Finn the Falcon

[[include component:finn-the-falcon
| birb-position=left
| birb-mood=friendly
| birb-direction=right
| big-text=Hi!
| small-text=I'm Finn the Falcon, Anderson Robotics' Feathery Friend!
| lengthy=false
| class=none

birb-position: Left or right. Renders Finn on the left or right on desktop. Renders Finn above and below on mobile, respectively.

birb-mood: friendly, shock, threat, sunglasses, invisible

birb-direction: The direction that Finn's head is pointing.

big-text: Larger font size.

small-text: Smaller font size.

lengthy: Set to true or false. false has the big-text on the left and the small-text on the right, and you should try to keep things short. true has the big-text on top and the small-text underneath, and you can make it as long as you want. Make it true if small-text is more than one line.

class: Optional. Define a CSS class for manual styling. Can also set this to "no-title" to ignore big-text, or "no-body" to ignore small-text.