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Clef talking about how "I am not "Dr. Alto Clef" it is the role i am forced to play, i am just "Alto H. Clef", a person who once thought that changing his first name to a musical term would be funny."

smth like
"I am not a liar. In fact everyone here are. While on your job here, you can't see people. You just see the masks they are wearing to suit for this place. And that's okay, everyone here do this from janitor to the O5."
"Foundation is really a goddamn theatre, just a really twisted one."

MTF-Beta-22 ("The Whistleblowers")- Combat-related Task Force

MTF-Theta-15 ("Name Taggers")- Investigating Nobody
MTF-Theta-17 ("St. Patrick's Pals")- Investigating SH

TTF-Zeta-3 ("Archangels")- CI run Transhuman Task Force of augmented Operatives.

MTF-Iota-1 ("Mister Hunters")- Presumably specializes in tracking and detaining the humanoid anomalies known as "Little Misters ® by Dr. Wondertainment".- Graham uses them?

MTF-Omicron-9 ("Sound and Fury") Heavily armed personnel of unusual physical strength and mental fortitude.

MTF-Delta-0 ("The Men in Black")- A vast and extremely well-organized unit employing undercover agents with the goal of erasing evidence that would prove the existence of SCPs when the use of disinformation would be futile or suspicious

MTF Delta-3 (“Solomon's Hand”)- formed in late 1985 as a test case for the Special Asset Task Force Program (an initiative to employ persons with paranormal abilities as field agents)

MTF-Delta-1 ("Saint Olga's Reprisal")- Team of hand-selected operatives that specialize in extraction, infiltration, elimination, and sabotage. Report to the Department of Pursuit and Suppression.

MTF-Mu-8 ("Southern Hospitality")- Specializes in initial investigation and engagement of extradimensional portals and anomalies emerging from them.

MTF-Xi-2 ("Out of the Shadows Come We, Darkly") An armed Mobile Task Force specializing in combat with essophysical, deity-class entities such as SCP-4260;


  • Moon Goddess is actually Administrator's Wife
  • "By the way, tell [REDACTED] I say hi. Can you please tell him if he'll at least check on me once in a while?" - Lunarian Goddess to Ed Dwight ([REDACTED] cause it's Adminitsrator's real name)
  • best pals with Moon Champion (SCP-1233)
  • Has her own building like Pyramid which is very comfortable on the inside
  • Ed Dwight
  • She is a god/deity/pluripotent entity/apex-tier pluripotent entity/Class VIII humanoid reality-altering entity

i keep forgeting tow tite down ideas

Random idea I just got:
File from early Foundation (end of 19th or beginning of 20h century) where it was one of their first encounters with type Green and the guy they encountered told them that he was Jesus Christ and Foundation actually believed him

My 001 (real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

CODE NAME: FILIPP - Uncertainty.

it all starts when O5-13 scans the databases and discovers that SCP-001's file…

yes, the file is classified by level 5 clearance, but there is nothing there
O5-13 calls the others
O5-1 remembers that, in fact, 001 was originally nothing that important and wouldn't even deserve Level 3 clearance, so he goes on and says "Let's just do something that sounds important enough to fit the number 001"
the council agrees and everyone starts to go with their versions of 001
O5-2 writes that all anomalies are connected in some way
O5-3 states that the SCP-001 is the God himself, not necessarily 343, but still.
Herman spent his whole life in the Foundation researching religious stuff
he mentions 073, 076, 336 etc
Then O5-9 tries to have additions to it, project Paragon and related to it. It’s since he is the head of Antediluvian research
Then O5-7 says that they are both somewhat wrong and right at the same time
He blames it all on occult wars and the different gods
MEKHANE, Yaldphaoh, Deer, LTE-0913-Ex-Machina, etc.
Scarlet King is ofc present
O5-5 at some point that maybe something is creating them (stuff like The Factory)
At some point overseers ask O5-10 what she have to say since she is in the wanders library and read a lot
O5-10 probably comes up with the proposal that maybe this is all is a "Merciless random of universe". Chaos and infinite possibilities
O5-8 suggest maybe putting the concept of Antimemetics itself as SCP-001 file. Stuff like 3125
Getting back to religious stuff some overseer could suggest that maybe the death itself can be classed as SCP
O5-13 doesn’t come up with anything cause he is AI

what does each O5 writes about:
O5-1: N/A
O5-2: Each SCP is connected
O5-3: God (Abrahahamic religion stuff)
O5-4: Death
O5-5: Something creates SCPs
O5-6: Foundation is anomalous
O5-7: Occult wars and Gods like Scarlet King are causing anomalies
O5-8: Antimemetics itself
O5-9: Doesn't believe in Abrahahamic God so writes about daevas and Fae with Scarlet king amybe
O5-10: The infinite possibilities and how universe is random
O5-11: no idea for now
O5-12: No idea for now. Concpet of anomalous even existing maybe?
O5-13: N/A

Cross-links to each 001:
O5-1: The Prototype
O5-2: Keter Duty
O5-3: The Gate Guardian, God's Blind Spot, The Lock, Thirty-Six
O5-4: Dead Men
O5-5: The Spiral Path, The Factory and the O5-13 (cause in FiD O5-5 is the most recent council member and most normal)
O5-6: The Foundation
O5-7: The Scarlet King, The Broken god, A Simple Toymaker
O5-8: The Placeholder maybe?
O5-9: AMONI-RAM, The Queen's Gambit
O5-10: Project Palisade
O5-11: Fishhook
O5-12: Normalcy
O5-13: 001-EX

O5-1: "Regardless, maybe some of you should try to keep it simple?" (Links too 001-THE-TRUTH which is 184)
O5-11: "No promises!" (links to the way it ends)

idk maybe put Administrator?

O5 Council/Foundation being anomalous itself.

SCP-XXXX-EX "The Ukulele Man" (or smth luke this)

Foundation tries to classify Dr. Clef as SCP but abaddon idea. Gonna write that with Waldo.

"Azathoth Gambit"

Greatest plan of the Chaos Insurgency to bring the Foundation down

This plan includes:
- infiltrating and having contacts in the United States Government to gain influence
- collecting defectors from all over the anomalous world
- collecting classified military data from all over the world countries
- assassination of high-ranking Foundation members. This includes, but not like yes to: O5 Council, Ethics Committee, Administrative Division etc
- sabotaging the work of the Foundation trough causing containment breaches and different incidents
- buying, collecting and stealing anomalous tech or anything from Anderson Robotics, MC&D, Factory etc
- mass production of para-weaponry

The last step of the plan would be all-out warfare against damaged Foundation.
This plan requires Insurgency >10 years of preparation and additional actions to put it in place

CI here breifly:
Anomalous Terrorists Fundamentalists with Spartan Discipline who recruit fighters from various Terrorist Organisations around the world and train them as hard as possible, highly involved in Black Market activities. They take test subjects from Homeless people and refugees. They maybe not as big as SCPF or GOC, but they are professional terrorists af so they posses a threat.
they also offer their mercenaries to different organisations for a good prise

SCP-XXXX 333rd Special red-banner regiment ("Red Cursaders")

group of thaumaturges or whatever types there are tried to perform some sort of the ritual which somehow angered the skies or they wanted to get access to Heaven and eventually Archangels got to them to kick their asses
Cultists were defeated however Arcnhangels were knocked off. Maybe related to SCP-3457

RI "Progress" Found archangels, helps them, makes cyborg out of them(?) and then send to military.

They later fight with Obskurakorps during WW2/7th OW tho

Angelical Sky Phenomenon

  • SCP article or GoI Format
  • What if there’s like was a phenomenons in the sky/Earth’s orbit. Foundation/Pentagram/GOC or whoever thought that it was aliens.
  • They tried to communicate/shot it down with ICBM (optional)
  • But it turned out to be Angelic-biblical being

Conspiracy shit!!!!!! ( <— main R&D sandbox for notes <— sandbox we'll use to post R&D on the Wiki once we're done

04/0?/1981:redaction1.png redaction2.png redaction3.png An unknown quantity of agents are dispatched. An unknown quantity return4. Medical services in the surrounding region are inundated over the coming days as as civilians suffering a wide variety of adverse, largely paranormal conditions are admitted.

To: Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate, PhD.
Director of 'Pataphysics

I have been dreaming. Why have I been dreaming?

i am just borrowing style stuff, no stealing or plagiarism