Westrin/Leiner Proposal Ending

Item #: SCP-001-Y

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: If you find a God somehow, pray.

Description: SCP-001-Y, colloquially known as The Ship, is a god-like, multi-universal entity, currently theorized to be a dimensional craft originating from Universe Alpha-Ask. SCP-001-Y is approximately 6110679 km3 in size, roughly the size of a standard United States of America/United Republic of America. SCP-001-Y is equipped with an unknown, extremely large array of different devices, all for the purpose of integrating items of interest for SCP-001-Y's needs.

SCP-001-Z is a humanoid entity, colloquially known as The Captain (or O5-1 to its followers), which is the head of operations for SCP-001-Y. It is currently theorized that SCP-001-Z built SCP-001-Y over 90 years ago for the purposes of sustaining their version of the SCP Foundation. After their original universe was destroyed, they fled to another universe using SCP-001-Y, which was thought to be a normal plane at the time, and began attacking SCP Foundations from different universes.

A bounty of 150 Quintillion USD/URAD is placed on SCP-001-Z's head.

Addendum: Through the special use of [REDACTED], it is possible to sever a division of the multiverse, eradicating all forms of entry and exit. It has been noted that the eventual degrading of the seperated multiverse over the course of 200 million years is more optimal than a PK-Class "Stripped-Defenses" scenario occurring at the hands of SCP-001-Y. The 1000 nearby universes have been advised to sever themselves from the multiverse if they so wish, to save themselves from The Ship. Ninety percent of them have done so.



The sky is turning purple. All I can hear is a constant foghorn when I go outside. The Ship is here. The media is going insane, mass suicides around the globe, Russia took the chance and obliterated the United Republic. Just a perfect day, ain't it?

You know, when I was a kid, I actually knew Kolt, you know him as O5-1. He was one of the more outgoing kids, he did well in school, didn't really play sports, and was your standard kid. We'd like to go out to the woods near our houses, and play by the river. There was this big log that served as a bridge across the river. I remember it crystal clear.

One day, we went out, took our jackets, slipped on our new shoes. We were out playing with leaves, and we heard a quick metallic snap and a yelp that could be heard for miles. It came from the other side of this pretty big hill. On the other side, in this pretty significant clearing was a fox with its leg caught in a rusty bear trap. It was squirming and yapping for dear life.

I ran as fast as I could so that I could free it, with Kolt not far behind. The fox nearly attacked us when we got close, but I managed to calm it down by petting it. I told Kolt, "Hey, calm him down while I get him out of this bear trap." Do you want know what he said?

"Eh, he's probably not going to survive long anyway, I don't see the point."

It was silent for a good 15 seconds before I broke it. "What do you mean? This fox is in pain, it wants to see its family, and your response is "Eh"? What is wrong with you?"

He got up, and went over to a tree, and picked up a branch from the ground.

"Kolt, what are you doing?"

"Have you ever put a dog down?" He said, no emotion in his eyes, "A three-legged puppy is not a happy puppy."

I sat there and watched as he took the branch, and stuck it through the foxes' head. A quick yelp, and then silence. Nothing but the wind blowing through the trees.

I severed all connections with him the next day. Never encountered him during school. Never accepted his invitations to hang out. Basically excluded him from my life. That is, until about 30 years later or so, when he contacts me one day. Tells me he is sorry for you know what, and told us that he's forming an organization, The SCP Foundation he calls it. Says that its main goal is to preserve the veil from the anomalous, and saw that I was looking for a job. I joined reluctantly, you can probably figure out the rest.

One day while I'm working at Site-551, Kolt came to my office, told me something that I shouldn't have known, but something I probably should know. Told me of Operation AETHER-DRAIN. It was a project dedicated to finding more ways to find resources for the Foundation. Simple enough, yeah? Didn't know why it was Top Secret. Do you want to know what he said?

"The main thing we're planning is stealing anomalies, and then selling them."

I told him that I agreed, but really I was furious. Of course, he's gonna be fucking insane again.

I looked over the operation and how it was going, popping in a time or two. Once The Ship was up and running, it was going… well, if that's what you call it. I couldn't argue with him because I valued my life.

Soon, the world was gonna end. Something about entropy, I don't really know. O5-1 announced to the entire Foundation that they were packing up and heading to another universe. Not sure how that would work, but I went with it. I was already at Site-551 when The Ship was being prepped, so I didn't have to worry about getting there in time.
O5-1 stopped me when I was rushing down the hallway. Pulled me aside to a nearby empty room. He was smoking, it was obviously Marlboro. We talked for a bit, had a somewhat normal chat. He offered me a smoke, I took it. It was a stressful time if you catch my drift.

He gave me the rundown of what would happen once they've transferred into the new universe, which was: get good relations with nearby civilizations, establish a foothold, and hopefully start again. When I was going to talk to him, he interrupted me. Do you want to know what he said?

"You know, I've had a small idea as well. If we do manage to get a universe that doesn't die within five days of us arriving, I have an… unorthodox idea for resource gain. I don't want to let my universal travel abilities go to waste. The idea is essentially, we go to other universes besides the one we settle in, and, ahem, collect any resources we would need, materials, gems to sell, other containment vital resources, you name it."

He worded it as nice as possible but I knew exactly what he was implying.

"Kolt, I knew you were insane the day you killed a fox that had a future. Now you want to Columbus style attack other civilizations? Are you actually that mad? Surely this is gonna break your 'precious veil' somehow."

He leaned in real close, and he smiled. And do you want know what he said?

"The veil cannot be broken if you are the veil."

He walked out of the room, crushing the cigarette under his boot. I was more furious than anyone could imagine. I immediately traveled to a nearby containment site for some universal anomaly. Using my provisional level 4 clearance, I walked through the blast doors, past all the guards that just stood there confused, and I just jumped in there. It was going to take me somewhere, and I didn't care where.

…Ninety years later, The Ship has grown to the size of a country, is capable of wiping out an entire planet if it wants to, and is in the process of damning this world to the void.

Kolt, if you ever read this, fuck you. I hope you're happy. Yar har, you fucking hypocrite.