Team Storm of World-Ending Myths

Welcome Section

Team Members: MrWrong (Captain), ch00bakka, stormfallen, ModernMajorGeneral

Welcome everyone to this collaborative project. At this stage, agenda includes finalising the details of the K-class scenario, and selecting the types of articles we will be doing.

Unavailability Notice

If anyone of us have lowered availability or outright unavailability online, this is an outlet to inform everyone in advance.

MrWrong: Will be in Japan from 24 May to 2 June (online availability likely dependent on whatever WiFi sources I can get hold of)

ch00bakka: I'll be on vacation with my family & gf from 25 May to 3 June—probably won't be able to write much that week.

MMG: Have coursework until the 14 May, so probably should focus on that but probably won't as I am a bad student.


Foreword: This is a TL;DR of all current brainstorming points regarding the scenario itself.

We will be working on a total amnesia scenario, wherein there is a case of total amnesia spreading across the global population (most likely a high percentage). Those affected have no memory of their past at all, rendering them unable to do anything (they would live on biologically, but remember nothing [not even language]). The nature of this total amnesia can be a permanent leakage in memory, preventing future attempts at recollection.

Prior use of amnestics somehow allows a degree of resistance to whatever is causing this specific case of total amnesia (in the sense of an immunity system that is ready for future instances of the same disease). However, spraying amnestics at those affected by this specific case of total amnesia would have been too late.

There will likely be no reversal of this total amnesia. While records are not affected, people affected by total amnesia essentially find any records useless. Survivors would stand a better chance at rebuilding civilisation, but with the burden of what to do with so many 'blank state' people.

Additional Notes

  • Making it a thing that affects most of the world, instead of everyone (gives Foundation a chance to respond, and validates the use of the novel K-class scenario we will be using here)
  • Making the amnesia really total amnesia (as opposed to handwaving bits of it e.g. allowing stuff like language to be retained)

Settling on an idea

Content Distribution

Here, state which type of article (i.e. SCP article, Tale, GoI format) you would like to write on. We should have one of each type at minimum.

Member Type of article
MrWrong GoI format (specifically ORIA, since their format uses emails and it can tell the story of the total amnesia affecting the world at large; see Groups of Interest tab for elaboration)
ch00bakka I'd like to write a Tale set either at the beginning of the apocalypse when people are just starting to lose their memories or at the end while the Foundation is frantically working on a cure; I'd also like to write a MC&D GoI format about some method of holding off the amnesia they (claim to) have found. I've decided to create a GoI format for a Sarkic biotechnology corporation that made the drug that MCD is selling.
stormfallen I could go for the SCP, though not sure what it would be. Maybe a relatively-unrelated anomaly, but the documentation is written in-universe by someone affected by the amnesia? Elaborated more in SCP tab.
ModernMajorGeneral I have some ideas for a tale set after the apocalypse, where a Foundation researcher travels through the collapsing world. I could also write something to fill in a gap if necessary. I wouldn't mind writing an additional SCP but I may need to wait for inspiration to strike, I'm not sure what it would look like at the moment. Probably not going to write a tale as I realised my idea was similar to Where Have You Been All My Life but not as good. I've been thinking a little more about doing an SCP (see above)


If your drafts are ready to be looked at by other team members, post an URL link to the sandbox containing the draft, or a forum thread asking for review. We can (and ought to) review one another's work, which can allow us to align with a collective vision of the concept. We can (and ought to) seek reviews from other users, including other competitors.

Reviews can be conducted here, or via forum threads, or site chat, or PM etc.

ch00bakka: Here's my GoI article - let me know what you think about the content and the format. The bottom half isn't done yet.

MrWrong: (all tabs; took me a while since I got a writer's block over the implementation)

MMG: - All text before the tabs, disregard those. The gist of this is done, but I'm not sure how to end this - explained more in the document. There is a lot of SCP-cliche in this that I'm not that happy with (spoopy fog village, MTF fodder goes crazy) so suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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