Trilobite Base

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The cannons that line your face open up and you launch a volley of torpedoes at the trilobite!

You make sure to cover the trilobite and the entire region around it with explosions. Explosions are very good for you and very bad for trilobites so it makes sense to have lots and lots of them, as many as possible actually.

You keep firing volley after volley of torpedoes. Trilobites are crafty sneaky little trilobastards and you can never be too sure whether or not they're actually dead.

Eventually you stop firing. Your IR feed is lit up entirely white, and your visual feed is just loads of bubbles and stuff from the explosions.

And then, when the heat has cleared, you can see another spot of light!

This was written as part of the SCP Original Character Tournament, Round One, between 9Volt9Volt's Gunhead Anomalocaris, Trilobite Slayer! and my own Senior Researcher ████ ████████.

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