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ARBH-Class Operations Group "Cheesecake"

Commander: SeptemberJackalSeptemberJackal

Security Head: ApoplexicApoplexic

Lead Researcher: DrMorrisDrMorris

OPR Specialist: Prototype_ToasterPrototype_Toaster

Designated Radio Channel: #teamcheesecake

"World turn into an insect hell? We've got the bug repellent for that."

- Researcher James Pettan

  • Karl Heller │ WWS Terrestrial Team Worker
  • James Pettan │ Site-121/LARPA Scientist
  • Daniel Daly │ 'America Ahead' Talk Show Host
  • Paul Shipherd │ Site-136/'Boromine Branch' Head Scientist
  • Matthew Quayle│MTF δ-17 "Metarhizium" Captain
  • Steve Simmons │ Site-136/'Boromine Branch' Administrator

DrMorris speaking (writing?):

Ok guys here's a quick rundown of how I envision the main locust SCP going down. I'm planning to do the thing in iteration form. Here's how the four iterations would go:

  1. First we find locusts that eat plants and reproduce really fast. Foundation captures some for study and starts exterminating the rest. Other organizations/governments get in on this as well.
  2. Oh no, now they eat animals. Foundation updates their documentation and continues with extermination efforts.
  3. Shit, they're eating rocks and metal and stuff as well. The entire world is freaking out. Fortunately they can't eat through certain materials, notably glass(?).
  4. Shit, they ate through their glass containment cell. This one isn't even a proper SCP document, it's just a guy panicking about the inevitable apocalypse in an SCP document format.

To-do list:
- History/discovery of the locusts as given in the timeline?
- Fill in all the stuff in red
- Check reasonable-ness of all the numbers
- Make sure the different versions match where they should and are properly highlighted (is blue good?)

Heyo! This is what I've got so far for my GOI and tale. If there's anything glaring you can fix it, but just tell me before you rewrite all of my stuff. Good luck team! I'm using the timeline up above, but DrMorris made a very nicely condensed one in his skip overview.

GOI: Wilson's Wildlife Services - initial discovery and containment of SCP-LLLL
TALE: The Last of LARPA; or, the Morality of Insects - things go wrong at Provisional Site-## and the scientists wonder whether they should or shouldn't nuke the site.
ADD: "ARBH-CLASS TRAINING FILE", basically a file made to explain to new Foundation members what in the (insect) hell is an "ARBH-Class" event. (can be found on my doomsday sandbox so I can get the formatting right)

Stuff to do:

  • Finish the GOI format
  • Make sure GOI data correlates with DrMorris's skip
  • Work on the tale

You were never really a religious person. From the time when you were young, you hated church. When you became a teenager, you became an atheist. "It's all fairy tales…" you'd say with your friends who had a similar mindset. But there was one "fairy tale" that always stuck out to you; the ten plagues of Egypt. To you, that was the closest thing to real that you'd get in the bible. "That could never happen though. It seems real, but it's not. Locusts can't swarm that huge."; you'd always think this to yourself on the sleepless nights you spent thinking about it.

Then it happened.

All these locusts. Everywhere. They've already eaten your house and your dog. Now you've been driving for the past few days trying to escape these things.