Tree Huggers Planning Document

Metaphysical jazz: Yggdrasil is the manifestation of knowledge. Nidhogg is (primarily) the personification of forgetting things, like secrets or codes. Nidhogg is a conceptual entity with antimemetic properties (perhaps a particularly powerful tulpa [Hadn’t heard of a tulpa before, might work]?) (it’s used in the sc plastics canon) (I’ll have to read up on that)

I’m worried that Nidhogg, in its current state, will draw too many parallels to 3125

If there is a large enough secret, Nidhogg will try to swallow it. Causing the info to be lost? Yes, and any objects correlated(?) with the information.

What are secrets in relation to Yggdrasil? Do they cause its branches to grow inwards? Does it make smaller trees as representations of the separation of knowledge?

I think the physical representation of Yggdrasil would work the best it just kinda stayed the same, but the metaphysical one is the one that changes. Or the physical one would act as a “physical metaphor” for knowledge.

Yggdrasil initially “broke into” reality when the first sentient life came about, as they would be the first beings to really know things. Its trees grew wherever humans went, manifesting as whatever would normally be local to that area.

Is Nidhogg sentient? Is there more to its eating than just hunger? Is Yggdrasil sentient? Does it communicate?

YN "Ragnarok" End-Of-Knowledge scenario

Nidhogg chomps at roots kills tree and and then Ragnarok happens tie back to Norse myth

Foundation finds Atlantis and finds old equipment. They have been there many times before.
each time they discover a sprout forms in the stump of Atlantis tree. Nidhogg bites it off and they forget. this has happened who knows how many times. this time, they manage to get a message out and the info for Atlantis now known to foundation as whole. this connects Atlantis tree to foundation tree so nidhogg cannot destroy knowledge. nidhogg goes after foundation trees, eats away at roots, disconnects tree from other GOI trees. foundation isolated.