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Item #: SCP-4325

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to monitor popular internet message boards and social media sites for posts describing conditions similar to SCP-4325. If an individual is believed to be affected by SCP-4325, they are to be located and taken to the nearest Foundation medical facility for quarantine and study. If they are not found to be affected by SCP-4325, they are to be administered amnestics and returned to their home.

Description: SCP-4325 is a phenomenon affecting approximately 5% of individuals with visual snow syndrome1, in which their condition progressively worsens over a period of three hours until their vision is completely obscured. Individuals affected by SCP-4325 who also suffer from tinnitus have reported hearing a noise similar to radio static an hour after their vision has completely obscured. During physical examinations, symptoms of SCP-4325 have been noted in the retina of each subject's eye.

Addendum: Interview Logs

Addendum: During a routine physical examination of a user infected with SCP-4325 on 25/07/2018, a variation of SCP-4325-TW was found. Along with the subject's retina displaying SCP-4325-TW, the words "COME ON" flashed numerous times. The subject then reported hearing multiple objects shattering and an individual sobbing.

Efforts to identify and contain the source of SCP-4325-TW are ongoing.