Connor Blake

Item: SCP 3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: SCP 3XXX should be stored in a humidity controlled room to prevent ageing damage to SCP 3XXX, and should be placed on a small desk in the center of the room. SCP 3XXX requested to also have a temperature controlled room, and the request was granted.

Description: SCP 3XXX is a hard-backed leather book 24cm tall, 15cm across, and 5cm thick with the word “Diary” printed on the cover. The inside cover of the book states “This Diary Belongs To Maria Brooks, Age 12”. The analogous nature of this object is that it appears to write itself. The first 104 pages of this diary describe the events of a standard 12-year-old girl, such as going to school, hanging out with friends, etc. Page 105 and 106 is coated in a layer of red ink, the only instance of a different writing utensil, all other pages are written in black ink . The following 10 pages [107-118] are all filled with the same repeating words, “Cold. Dark. Scared. Hurt.” These words are repeated in a messy fashion that fills up the pages and often crossing over each other. On page 119 the specimen then begins to document its surroundings as if it was a person and resumes creating entries in the diary. It is able to hear and respond to questions asked. it does so by writing the scenario and question, and then its response in the diary. It calls itself Maria and otherwise believes that it is the author. It is still undetermined whether the object gained sentience and believes that the written words are its memories or if the girl unknowingly became a part of the diary and that the diary is how she communicates. The diary appears to add pages to itself yet never gets any thicker. It always has 25 blank pages after the current entry.

Transcript from SCP 3XXX-A1
SCP 3XXX is closed and in the centre of the table.
Dr. Blake: So, what exactly is this?
SCP 3XXX opened up and flipped to a new page wrote ██/██/████ at the top and then proceeded to write, “A smart looking man in a lab coat walked into my room and asked what exactly this was I responded by saying that I am a And that my name is Maria. I then I asked him what his name was.”
Dr. Blake: Err…My name is Dr. Blake.
SCP 3XXX then wrote “He introduced himself as Dr. Blake and I said that I was very pleased to meet him. I then asked what I was doing here.”
Dr. Blake: I’m afraid I can’t quite tell you that.
SCP 3XXX responded by writing “He told me that he couldn’t quite tell me. I wanted to know why but I figured it would best not to ask. I then asked if he could at least turn up the temperature because it was a little chilly in here.