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Item #: SCP-4122

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-4122 are to be kept in a Class T Canine Confinement Complex, and are to be fed in accordance with Nutritional Document 4122-8. Onsite personnel are to treat SCP-4122 specimens as if they were adult humans. SCP-4122 is currently contained within Site-551.

In light of Incident-4122, SCP-4122's containment area has been reinforced with steel, and 2 armed guards have been stationed outside of SCP-4122's pen in case of future incidents.

Description: SCP-4122 is a pack of 29 anomalous members of Canis lupus (Gray Wolves). There are 15 male specimens and 14 female specimens within SCP-4122. Specimens of SCP-4122 superficially resemble base-line Gray Wolves.

SCP-4122 specimen’s primary anomalous effect their ability, through unknown means, to make human vocalizations in the form of Japanese. This is still possible despite lack of human vocal cords. SCP-4122 in its entirety has the mean intelligence of a 20 year old Human of Japanese decent.

Discovery SCP-4122 was discovered in Blackhill, Kansas after reports of talking wolves at a nearby farm. It was revealed that SCP-4122 congregated around a one story house that belonged to PoI #5612 “John Joss”, a 30 year old white male, who lives alone. Extremely loud noises were emanating from the household, that appeared to be originating from PoI #5612's television.

Addendum: 3 days after SCP-4122's initial containment, an interview was conducted with PoI #5612 regarding SCP-4122's origin.

Interviewed: PoI #5612, known as John Joss
Interviewer: Dr. Westrin
<Begin Log>

Dr. Westrin: Greetings Mr. Joss. How are you feeling today?

John: Decent.

Dr. Westrin: Good. Now, I'm going to ask you a couple of questions, if that's okay with you,

John: Sounds good to me.

Dr. Westrin: Excellent. Now, what do you know about the specimens found near your house?

John: The wolves? Those guys like to hang around my house all the time. One moment they were normal, the next they can speak some Japanese. They got better at speaking it over time. It's been like, what, 7 years since the wolves started hanging out with me? I don't know.

Dr. Westrin: Hmm. Do you know why they started to speak Japanese suddenly?

John: No idea, but I have a theory.

Dr. Westrin: And that is?

John: I like to watch anime. And I turn it up to the point where it's painfully loud. I'm live in the middle of nowhere, so nobody cares. And because of this, you can hear it perfectly from just outside the house. You see… I watch this anime called "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure." And the wolves have been hanging out with me for around 7 years, like I said, yeah? From the amount of times I watched that show, I wouldn't be surprised if they just… learned Japanese because it was all they could hear. The only things they know are specific phrases from the show, though.

Dr. Westrin: Interesting. Quick question, why do you think the wolves gained these abilities?

John: No clue. Do you expect someone who had their name legally changed so it can be shortened to "JoJo" to have any knowledge of wolf science? You expected someone was actually smart, but it was I, Di-

Dr. Westrin: We're done here.


Incident-4122: On 4/29/18, the wall to SCP-4122's containment cell was destroyed. SCP-4122 as a whole were located at the entrance to SCP-551, attempting to escape. The following was recorded from SCP-4122's containment area.

Note: The following log was translated from Japanese to English.



SCP-4122-11 approaches one of the doors within its containment area, and sniffs the air.

SCP-4122-11: Great, now what are we going to do now?


SCP-4122-17 moves SCP-4122-11 out of the way.

SCP-4122-17: Step aside.

SCP-4122-17 begins to glow.

SCP-4122-17: The World! Stop time!

At this point, on-site Genicode/Wes Timesink Modules begin to activate, indicating the manipulation of space-time within Site-551.

When space-time returns to optimal levels, SCP-4122's containment cell is instantly destroyed, and a glowing figure above SCP-4122-17 begins to disappear. SCP-4122 exits the containment cell, and walks down a hallway while sirens are activated through out the site.

Dr. Westrin: Attention: SCP-4122 has breached containment. An unknown event has caused a containment breach. Initiate recontainment protocols.

SCP-4122-14: Nice, NICE! Very nice!

Researcher Kim is seen attempting to exit the hallway, and attempts to grab their radio and speak.

Researcher Kim: This is Researcher Kim, SCP-4122 is within the south-e…

Researcher Kim is then assaulted by an unknown force, theorized to be a "punch" to their head.

SCP-4122-17: USELESS!

SCP-4122 walks past Researcher Kim, and approaches a nearby door.


Shortly after the event, Mobile Task Force Phi-117 ("Secret Family Technique") recontained SCP-4122 without issue, and current containment protocols were established. The only vocalization emitted by any member of SCP-4122 was from SCP-4122-18, and has been revealed to have been "Good grief."