SCP-3220 (not really)

Item #: SCP-3220

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3220 is to be monitored by a minimum of three (3) expert psychologists, and the halls surrounding SCP-3220’s cell are to be patrolled by a minimum of four (4) guards at a time. SCP-3220 is to be fitted with a black-leather straitjacket, a steel muzzle, and pair of welding goggles at all times. SCP-3220 is currently located on site-██. SCP-3220s cell is simple, and has no special qualities whatsoever.

Due to (recent) good behavior, and useful information given during interviews, SCP-3220 is permitted to tour the facility in which it is stationed, and visit any intellectual SCP under Keter class with permission from at least two (2) high ranking personnel. SCP-3220 is to be escorted around the facility by two (2) Class-D Personnel, and four (4) guards.

Description: SCP-3220 is a large, gray, mostly featureless humanoid. The only notable physical features of SCP-3220 are its cat-like eyes, dark red palms, and tendency to flinch at random times. It is nearly impossible to think of a clear picture of SCP-3220 for unknown reasons, and any attempts to draw it from memory have failed. Let it be known that it is almost impossible to describe and/or talk about SCP-3220 in (perfect) detail, and any attempts to do so have resulted in fabricated information.

When a person comes in contact with one of SCP-3220’s palms, he or she will experience a strong electric shock, the cause of this is unknown by both the foundation and SCP-3220. Any photographs or video recordings of SCP-3220 are banned due to their tendency to explode, therefore limiting us to pencil and paper. The reason for which they explode is unknown.

SCP-3220 loses control of itself when exposed to bright lights, and becomes very aggressive. SCP-3220 has killed and eaten an estimated forty-seven (47) Class-D Personnel and five (5) guards on its one and only rampage. When asked in a recent interview, SCP-3220 seemed to be unaware of these “rampages”, and apologized for any inconveniences it may have caused.

SCP-3220 appears to be very intellectual, and is capable of reading, writing, and speaking in French. SCP-3220 can understand English, but chooses not to speak it.

SCP-3220 claims it is aware of where it is, and why it is there. It seems to have high understandings on SCP-32██ SCP-20██, and SCP-0██. SCP-3220 has baffled hundreds of our psychologists with its abnormally high understandings in psychology, and continues to do so today.

Psychologists have hypothosized that SCP-3220 is capable of destroying the entire SCP foundation (or at least the site in which it is stationed in) from the inside out using nothing but its wits, charisma, and extraordinary speaking skills, but chooses not to.

Information on this particular SCP is somewhat limited, and any information we do receive regarding it is usually proven to be false, so as of now we must trust our psychiatrists and continue having regular interviews.

Apologies to anyone who read this and thought to themselves, "What in the sam hill does this mean?", I know how you feel.