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Item #: SCP-4521

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-4521 is a complex extra-dimensional space with non-Euclidean properties, categorized as a Type-III "Ouroboros" infinite plane typology1.

SCP-4521 consists of a horizontally-stretching maze, a single entry point, and a theoretical endpoint. The entry point varies in length depending on the method of entry. The endpoint has not been mapped on any manned or drone explorations since the maze's discovery but is mentioned in numerous accounts (see Addendum 1).

SCP-4521's structure is composed of different materials, which includes various natural substances such as stone and variants thereof. SCP-4521 is designed in a fractal layout, such that some maze segments are copies of larger maze segments. Smaller segments contain naturally-occurring variations consistent with Gromov's unified theory of anomalous topologies. SCP-4521's size and complexity suggest it was created using anomalous methods, though its origin is as of yet unknown.

While the properties of the maze itself can be known to some degree, the entry point is composed of modern construction materials and has not been adequately explored. Analysis of quantification of the entrance suggests it varies in dimensions depending on the mode of entrance.