects at two points. Now, it's an actual threat, since it has more influence over our world.

I was honestly thinking about something like 'BE-Class "Migration" End-of-Consciousness Scenario'. I've also reserved the initial bird tale.

'BE-Class "Migration" End-of-Consciousness Scenario' sounds great.

I was thinking the "mindswapper" or whatever it might be called does more than just infect humans with the bird meme. It would infect us and begin to change humans on a conceptual level to become more bird-like, and physically we begin to look more like birds and act more like birds. Something like this would completely throw off the balance of the world and change all sociocultural aspects of humanity, including our day-to-day lives and the environment we exist in (the human sphere is designed for humans, not birds) such that bird-humans are almost required to seek a new environment. When Thoth comes into the picture, that's what finally pushes the bird-humans to decide to leave.

Just something I was thinking about, what are your thoughts?

Also: i propose we say the story/content of our drafts as we write them so that other group members can slightly alter their own drafts in turn to make everything flow better.

Hey guys. I remember having a conversation (can't remember who with) about the last two tales: should we combine the two? I think we should - they're connected thematically and it's pretty redundant to have more than two types of the same article1.

I think a little redundancy is fine, just in case one of the articles flops, so I'm not 100% against having three articles. In the same vein we should probably have another GOI article. It's currently a single point of failure - if it tanks, so will our average. Just a thought. No offence intended Flops I'm sure it's going to be great I'm just a paranoid bastard.

A bit of redundancy is fine to me too, as long as it's not too over-the-top.

Sorry I haven't been in as much recently – I'm on vacation til next Saturday, so I'll most likely not make any significant headway on the Nibirdu article until that point. After that, though, I'll be around much more often.

I've put my name beside the second to last Tale. Regardless of whether or not we combine the last 2 Tales, it's important that more than one person works on it (preferably people that contributed to both the SPC and 3095-1 articles respectively). That way we can properly characterize everything that comes before.

I've wanted to do the last tale, but I've left the last slot open because I didn't know if anybody else wanted to do it or not.

Though I do agree that it should be a collab.

I just realized that we don't actually have a solid timeline set for this universe. How about:

05/11/2018: BIRB tale occurs, birb meme propogates

07/22/2018: Birb meme affects everybody

08/02/2018: SPC meets up with Avian Division

08/12/2018: final showdown

Updated the SPC to reflect the dates listed.

What time should the Nibirdu article be written at in-universe, then? Right now, I'm writing it to mention that the birb meme has already happened and people are at risk of trying to get there. If you think it would be better to change it, though, that's relatively easy to do too.

To QP: I'm not notgull, but I think it should take place after the bird meme affects everyone, but before SPC enters the universe. That way it references the bird-people actually in the process of going there (which is how the Foundation knows about it). So you wouldn't need to change anything.

In other news: I organized the page a bit, and Aers and I have started working on the Serpent's Hand format that explains what Thoth is and Thoth's ultimate goal.

PM from QP:

I suggest that, if we are to all work together to write a tale, we do it on this sandbox to save space.

Seconding seag's proposal above. I think we should cull a lot of the stuff on this page when we do, though. A lot of it has already been written or is just repeating information.

Also, I've gone ahead and changed the ACT II tales. I've gotten a lot of comments saying they don't understand how all of our pieces come together. I think it could be fun to have a bunch of short stories detailing how Thoth managed to orchestrate the whole thing as well as hammer home his motivation for doing this.

I think that both tales should be 4-man collabs, if only to iron out kinks in the story. We all (should be, at least) intimately familiar with our own anomalies.

Sandbox Pages

Aers' Sandbox — SCP-BBBB (SCP article)

not_a_seagull's sandbox — SCP-AAAA/ BIRB (SCP article/tale)

FloppyPhoenix's Sandbox — SPC-BIRD (SPC format)

Quantum Physician Sandbox — SCP-CCCC (SCP format)

Aers/Floppy Sandbox — SH-BIRD (SH format)

FloppyPhoenix's Sandbox 2 — SCP-DDDD (SCP format screw w/ Tale elements)

Preceding Tale:

FloppyPhoenix "UMBRAL_MIGRATION_SEQUENCE.txt" (Tale)


  • Avian Division's evacuation sequence using the SCPS Solidarity
  • Evacuation doubles as a plan to reach Nibiirdu to defeat Thoth
  • MFT CHARYBDIS tames WHITE NETHER/Akheilos, goes to Nibirdu, summons it there

Moved the tale to here:

MFT CHARYBDIS Personnel Files:

Name: Gægr Kemdulnim the Deep One

Position: C-0, Transportation Agent

Biography: Gægr is a veteran Cetacean pugilist, having served in the Seventh and Eighth Deviant Crusades. Gægr is trained in the esoteric pugilistic art of Yzylvin Xa. Gægr is fluent in Whalish, English, Sharkish, and the Cetacean song-language "Balooga".

Name: Quinn Griffith

Position: C-1, Team Captain

Biography: Quinn graduated top of his class in the Advanced Art of Deviant Pugilism, has been involved in numerous secret Sharkic raids, and has a career record of 61 knockouts. Quinn is notable for perfecting convincing himself that he's perfected the Flying Roundhouse Punch.

Name: Jaedan Traviss

Position: C-2, Stealth Pugilist

Biography: Jaedan is a seasoned pugilist, having been extensively trained in stealth operations. Jaedan is best suited for lone wolf situations, and has had growing pains adapting to a team setting.

Name: Leah Řezník

Position: C-3, Parapugilist

Biography: Leah was selected from the 17th Paramarine Battalion of the Navigations Unseen, which deals with Deviant-Type Selachian Entities from a distance. Leah is no stranger to Deviants, only fearing what lurks in the deepest waters.

Name: Haruki Nakahara

Position: C-4, Tech Specialist

Biography: Haruki is the team's technology and equipment specialist. Haruki spends her spare time developing new technologies to remotely pummel Selachian threats, often fantasizing about using her technology to dispatch Selachians in the field.