Condfident_Anxiety's SCP idea: Deathwatch Humanoid
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Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Euclid

Description: SCP-████ is humanoid in appearance but with pale white skin, twice the height of the average male, weighing roughly 348 pounds and bearing numerous antenna from the back of their head. SCP-████, although having a humanoid form, bears more resemblance to the Xestobium rufovillosum, or in other words: Deathwatch Beetle. when SCP-████ must be at least 5 feet away from site personnel at all times (see addendum:████-A for more details.) SCP-████ will approach one subject to what appears to be a random choice but as seen through tests go to more emotion-driven subjects (see addendum:████-999 for more details.) Upon reaching the subject (designated SCP-████-1) SCP-████ begins to emit noises from its antennas that induce safety and nostalgia towards SCP-████-1, recorded noises heard are the following: fireworks, birds, a burning fireplace, ocean waves, and numerous songs. After enough time passes, SCP-████-1 will hug SCP-████, followed by SCP-████ wrapping their arms around SCP-████-1 with ████Gs of force, audibly cracking bones. SCP-████ when hugging an instance of SCP-████-1 releases an unknown compound that decomposes the body leaving a small translucent egg, attempts to destroy this egg have proved ineffective. It is also noted that upon attempts to terminate SCP-████.

Special containment procedures: SCP-████ is contained in a humanoid containment unit that is in close proximity to SCP-999’s pen in site 19. (see addendum SCP-████-999). Social interactions with SCP-████ are to be done within 24 hours of the previous interaction (see addendum SCP-████-B), and not under any circumstances is any subject allowed inside of SCP-████’s containment cell for longer than 10 minutes except for testing with the permission of at least 3 personnel with level four clearance or higher.

Experiment Log:

<SCP-████-A>: D class 12132 is sent into SCP-████’s Containment. SCP-████ begins to emit the sounds of ocean waves, approximately 10 minutes within proximity of SCP-████, D class 12132 began to approach SCP-████. Soon after they reached 2 feet from SCP-████, SCP-████ began to wrap their arms around D class 12132 and 1 second later, the sounds of ribs breaking could be heard from the intercom, and 5 minutes later, D class 12132 had decomposed to a black viscous substance still unidentified by site personnel as SCP-████'s residue dissipates quickly, along with a translucent egg-shaped object (further on labeled SCP-████-2). All attempts at destroying SCP-████-2 have proved unsuccessful, but SCP-████-2 dissipates after approximately 24 hours from being developed by SCP-████.

Addendum: that was an intriguing destructive force… this may be a method to end that lizard once and for all!-Dr. █████

<SCP-████-682>: SCP-████ begins to approach 682, SCP-682 groans: ”what is this abomination doing here?” chuckling afterward, SCP-████ tilts its head but soon after began Emitting what appears to be similar to the voices of site SCP-████ screaming in synchronized pain. SCP-682 smirks “music to my ears”. Soon after SCP-682 said this SCP-████ grew roughly 50 times its original size and began to wrap its arms around SCP-682. SCP-682 began cursing and expressed a mixture of pain and confusion. As SCP-████ then began to release SCP-682, they both backed away from each other. SCP-682 breached containment by imitating a site SCP-████ after breaking security cameras, preventing confirmation of such people in the containment at the time, contained after ████ hours.

Addendum: Well that was… certainly interesting… not as if a recording is necessary but still appreciated. SCP-████ still appears to not have fully shrunken down… a bigger containment unit will possibly be needed-Dr. Bright

<SCP-████-999>: SCP-████ enters SCP-999’s pen. SCP-999 and SCP-████ both stare at each other curiously for a few minutes before SCP-████ starts making noises similar to SCP-999 as both approach one another. After approximately 5 seconds the two begin to hug and laugh. After one minute D-class was sent to retrieve SCP-████, only for SCP-████ to enter a passive-aggressive state, similar to that of a feral cat, and SCP-999 seemed to cling onto SCP-████ wanting it to stay. Minutes later SCP-████ was put back into containment, SCP-999 shows no injury from the event but is still emotionally low ever since SCP-████ was removed from their pen.

Addendum: Based on the emotional status of SCP-████ when moved away from SCP-999, it may be a good idea to transfer SCP-████ from site ██ to site 19 as to leave SCP-████ in a docile status. -Dr.████

<SCP-████-B>: SCP-████ was left alone for several days to prevent another instance of SCP-████-1. The resulting events were catastrophic as SCP-████ breached containment and had mutilated personnel on sight and to some [data expunged]

Addendum: SCP-████ appears to be dependant on interaction, this is why it may have… well… █████ but that must have been a last-ditch effort… right?-Dr.█████

Interviewed: SCP-████

Interviewer: DR. ██████

Foreword: SCP-████ had began talking legibaly, giving a chance to question.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: where are you from?

SCP-████: I… not know…

Interviewer: do you remember anything before you were here?

SCP-████: Fire… burning rain… floating metal…

Interviewer: what do you like?

SCP-████: 9… 9… 9…

Interviewer: would you like to see SCP-999 again?

SCP-████: I… I…

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-████ than began emiting bird like chirps. contained with no notable responses

Addendum: SCP-████ seems to be from the planet venus based off of the “Burning rain” which can be presumed as acid, the floating metal would most likely be the test flight of the [data expunged] the U.S sent via drone on the date of ████████-Dr. ████