The Demiurge Machine

Item #: SCP ████

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP ████ is to be kept in a modified humanoid containment cell that is 84 feet long and 50 feet wide. A generator must be connected to its containment chamber to keep SCP ████ from connecting to Site █ electricity. Any electrical wires in Site █ should be disconnected from SCP ████ chamber in cases in which SCP ████ is activated. Every 3 weeks, all 4 walls should be laid over with a new wall. Battery powered security cameras should be set at each corner of the room monitoring both subjects, SCP ████, and entities that come out of SCP ████ must either capture or terminated when staff members or site personnel see them. Site █ handpicks a member from the ████ family bloodline to help them operate SCP ████ as it only allows a member of the  ████ family to operated on it. Two D-class personnel must be present to assist the subject when they activated SCP ████ or when they [REDACTED]. D-class personnel should also protect the subject from any harm, or to add another wall over the doors from SCP ████, and follow the instruction given by the researcher and the subject. Both of the D-class personnel and the subject should have a walkie talkie to hear the researchers when to carrying out tests. Outside of SCP ████ containment are two guards equip with a Kel-Tec RDB, semi-automatic. A turret is also placed outside of the chamber.

Description: SCP ████ appears to be a handmade machine that is made with a large RCA TV with VHS & DVD Player that is hooked to 3 LCD monitor and 3 CRT monitors with many cables next to the RCA TV. On the side of the table, it said, " Only for the  ████ " is crave in. There are two Sun Vintage computer keyboards and one mouse in one of the drawers underneath the RCA. Both the RCA, LCD, and CRT are attached to a balt 90107 LX gray computer workstation. When SCP ████ is off its screen can be seen through revealing a black gel-like substance covering the raw material. On closer inspection, the unknown substance is converted and repairing worn out materials. Any attempt on removing the screen or dismantling SCP ████ to collect the substance was unsuccessful. When SCP ████ is power on, the screen shows an iridescent light color appears when the subject is not operating SCP ████.

During random periods SCP ████ is able to manifest a door out of nowhere, taken about 30 seconds to fully materialize. The doors know as SCP ████-1 appears to be made of a non-reflective black material with a purple door frame and purple doorknob. Video footage shows that SCP ████ is creating a tear in space while using hydrogen atom take the form of SCP ████-1. During this event, all power in SCP [ ] chamber begin to flicker or go out till the door is finished materializing. When the door appears it open on its owns letting out many different entities, most of which are hostile while the other should no hostile tendency. When looking inside the doors it reveals a dark staircase that goes in a straight downward angle. '''Waiting for O5 to allow us to explore SCP ████-1. ''' Some of the entities had to be contained while others had to be terminated. When eliminating one of the entities, they later come back having no recollection what happens to them. Studying the entity bodies reveal their hox genes are independent and possess no faults to decay but only to adapt with hydrogen atoms. A few of the entities keep returning even after being killed still retaining memories of their death. The following entities that keep returning are listed as the following:

  • SCP ████-A: SCP ████-A appears to be a tall pale man with black hair who wears a navy blue turtleneck sweater that has an inside tag that says, " Ruth ". SCP ████-A has a " smiley face " seemingly scribbled on with a crayon. SCP ████-A has not shown to change express but communicate through body language, drawings, and writing. SCP ████-A has little to no cooperation with staffs members and D-class personnel. SCP ████-A appear to come out a small door that has a handprint that can't be identified. SCP ████-A can be found mostly inside of child closets that are in the stages of newborn to adolescence. Most of the children said that SCP ████-A express itself by contorting its body beyond a normal contortionist. SCP ████-A has shown to have a playful behavior when interacting with children and to seem to only listen to them or do what the children tell it to do. Any verbal or physical action towards children will result in SCP ████-A to violently kill the subject. After killing the subject SCP ████-A will return to its normal state. SCP ████-A was discovered after multiple murders of parents being kill while their children were left unharmed. [File of SCP ████-A capture is classified till your inform by O-5]
  • SCP ████-B: Staff members and D-classes said they have seen a little girl with dark brown hair and wore a red wool jacket wandering around Site █. Some of the staff members said they've seen SCP ████-B in different parts of the facility with other see SCP ████-B inside of different SCPs containment chambers. Footage has shown no sign of the entity at any point in time. Incident Report: Two researcher person had encounter SCP ████-B, but only one could see her while the other researcher sees nothing. Later other researcher said they have dreamed of the girl they saw but they never got the chance to see her face. Staff members said that they felt like seen the girl from somewhere in their life.
  • SCP ████-C: SCP ████-C appears to be copies of staff members, D-Class, citizens, and SCPs including ones that were terminated by the foundation with the same memories (see in Log █). These creatures behave as if they have been here in the foundation for as long as the original and they believe they're the original person. Studies on the remains of one of SCP ████-C appear to show that their cells are deteriorating at an alarming rate to where they last about one week while the one that are the copies of former SCPs have a shorter life span to three days. The reason their cells are deteriorating is to do with the lack of adapting to both the environment and the abilities of the original SCP class. Incident Log: SCP ████ created a door with copies of SCP ███ which killed 35 members until they were killed while a few of them were captured.
  • SCP ████-D: SCP ████-D are mechanical automatons that come in different shape or form. The following type is SCP ████-D10, SCP ████-D11, SCP ████-D12, and SCP ████-D13 to where we're is still on the lookout. SCP ████-D13 who appears to be a floating sphere that was discovered by a woman who met SCP ████-D13 in a subway tunnel. 3 year later, video footage shows Dr. Adjani encountering SCP ████-D13 in the storage department. When a staff member found Dr. Adjani unconscious with blunt force trauma to head and bruises on her hands. SCP still hasn't been captured yet. At this point, SCP ████-D13 hasn't been captured yet.
  • SCP ████-E:  SCP ████-E appears to be a muscular Caucasian male who appears to be in his early to mid-twenties. He has blond hair, has heterochromatic eyes. SCP ████-E right eye is yellow while the left eye of SCP ████-E purple with a black color around the sclera. SCP ████-E is height is 1.85m / 6.1ft and 81.64 kg in weight. SCP ████-E appears to wear a brown coat as seen from a surveillance camera. Surveillance footage at SCP ███ and SCP ███ containment chamber show SCP ████-E in their chamber just sitting near them or just watching them before leaving out of the chamber, with no footage of it leaving the chamber or guards saying that he was in there or even left. Both security footage shows that SCP ████-E was at both containment chambers at March 10 on 3:36 A.M. During the copy SCP ████ event SCP ████-E can create weapons from out of nowhere similar to SCP ███-█, but slow-motion video footage reveals that the weapons are materializing through hydrogen atom particles from its surrounding. There still no explanation about how SCP ████-E got to both SCP ███ SCP ███ location when both Site 17 and Containment Area 25b with no door to be found. [Incident Log is classified]. SCP ████-E has yet to be captured and any on-site personnel encounter SCP ████-E must report their location. It's important to not engage SCP ████-E without a hazard suit or gas mask as to [Rest of the file on SCP ████-E has been redacted.]
  • SCP ████-F to T: Creatures that are coming out of SCP ████-1 that shown hostile behavior towards any nearby target. Different types of creatures that have a close resemblance to our animals such as one of the creatures that a few distinct features toward an American black wolf that produce deadly miasma from the small hold around it necks and back. Other creatures that come out seem to have a familiar appearance toward other SCPs with little of the same function.
  • The Rest of the files for the following SCPs ████ are Classified by O5 command.

 Origin: SCP ████ has discovered around ████ when multiple people said they discovered multiple black doors found around ████ with no explanation. Soon radio station and news reported about people seeing unknown creatures, and they also reported about people found dead or end up missing. The foundation soon heard about this an arrive there. They later discover SCP ████ in an abandoned warehouse with it wires sticking through the ground that leads all the way to the city voltage transformers. Foundation soon stopped the news and radio station broadcast and confiscate any tape that is connected to SCP ████, Distributing amnesic throughout the city, to minimize panic and prevent a breach of security.

Note from Dr. Constance: After multiple tests on SCP ████, all staff members have come to an agreement on exploring SCP ████-1s to know what is creating these entities and if there a way to contain them from the inside of SCP ████-1, is a high research priority.

Note from Dr. Constance:  O5 it is my utmost apologies to tell you that I didn't send you that email on exploring SCP ████-1. We're still doing research SCP ████ and with the help one of the ████ member to use SCP ████ on " deleting " the multiple entities that come out of SCP ████-1. As of now, we're trying to search for the person who sends the email.