SCP-3927 "The Fancy Mouse"
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Photo of SCP-3927 taken prior to transfer to Site-██. The balloon was later found buried in a corner of SCP-3927's habitat.

Item #: SCP-3927

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3927 is to be kept in a wire cage, with all walls measuring at least 60 cm long. SCP-3927 is to be provided with a record player manufactured between the years of 1883 to 1927; music from the same time period is to be played to SCP-3927 continuously for at least 12 hours each day.

SCP-3927's cage is currently kept in a standard containment cell. A spare record player and extra cases of records are to be kept in the same chamber. Access to SCP-3927 for experimentation requires Level-3 clearance.

Personnel handling SCP-3927 are required to wear rubber gloves. SCP-3927 currently does not require as much regular feeding as a non-anomalous mouse, but is to be fed according to the recommendations and schedule provided by the assigned veterinarian.

Description: SCP-3927 is a taxidermied house mouse (Mus musculus, also known as "fancy mouse") wearing a top hat, a monocle over the left eye, and black polished shoes. Although SCP-3927 is stuffed (demonstrated by it having stitches over its chest, as well as possessing plastic eyes), the specimen will still move, blink, and eat in the same manner as non-anomalous individuals of the same species.

SCP-3927 generates a mild reality-altering anomaly that affects various objects within a proximity of 10 meters. Observed phenomena due to this effect include:

  • Video-recording devices of any kind will produce black and white footage.
  • Any audio recorded within the area of effect will be interrupted by light popping and scratching sounds, as well as faint incidental piano music in the background similar to that of early 1900s short films.
  • All humans in the affected area will unconsciously use words and phrases associated with American English slang in the early 1900s.

SCP-3927 seems to exhibit a sense of extreme dislike for humans using modern technology. For example, it will bite and nip at researchers who attempt to handle it while possessing a mobile phone on their person. SCP-3927 additionally becomes agitated when it sees researchers looking at digital screens.

Based on experimentation,1 it has been determined that SCP-3927's anomalous effect is nullified by allowing it to listen to music played by a record player. Furthermore, in the absence of such a record player, SCP-3927 will manifest increasingly noticeable reality alterations upon whichever human handles it most frequently. See abridged test log:

Addendum 3927-1: SCP-3927 was initially discovered when a man contacted local animal control services, claiming that a stuffed mouse was frequently appearing in his great-grandmother's room, the backyard garden, and the attic where it "seemed to be tampering with an antique record player" in storage. A Foundation agent embedded in the animal control staff was dispatched to investigate the case. An interview with the informant was conducted after SCP-3927 was discovered and transferred to a Foundation facility (See interview log below).

Addendum 3927-2: As of ██/██/████, it was proposed that Diandre "Diana" ██████, a former Foundation researcher (currently retired, but still listed as a contact for case-by-case consultations), be considered as a primary caretaker of SCP-3927 due to her experience handling mice in laboratory settings, as well as her age and appearance.

On ██/██/████, Researcher Diandre visited SCP-3927's containment unit, bringing a set of rodent toys she used with her own mice. SCP-3927 seemed to respond well to the interaction with Researcher Diandre, and even seemed to comprehend when she informed it she would be leaving to get lunch and would return shortly.

Approximately three months after becoming SCP-3927's primary caretaker, Researcher Diandre reported that she noticed her appearance changing slightly. Some of her facial wrinkles had faded, and her silver hair had begun to revert to its original dark color at the very ends. Additionally, she reported feeling less tired than usual in the mornings, and being able to better remember schedules without the aid of calendars or reminders.

Researcher Diandre has been cleared for long-term experimentation with SCP-3927. Further discussion is ongoing regarding potential use of SCP-3927 as a means of health maintenance for other elderly Foundation personnel.

Zyn: Okay, so this place is where we will talk back and forth, since sending wikidot PMs makes it hard to follow a conversation. First off, we need to figure out a different story for this mouse so it's not so random. I like the idea that the mouse will induce behaviors in nearby people and that it doesn't like modern technology and will nip at handlers who pay more attention to their phones than the mouse. I feel like most of this content we can keep, but there's a bit more that can be added.

I also really like the picture, and since it's creative-commons compliant, I think we should still use it. That said, what do you think of the mouse being an animated taxidermied mouse that is steadily becoming more and more "alive" like a regular mouse? Maybe originally its owner loved the mouse very much, and when it died, had it taxidermied and played music to it every day? And the mouse was somehow reincarnated and wanted to return to the owner, remembering the things that it liked when it was alive, and that's why it's animated and does what it does?

I think this can be a very strong article by using an approach that appeals to emotion as well as novelty. If you have any other ideas, feel free to let me know about them! If you like what I've proposed, I'll start fixing up the article and writing up the new material at the end.

DaveyTheDuck: The whole animated taxidermied mouse seems like a great idea. I have a version of the photo with a black and white filter which could work well if I could figure out how to put that in. Do I need to post it onto the photo site? Or is there a specific way to do that? It's license is a CC BY 2.0 so it should be fine using the edited version as long as we give credit to the original. Or we can just use the original and say it was taken before it's powers came into effect. either one is fine.

I'm going to go ahead and remove parts referring to it as an actual live mouse and add parts referring to it as taxidermied. I'm going to wait for your response before we bring up the back story part since I feel like we might need to possibly explain how they figured out the backstory, was it a hypothesis by looking at the history behind the house? Or was it gathered by a relative of the original owner? Or do you think it might not need an explanation? And also because we might need to brainstorm a little more.

Zyn: Pictures can be uploaded to sandbox pages, so no need to put it onto a photo site. If you go to the "Files" section at the bottom of this page (near the Edit, Tags, History, etc. links) you can upload an image to this page. The Black and White filter version sounds pretty cool!

Hmm. I feel like it would be good to have a relative involved, since they could also talk a little about how much the owner cared for the pet mouse when it was alive and how he spent a lot of time with the mouse, and played music for it after it was taxidermied. Or maybe the guy wrote a will that requested that the mouse and the records player always be kept together, and when the Foundation questioned a relative, they told the Foundation about all the stories they heard about their grandpa/great-grandpa and his mouse? Should we do an interview or just a recovery log?

Also, if I'm taking a long time to reply, you can send me a Wikidot message to let me know that you posted something new in the sandbox. I was pretty busy with some chores today and forgot to check this page until now. Sorry! I'll try to reply faster from now on.

DaveyTheDuck: It's fine, your and admin so I understand that you are very busy taking care of other things so I'm fine with it.

I inserted that photo with the black and white filter on and I made sure to lower the quality so it looked more realistic. I put a caption in but I'm sure it could use some work.

I feel like the owner should be someone's great grandmother since old women are more likely hold a bigger attachment to pets then old men. I feel like an interview would be good since it will be cool to add the relative describing over time how it slowly became more alive and how some times it would appear siting beside the bed the grandmother uses to sleep in or how the record player would start playing in the middle of the night. leading up to him finding the mouse scampering around the house or smashing his phone and TV. I'm thinking that the grandchild start living in the house because it was already paid off by his grandmother and was close to his work place.

Zyn: Thanks for putting in the image! I edited the containment and have started working on the description.

For the mouse's effect of warping people back in time, I was thinking that it would be less complicated to have the mouse slowly change the D-Class instead of just making them disappear entirely? The issue with time travel is that there might end up being an unfulfilled loop sort of scenario, since if a person was made to exist in the past instead of the present, their past self would never have gotten to the point where their present self would go back in time in the first place.

I like the idea that the original owner would have been a lady. Most of my friends who have owned mice or gerbils are girls, now that I think about it…

I feel like we can make it work with the mouse's effect altering the D-Class's features to resemble its previous owner? So one person starts getting white hair, someone else's eyes change color, someone else gets a bunch of wrinkles, someone's clothes change to have old-fashioned flower patterns, and so on. That way it seems like there's a reason for the reality-bending (the mouse misses its owner and wants to see her again) and it's not an effect that will make readers go, "but that might not make sense!"

What do you think?

Also, for the interview, what kind of person do you think the relative should be? Should he be a serious, work-focused individual who was annoyed by the mouse when he first found it in the house? Should he be a more emotional person who remembers the mouse and thinks happily about his grandmother when he sees it?

DaveyTheDuck: Yeah, I think the transformation effect would make more sense than the time warping thing, I think that the reason it only happens when the music stops should be because the music will calm it down and make it think it's still back in 1883 with it's owner but when the music stops it realizes that it is still in the present and nothing can be done to bring it back to it's owner. And in an attempt to bring her back it causes all nearby people to slowly transform into the women, not just physically but mentally as well like D classes will slowly grow attached to the mouse and will start thinking the year is 1907 and will act like they never seen a phone before or think that they're a woman and refer to the mouse as "Snowy".

In the interview I think he should kind of be a mixture of both while also showing that he was freaked out about the mouse being alive, like he thought it was possessed. Maybe the reason the mouse came back was a result of the woman's love of the mouse and that the mouse cheated death just to come back to her. Also I changed the name back to the original because it works much better than taxidermied mouse, or classic mouse.

Thank you for fixing the description by the way, it's a lot better than before. I added the description of the new effects when the record player is off and I'm certain it may need to be fixed/rephrased. Also added the format for an interview as well as a third addendum which will be a log on the secondary effect of the area over time.

Zyn: I really like that! Those are some great effects for an emotional angle. I'll work on this a bit more tomorrow, polishing up the new description content you added and formatting the interview. I have a few thoughts for how it would go, so I'll put a quick outline in. It's been kind of hectic lately for my family since we need to file taxes soon…

I'm not sure what the third addendum content will be at the moment though.

DaveyTheDuck: Understandable, like I said before, I'm fine with you being busy with other things. I have a lot of stuff to do in college as well but I've still got time to work on this.

I did the third addendum but I'm not sure if anything else should be added.

Zyn: Okay, made some more edits. I like the first half of the test log… the rest seems kind of… excessive? I feel like if we want to make this a heartwarming article, having a death involved kind of breaks that mood. Do you think we need to keep the violent/insanity angle?

DaveyTheDuck: Well what would you think if you woke up in a reality where the thing you loved most was in some government lab and being experimented on? I feel like they would've terminated D-1492 at some point. We could remove the murder part and just show how depressed the mouse was. We could remove the insanity part and make it just being her asking why her pet is being experimented on and where they are. I'm not entirely sure. Or maybe D-1942 is now aloud live with the mouse and we get a happy ending. Who knows? I see what you mean and I kind think that maybe the depression ending fits better than the murder one. But if you think the happy ending would work I'm fine with that. Or we could just remove that second part entirely. What do you think?

I'm going to start working on the interview or at least try to give an idea of what it could be like.

Zyn: I do think it would be better to show the mouse being sad than murderous, since having the mouse kill someone might make it harder for the audience to feel compassion for it.

I feel like it would be a good thing to have the unpredictable happy ending. I'll need to think about how we would get to that endpoint though. Maybe the Foundation finds an older lady, a retired Foundation doctor who has a couple pet mice of her own, to take care of the mouse? It thinks that she's similar enough to its old owner, so the anomaly doesn't affect her as much besides clothes?

Thanks for taking the initiative with the interview! This week is a little crazy for me because my supervisor at work is out with an injury, so I need to cover for some of his usual tasks. I think I'll have more time on Thursday to finish up with this, and maybe on Friday the draft will be ready for another round of reviews.

DaveyTheDuck: Cool! An unexpected happy ending would be nice. How about the mouse would use it's area to instead keep her in good health?

No problem! I'll be looking around for any spelling or grammar errors for now. Do you think I should change the object class from Safe Euclid to Euclid Safe Seeing that its harmless now? Also, we still need to correct the first addendum as well as analysis, results, and maybe the interview. You can do that when you have the time.

Zyn: That's a good idea! I like the idea of the mouse keeping the new owner healthy. Maybe it causes her to keep her hair so it doesn't fall out as much, and she starts to have some darker hairs instead of white and silver.

I don't think we need to have the object class be changed. Even if the mouse is harmless, it still requires special procedures for maintenance. They can't just put the mouse in a locker and expect it to be fine.

I'll go through the rest of the description and both of the addenda tomorrow, to fix up the clinical tone and rearrange/trim the material for better flow and reading.

DaveyTheDuck: Ok, sounds good. Should I work on the ending part? And where do I put it? In another addendum?

Zyn: I think I can put the ending part in… I should write a little more so you don't have to do all the work here!

One thing, I'm not sure about the "black figure" in the interview… sorry if I missed where we discussed it, but what was that supposed to be? A ghost? I really like the idea that the guy called an exorcist first before the authorities (I changed it to animal control for it to make more sense) though. It's a neat detail about who he is as a person.

I started writing the ending part, but it's getting late so I'll finish that up tomorrow. I think all that's left after that is putting the finishing touches on the interview, and we'll be ready for receiving feedback! If you can't make it to the chat, would you be alright with me talking to people there and then posting the feedback I receive in this sandbox so you can read it?

DaveyTheDuck: Thank you. I was thinking that the black figure could be the presence that made him feel like it understood him or something. That felt kind of random to me too but I'm was a little tired so at the time it sounded cool. Animal control sounds better than an exorcist since he did here scampering and fridge attacks.

Ok! I'll try to check the feedback thread if I can find it! I'm glad you decided to do this collab with me. can't wait to see the finished product! (also do we still have to do the authors post or is that more of an optional thing?)

Zyn: Sorry, got caught up with work today. I'll try to work on this more earlier tomorrow morning, though! I don't have work on the weekends.

The author post is something that needs to be done to properly indicate the credit (co-authors, and the image owner/source/licensing), but apart from providing that information, you don't need to write anything else. It's also good to thank the reviewers, though.

DaveyTheDuck: It's ok, just don't push yourself.

I came up with some extra things we could add to Test A. Maybe D-1492 would start telling people to call him Diana and might bring up experiences that it never actually had with the mouse but the mouse also seems to recall having that memory. We don't have to add them but it could make it a little more understandable to the reader.

Also, I forgot to add in my last reply that I honestly feel like your doing more work than me! But now that I think about it, our work is pretty evened out. Lets not worry about how much work we both do and mainly focus on making a good SCP. But if you feel like you want to finish up the rest of the ending instead of just correcting me I'm fine with that. I'll wait for your reply before rushing ahead this time. For now I'm going to make the researchers name Diana since it also is the name of the owner and makes and even bigger connection to the mouse.

Zyn: Hello! I'm going to start working on this momentarily. I like the idea of having the researcher's name be Diana, but slightly different? Maybe like "Diandre", but her nickname is Diana? I don't want the reader to think that it's too much of a coincidence.

Edit: Okay, I think the draft is ready for reviewers to take a look at! I may need to run an errand later today, but would you like me to bring this to chat sometime?

DaveyTheDuck: Yeah the Diandre idea would work.

Yes I would like it in the chat so we can look back on it quickly to see what it said while we are making our final edits.

Thank you for finishing up the collab, it looks great! I can't wait to see the feedback as well as the final product. I'll be reading over it to see if there is something else we could add or remove.

Should we mention the balloon at all? I feel like readers might question it seeing that it is never mentioned. Maybe it popped long ago? Or it was put into storage after the mouse was contained when they found out that there are no effects of taking the balloon from the mouse?

Zyn: Oh yeah, I'll add in a note about the balloon. I'll bring this to the chat really fast—in about an hour or so I'll need to run an errand.

Okay, got two reviewers taking a look. Mostly wording fixes at the moment!

Some more things:

15:18 Galaxy-Class "All humans in the affected area will unconsciously use words and phrases associated with American English slang in the early 1900s."
15:19 Galaxy-Class As a reader I really want to heckin hear Foundation researchers speaking like this

15:31 Galaxy-Class Ok, concept: I like it and would vote for hearing researchers talk old timey
15:31 Galaxy-Class Line by line: I can do more extensively another time but what's here is just what stood out the most to me

We seem to be doing alright, just need to look up some slang to add. I'll be back later today with some more edits after I run my errands!

DaveyTheDuck: Should we just have interview with old slang or the entire document old slang? There is a benefit of having the entire document old slang since the reader would be curious to why the document is typed out like that, giving it more of a hook. I would be a lot of work but it could be worth it. What do you think? I found a website that has a list of 1880-1930's slang we could use. I'll try adding a little bit of slang in the interview but I'm still not sure if we should go all out.

Here's a link to a website on 1880-1930 slang I found. A small portion of it is inaccurate but most of it is good. We should also use stuff we know or heard of. Like sometimes saying "Why," before statement. Or using the word gay as the word happy.
I couldn't find any other websites with a better list. I'll put the link in the credits as well.

(Also, I think if we are going to add the slang to the interview we should have a part where the relative questions why they're talking like that.)

Zyn: I don't know about having the document be in slang, since writing isn't the same thing as talking. Also, if the Foundation found a way to nullify the effects, they wouldn't have the person writing the report be affected by the anomaly.

I think we can have some of the slang in the interview, but have the great-grandson be the one affected by it. Also, we can put some of the slang into the test log, since the D-Class would be affected by the anomaly as well. Thanks for the website! I'll take a look at it and see how we can incorporate some of those phrases in while still having the speaker sounding natural.

I'll be back tomorrow—it's been a heck of a busy week, but things should calm down for me starting from tomorrow! I think we're close to getting this to be mainsite-ready. Did you happen to pick a number yet?

DaveyTheDuck: Yeah that would make sense.

Why would only the great grandson be affected? I would put the great grandson and the doctor talking like that because it would seem random and unexplained if it was just him talking like that. I mean, is it because of him being part of the family or is it him being exposed to the mouse for so long?

I think an added effect of the area could be no matter what, as long as they are in the area they will say the year is 1927 maybe if we still have time we can add a test B where they tell someone to constantly repeat to them selves "The year is 20XX, the year is 20XX." as they walk into the area and when they do they will say "The year is 1927, the year is 1927". We don't have to add that if you just want to finish this sooner, its just one of those random ideas I get sometimes.

The SCP number I'm going for is 3927 because three of the digits in there are tied in with the story so I thought it would connect in some way (and yes I checked to see if 3927 is available.) [also Side Note: Why the hell are the titles of most SCPs in series four so stupid? Most of them look like something you should be finding in the joke SCP section. I'm not the only one noticing that, right?]

I can't wait to finish this! I'll be adding some slang anywhere I can in the interview and test A as well as replacing the XXXXs with 3927. Not sure if I missed any.

Zyn: I feel like the great-grandson would be affected since he was around the mouse for so long, yeah. He's still sort of shaking off the effects. I don't know about the added effect—the article seems long enough already, and I don't want it to feel too random.

I think a couple authors started to use silly titles in Series 4, and other people just sort of followed that because they thought the idea was funny. Or maybe some people want readers to be able to recognize their work based on silly titles. I dunno.

I'll take a look at what you've done!

Edit: Okay, I did some fix-ups. I think I'll have more time tomorrow to get the last few reviews. Hopefully people in chat like it and are willing to upvote when it goes live! Can you give me some time periods when you think you'll be online? It would be best if we are both online at the same time so I can tag the article and double-check if any of the coding happens to break.

DaveyTheDuck: I'm mainly active around 11:00PM-5:00PM Are you going to PM me about it or should I just keep checking the series list or the threads?

Thank you for doing this collab with me I really appreciate it.

Zyn: I'll PM you when I think we're ready to post! For the 11-5pm time, which timezone is that?

I got this response from Taffeta in chat today:
22:48 Taffeta Zyn: Interesting. Doctor feels a little stiff in the interview but I like the effect and the ending
22:48 Taffeta Solid stuff, neutral/upvote from me
22:48 Taffeta It's a very cute image

So far this is encouraging! I want to make sure we have at least three or so upvoters online who will immediately upvote when the piece is posted though, so I'll be asking a few more people tomorrow as well. It's been kind of busy lately so people haven't had much time in chat to respond.

I have some more errands to run tomorrow, but I should have time in the afternoon (my timezone is PST or GMT-7).

Thanks for collabing with me! This is a cute anomaly that I think people will like, especially readers who have pets.

DaveyTheDuck: My timezone is EST.

I'm so glad you did this with me as well, I feel like this will do great! I'll keep checking my messages and maybe reread for any last minute changes that are needed I'll tell you what I find.

Edit: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Ok, I changed a little bit of the interview, I added a few words in to make more sense. I'll bold the things I changed so you can find and correct/look over them a little bit easier. Please remember to unbold things afterwards.

Zyn: Thanks! I'll take a look at the article. I'm going to head into chat in a few minutes to see if I can find anyone who would upvote, and then we should be good to go.

Okay, added Ensophos!

13:55 Ensophos Zyn I like this piece.
13:56 Ensophos "Mus musculus" and the picture sell this off the bat.
13:56 Zyn Ensophos: awesome!
13:56 Zyn DaveyTheDuck did a good job with the conceptualization
13:56 Ensophos Not sure why they brought in a researcher named Diana at the end, though.
[I explained it after]

And Apoplexic (who normally doesn't like redacted names):

17:40 Apoplexic Zyn: Nah that's cool. +1 I think it was Conwell who helped define my dislike of blackboxes and redactions like that. If I'm ever going to decide to be really critical, though, I'd novote as a result.
17:41 Apoplexic Zyn: But I do like it!

I think that's a pretty good response! I'm not sure when you'll be around if at all later today, but I can try to be online tomorrow at 4 pm EST (1 pm for me) but no guarantees since I may have to attend a meeting for work. There's a good chance I won't need to go to the meeting, but it hasn't been confirmed right now.

DaveyTheDuck: Should we do anything about the redacted and censored names? or do you think it's too late for that? I can add some stuff in there if you want.

I'll try my best to keep checking to see when we do it. I'll keep refreshing around 1:00-2:00PM EST. and I will message you when I'm online sorry I missed that other one.

Zyn: Oh hello! I'm online now!

I think the redacted names is fine, it was just a matter of that author.

ETA: whoops, looks like I missed you again. :/ Oh well, until tomorrow! Also, I'll be on at 1-2pm PST, so that's 4-5pm for you, I think?

DaveyTheDuck: Ok! I'll make sure I'm active around that time.

Zyn: I'm online now! taylor_itkin is in chat right now, so we have at least one instant upvoter.

I sent you a PM, and I'll be standing by for about an hour or so before I get lunch. I think we're ready to post, but it'd be good if you could notify me in PM or editing this page, so I can tell people in chat when you post this?