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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [agents stationed at the cathedrals, keeping track of individuals affected] [amnestics applied as necessary] [specimens kept in a few Foundation sites]

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a population of anomalous lepidopterans similar in appearance to the glasswing butterfly (Greta oto), manifesting exclusively in French cathedrals constructed between the years 1100 and 1500. Due to their small size and reclusive nature, SCP-XXXX instances are typically difficult to track, and as such the total number of existing individuals is unknown.

SCP-XXXX instances are primarily identifiable by their wings, which are often colored similarly to the Gothic-style stained glass windows found in the churches the insects inhabit. The bodies of SCP-XXXX have been determined to be composed of chitinous exoskeletal structures and organic materials. However, the wings of SCP-XXXX contain primarily metallic salts, silica, and lead; these components are similar in form to came glasswork, with the borders of the wings being similar in chemical composition to copper wire.

The primary anomalous quality exhibited by SCP-XXXX instances is the ability to remove weight from human individuals the butterflies make physical contact with. It is noted that those who have encountered SCP-XXXX instances in this manner are not affected by corresponding loss of mass or density, and can typically lead otherwise-normal and healthy lives following the interaction.

Captured instances of SCP-XXXX have been found to weigh up to 260 kilograms. However, SCP-XXXX instances are still capable of flight; it currently unknown whether the amount of weight transferred from human individuals to an SCP-XXXX instance impacts its ability to remain airborne.

SCP-XXXX have been observed reproducing asexually by weaving cocoons out of a brass-like material produced from their mouths. Lab analysis indicates that during this process, weight is deposited into the cocoon through an unknown method, typically resulting in the cocoons weighing in excess of 60 kilograms. Consequently, SCP-XXXX instances have been determined to have lost the corresponding weight after creating a cocoon. The gestation period of an instance of SCP-XXXX varies from seven days to seven weeks, with longer gestation periods tending to yield SCP-XXXX instances with more intricate wing glasswork.

Addendum SCP-XXXX-1: [Test log with point of origin notes and pertaining quotes?]


Stained Glass Wings

Found in Gothic Cathedrals in a region of France

butterflies eat your weight, but not your mass (i.e. a fat man will still be fat, but will weigh a lot less)
butterflies like people who are under a lot of stress, depression, or have a lot of emotional baggage.
the butterflies themselves weave cocoons instead of laying eggs, and they deposit the weight into the cocoon to create a new butterfly

cathedrals where these butterflies are found use a lot of psalms from the bible that are related to giving up anxiety.
1 Peter 5:7-9 New International Version (NIV)
> 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

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