I am currently designing a site blueprint and i am adding more to this as i go, please understand this it a draft.

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter (indicate which class)

Special Containment Procedures: [Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, a site is to be specially built surrounding the area under the effect of SCP-XXXX, this is an attempt to contain the affects and its person to this area. 24/7 monitoring of SCP-XXXX is to take place from pre-determined areas surrounding the affected area. At any point SCP-XXXX is to become active or the affected area changes in some way teams of MTF agents are to be dispatched from the designated areas and to converge on SCP-XXXX. Certain regulations are advised to be put in place in-case such actions by SCP-XXXX implement a class CK, GH Or XK-class event.
On the even SCP_XXXX becomes active, which has been observed to occur between 4 to 8 times a week, Personnel are required to immediately lockdown the area through the built facility surrounding SCP-XXXX. They are to first designate the actions, movements or affects from SCP_XXXX during that event, depending on the designation they are to follow the orders from the designated brief.
Addendum-XXXX-43-h; “…containment is impossible, with the constant effects of SCP-XXXX and the effect on the area expanding during its more violent events […] it is highly unlikely that containing the effects can be kept to its current location. I advise that more actions be taken to at least slow it down…”]

Description:SCP-XXXX is a humanoid entity, approximately 1.52 metres tall, located at the centre of an affected area measuring 8.062 Km in width, located in an undisclosed location. Due to one of the anomalous affects it has on the surrounding area it is unknown as to how long it has existed at this location as any persons coming within the area deviate from the boundary and leave with no memory of its interaction, this has proven to not affect those who are aware of its existence. Based on observations and monitoring of the entity at the centre of the affected area the entity is somewhat humanoid, it consists of what is described as “darkness” and “shadows”, it wears no clothing and shows nothing during interactions, from the neck up an expanding writhing of “darkness” and “shadows” funnels upwards. The mass can only be
SCP-XXXX is a humanoid entity, approximately 1.52 metres tall, form the neck up is an expanding mass of “darkness and shadows”, its entire form is made up of this “writhing” form. This mass shows no sign of stopping the higher it goes, upon using drones to see the extent of its height more and more becomes visible the higher they go. The features of this mass is in a constant state of flux, that is to say it is constantly twisting and writhing, upon the event that SCP-XXXX become more visibly active a series of tendrils come from this mass, these react to any interruption during this time of activity.
The effects of SCP-XXXX are still being observed to change based on the severity of the activity. As of ██, ██, ██17 the observed effects of SCP-XXXX consist of altering the surrounding area, Reality alteration, creating further entities and altering memories and personalities. If a person comes within the designated affected area for a prolonged time they become increasingly erratic, depressed and aggressive, first signs of this affect taking place shows the increased paranoia of the recipient and their previous doubts and troubles being increased, if it given proper counselling and therapy the affected becomes aggressively obsessed with entering the affected area. If allowed to enter the area they rush towards SCP-XXXX and are absorbed into its mass, subjects show very little sense during this stage of the affect, what little they have said it is believed that they are given a constant need to stay within the area, it appears to be an addiction of some kind, it should be known that this only affects those who are aware of the existence of SCP-XXXX.
Due to one of the anomalous affects it has on the surrounding area it is unknown as to how long it has existed at ██████ ████ as any persons coming within the area deviate from the boundary and leave with no memory of its interaction, this has proven to not affect those who are aware of its existence. The affected area becomes increasingly altered the closer to the proximity to the entity, these alterations change their position and their form on an almost daily cycle, examination of the materials taken from the affected area shows a material with a similar make-up of SCP-XXXX, it is so far unidentifiable. Taking the materials from the area can cause SCP-XXXX to become active, if this occurs then the materials are to be abandoned and all personal are to return to the outposts.
Another rare occurrence of SCP-XXXXs affect is the creation of entities similar to itself, each made up of a similar material. Examinations of their structure shows them to be unique, at least molecularly.
- Addendum-XXXX-33B; “further examinations of these entities and their cerebral structures show that they are highly developed and intentional, yet… unapproachable, they have no speech of their own, no language and they don’t seem to even see, in at least a way understandable to humans or animals. […] it is proposed that all of these beings be terminated upon creation.”-Dr ████ ███████.
Such beings are to be designated SCP-XXXX-B, they seem solely created to protect SCP-XXXX, this seems abnormal, as SCP-XXXX cannot be interacted with any stimulus of any kind. If there are any personal within the boundary during the creation of a SCP-XXXX-B, then their mental degradation increases drastically, and they are to be contained in a standard humanoid anomaly cell until it is decided whether they are to be terminated or given counsel.
The affected area seems to be increasing very slightly over time, since the founding the ███-███ on ██, ██, ██01 it has expanded by 3 metres, this seems incredibly slow but increased observation and examination of SCP-XXXX has caused multiple events where it has affected a larger area for an extended amount of time until [DATA REDACTED].]

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

very rough work, these are just a reminder for myself-
-a man who doesn't exist and gives off no atomic weight and no heartbeat and no air displacement. gives off an air of nothing which causes interactions increasingly volatile.
(expand on this, also possible idea; upon interaction with any type of record including memories an image of this man is inserted into their memories, this causes no anger or joy and seems not to manipulate them in any way, the inserted images are neutral and are in the background. though increased exposure causes extreme anger and eventually suicide or murder, etc, think about it more.)

- centaur ape? rough ideas but should be expanded and thought out fully.

- a rectangular two-pane window that has what is easily described as 6 spider-like legs made of rusty brackets. it attacks its prey by leaping on top with its window open forcing them through, this forces them into its own set of worlds which can only be accessed through its window. these world's change on a daily basis and has been observed to be 64 different worlds, each one unique and causes death to its victims; examples of worlds, entirely underwater and full of corpses, a silver desert, a concrete city full of animals, etc. once victim is forced through the frame it shuts and becomes incredibly difficult to open.

- a beer that causes sobriety(got bored)

- a disease that causes people to turn into stone upon touch.

-a creature with long thin limbs with a short fat torso

- an idea that I think I could work more on the others are rough but this one I think I can work on much more. basically, a male figure standing atop a rock or mound, where from the neck up a black mass of shadows, writhing and stuff reaching up and expanding upwards to the sky about 5 times the height of the figure until it slowly disappears into nothing. I was thinking what could make this interesting, and i thought it might be cool if I make this a thing that needs an entire facility built around it, from there I thought about how different creatures could come from this black mass and that it affects peoples minds so much that they go insane over time or something along those lines. I am currently working on the designs for the thing and the facility, hopefully, I don't forget about this or get annoyed and quit….

scp%20site%20001.jpgSite-XX is an expansive facility located in [DATA REDACTED] consisting of large-scale areas that each specialize in areas within the Foundations parameters, this includes but is not limited to Armed, Biological, Containment, Dimensional, Humanoid, Provisional, Research and Storage. Due to its remote location and expansive size Site-XX required residential housing within its facilities, as well as strict tracking of all personnel. Each sector of Site-XX is maintained to securely research and contain each type of Anomalous entities, due to its expansive size catastrophic breach or loss of containment is inevitable but due to Site-XX’s primary function a final option of destruction cannot be implemented within the entire facility; this is a cause of much concern, but this is a requirement of administrative personal to understand.