Item #: SCP-8994

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: It should be contained in a normal sized containment chamber, and should not be moved to a different containment chamber, or reclassified, unless its an emergency. If it tries to escape, it should be reported immediately so it can be dealt with by armed guards. Nobody should enter the containment chamber, in the risk of a containment breach, and if a containment breach does happen, personnel should be evacuated, and escape using the helicopters.

Description: SCP-8994 is a hostile entity. It is sapient, and appears to be rotting. Any time it is near, a blackout occurs, in a 100 meter radius. If near, you will be blinded, pushed down, and killed immediately. It is fast and strong, making escaping fairly easy. Any escape attempts should be reacted to immediately. If it escapes, a search team should go out to search for it. Containment chamber should be cleaned regularly, as where SCP-8994 goes, parasites follow. If personnel get infected, they should be reported to the medical bay, where the medical team can help them.

SCP-8994 should not be left unattended, as it could escape.