Classified Decoration Ver.2

For translators: This component can't be inserted characters without alphabets, numbers and a few symbols. If you wanna use/translate them(like Cyrillic, Hungul and so on), please contact 7happy77happy7 or use URI-encoder.

Author: 7happy77happy7
CC BY-SA 3.0

Inspired by: WoedenazWoedenaz's Object Class Bar module

SCP-CN ver:
Translated by: Cynthia7979Cynthia7979

SCP-KO ver:
Translated by: thd-glassesthd-glasses

SCP-ES ver:
Translated by: morhadowmorhadow

SCP-RU ver:
Translated by: SpacekeletonSpacekeleton

SCP-JP ver:
Translated by: 7happy77happy7