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Item #: SCP-3760

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-3760 is an anomalous exploit present in the Villa level of the 2000 game Perfect Dark. The glitch is present in all known unmodded versions of the game, including ROMs designed for emulators; it is not believed that it was present prior to 2010 for reasons outlined in Addendum SCP-3870-1.

When encountered by a human player, SCP-3870 allows them to complete the game exactly five seconds after encountering it. This is done by contracting the time taken by the player to finish the game to five seconds, regardless of how long the player takes according to themselves.

Concrete physical evidence exists to suggest players experience this condensed time, foremost among them dehydration evidenced by players after the anomalous effect ceases. This is not directly experienced during gameplay, instead being perceived as a steadily increasing pressure around the temples.

Subjects report that for the duration of gameplay, they are capable of conversing with an unknown woman whose speech replaces voice lines and dialogue in-game. Attempts to identify this woman, designated SCP-3760-A, are ongoing.

Discovery: SCP-3760 was initially bought to the Foundation's attention following reports of a speedrunner's near-death as a result of dehydration suffered as a result of SCP-3760's anomalous effects. Further investigation confirmed the anomalous properties of the exploit, and the subject in question informed that his dehydration had been caused by a 'marathon' practice session in preparation for the upcoming AGDQ event he was scheduled to attend.

NOTES [taff]:

  • current arc involves [foundation speedrun lady] talking to miriam wells, scp-3760-a and psychopomp of the liminal spaces
  • miriam was drawn to vidya because the theme of trying to complete something potentially for all eternity is appealing to her for obvious reasons
    • "It's like watching someone else do my job. Get someone from A to B as fast as possible, hundreds of times a day, forever…"
  • [fsr] is drawn to miriam because of feelings relating to being trapped in self-destructive cycles, looking for external intervention, difficult personal metamorphosis
  • the two draw closer and big gay shenanigans happen
  • [fsr] is pulled off the project both b/c most research data has been collected already and the foundation worries she's getting too close
  • turns out she's figured out a way to summon miriam in the 'flesh' by exploiting the fact she's a creature of liminal spaces
  • "Hotels. Corridors, empty rooms, places looking for people to fill them…"
  • [fsr] disappears while on vacation one day to a nice hotel in australia. door to 'room' actually opens up into another corridor under construction. in the hallways, miriam's laughter can be heard.
  • end.