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Item#: SCP-3917
Object Class: Keter

Image of SCP-3917 taken with experimental high speed camera.

Special Containment Procedures:
All vehicles and structures before March 5th, 1953 that are in the current predicted path of SCP-3917 to be evacuated and instruct civilians that a massive blizzard is impending as a cover story. All civilians whom witness SCP are to be administered Class A amnestics . Any civilians who are killed by SCP-3917 are to be recorded as dead from hypothermia and blunt force trauma on their death certificate . No way has yet been devised to contain SCP-3917 so personnel are to keep a range of at least 35(Thirty-five) kilometers at all times from SCP-3917.
Description :
SCP-3917 is a Soviet-era Gulag work-camp . SCP-3917 moves at 270 kilometers per hour at a constant rate of movement. Turning, swerving and other such movements have not been shown to decrease the movement speed of SCP-3917. SCP-3917's path of destruction is currently limited to the sparely populated areas in north-east Russia such as █████████,█████████ and other north-eastern ex-Soviet territories. The pattern of movement of SCP-3917 is seemingly erratic carving random loops judging from slowed aerial mapping. SCP-3917 leaves any natural or man-made structures intact before March 5, 1953. Anything else in the entity’s path has been shown to be destroyed including humans and Bildungsbereich however animals are left intact. SCP 3917 began manifestation after March 5, 1953. Use of high speed cameras and satellite imaging has revealed several entities inhabiting SCP-3917,referred to as SCP-3917-1s and SCP-3917-2s. SCP-3917-1 entities, from what information was gathered from experimental high speed camera testing, are humanoids that appear to be equipped with a grey fur hat (similar in design if not the same as a Soviet ushanka) with a hammer and sickle attached in the center , a scarf which has an appeareance that varies between each SCP-3917-1, snow boots, and a large grey overcoat. SCP-3917-1s are seen to be patrolling SCP-3917 and beating various SCP-3917-2 entities. SCP-3917-2 entities are dressed in rags and wander aimlessly around the gated section of SCP-3917.The entities inhabiting SCP-3917 seem to follow a particular routine similar to that of a prison. SCP-3917’s means of locomotion is as of yet unknown. How the entities stay on 3917 without being damaged or effected by the movement speed is currently unknown.